Why Do My Electric Trailer Brakes Not Work?

A brake controller is a device that ensures safe towing. Since a trailer is a vehicle that is commonly used for transporting goods and materials, it is linked with powered vehicles. Therefore, the brakes play an imperative role in having safe and sound towing. The electric trailer brakes are responsible for controlling the electric brake of a vehicle. However, there might be various reasons that the brakes of a vehicle do not work. Therefore, it is essential to fix brakes for having best results.

Let’s look at some reasons why electric trailer brakes do not sometimes work correctly.

Electric Trailer Brake

#1. The very first reason is the moisture may affect the connection between vehicle and trailer. You need to check out your vehicle and trailer connection regularly; thus to find out whether there is corrosion or not. It may result in short inside the connector and the brake, due to which ground at the bottom of the connector may suffer from moisture that ultimately affects your connection.

#2. Next, the trailer brake will not work if the ground wire and trailer connectors are bad. That means if you see the ground wire on the vehicle and trailer connectors magnets, it states a sign for brakes not to connect.

#3. Furthermore, one of the common problems is recognized if electric trailer brakes do not work is in your trailer brakes. When it loses connections, you might see problems with the brakes. It often happened with a seven-pin plug rather than five pin option.

#4. Moving further, another common problem is dirty connections. Previously, if you tightened the nuts or screws of wire, it also required sanded with some good sandpaper. It will help them to get clean again and provide you with some good results.

#5. Trailer brakes need to be adjusted manually, whereas car brakes can adjust automatically. Another problem may be if electric brakes get hot while you are driving. It may cause a complex problem, and solving the solution may be a tricky part. However, after that, all you have to do is adjust your brakes correctly.

#6. Another problem is widespread because, when applying brakes, there is a bit of rough or vibrating voice produce. Whenever there is rough braking happens, the brakes will not work properly. That means there needs to be a smooth braking operation to get the best results. However, there are some easy ways to handle the situation.

#7. Moving further, it often happens that there is a lack of current flow. It may be one of the reasons for the brakes not working correctly. For getting it done correctly, you need to clean your brake drums and calipers. Although, this issue cannot be checked by yourself because it requires proper equipment and experience.


Electric trailer brake is the Savior of life; however, it needs to be checked thoroughly for getting essential results. There might be many ways the brake gets issues, and do the towing process is complicated. Corrosion, ground wire magnet, less current flow, and many more are causing problems. However, all the problems can be solved with appropriate measures.

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