Wheel and Tire Cleaning & Detailing Guide

Cleaning and the detailing of the tires of the car is not just the appearance issue but is preventative maintenance. Break dust on the wheel can penetrate the coating of the tire and can damage the metal. Break dust is constantly generated by the brake pads and shaving of the metal rotor. Cleaning the tire is not a one-day process if you drive every day. The mixture of the broken dust and metal shaving is too corrosive and damage the tires.

The only way to prevent this damage in your car is to clean and maintain the tire from time to time. It is too important to know that how to do this work easily and effectively. By following the steps discussed below, you can clean/ detail your car’s tire.

How to Clean Your Car Tire

Step 1 – Collecting required brushes

One of the crucial instruments to maintain your car’s wheel is the brush. The brushes are used to scrub the car’s tires. You have to need some different kinds of brushes to work effectively on the tires. If you use a simple so-called brush to clean, you can clean the tires effectively.

Here are some most important requirements of the brushes. You need a short wheel brush which possesses firm brushes on it. They are synthetic and ling lasting. You also need a Rubberized trim and lig nut brush, it is an updated version of the previous brush. A large and small barrel brush is the last required brush.

Step 2 – Preparing a bucket

It’s the next step after buying all needed brushes. In this step, take a bucket of approximately 12-litre capacity and fill it half with simple tap water. Fill 10 ml of the cleaner/ detergent in this water. Mix well without vigorous shaking otherwise, bubbles can be formed. And then drop all the brushes in this water before cleaning the tires.

Step 3 – Brust of water onto the tires

Now move the vehicle into a shading to clean the tire. Always clean one tire at a time. First of all, rinse the tire with a burst of high-pressure water. Now spray a specific tire or wheel cleaner which is mentioned on the tire’s user manual. Now scrub the wet tires with the help of the brushes previously dipped in the bucket.

After scrubbing all the tires with the help of all brushes, you bought from the market. Again, clean the tires with the water. Clean carefully and perfectly to get awesome results.

Step 4 – Drying of the tires

Now after cleaning all the cleaner/ surfactant from the tire, dry the tire in the sunlight for 30 to 60 minutes. You can also dry the tires with the help of Adam’s Air Cannon, blaster sidekick, air cannon, or any simple dryer. Before using the driers, you can also use a towel for the fast drying of the tire.

This one is the final step for cleaning or detailing the tire. After cleaning the first tire completely repeat these steps for the all other three tries to finish your work. Make sure that you keep patience and let wheels dry adequately.

Step 5 – Polishing and Detailing the Wheels

Now, it is time to look after polishing the wheels to ensure a quality look. To detail wheels, there is several polish types available from different manufacturers. Using a light polish to attain a smooth and simple finish is always better. It will be catching less dust, and after drying, there will be a better overall finishing.

Wheel polishing buffing pads come in handy during these situations because they are easy to use, and you can get the work done within minutes. In case you are using a microfiber towel, you can go to hard to reach places and get better detailing. Make sure that you apply the polish firmly and in a genuine amount.

Using an excess of polishing will be an inadequate choice as it won’t dry and then it will start catching dust and dirt while driving. You can take a few drops first and start polishing the wheel for minutes. It will take time, and you should keep patience. Once you have polished all the wheels, let them dry, and everything is done after that.

Additional Tips for Cleaning and Detailing

Besides following all the mentioned steps given above, going through some additional tips can help you gain more details on the same subject. Here are some tips from the professionals –

  • Make sure that you always spray the wheel’s underside along with all the plastic parts to give an adequate coating. Using extra coating will make your car tire better in terms of appearance and it will look excellent for a longer time period.
  • Always inspecting the surface of your car’s wheel and spotting scratches is essential before getting started with the wheel and tire cleaning as well as detailing purposes. If there are any scratches, using a light polishing computer can fill them effectively for sure.
  • Spending some time in the adequate finishing is necessary to get the concrete results that you want to achieve. It is a slow process, and doing it in a rush can’t get you the desired results. So, always start the wheel cleaning and detailing work when you have plenty of time.

These are the simplest and most effective tips by professionals to attaining desired results while cleaning and detailing the wheel and tires. You can also use car tire shine products for new look.


There is no need of wasting any more time and money at washing centers for the cleaning and detailing work. You can always follow the same tips with any car and get astonishing results within a half-hour. It is always necessary to choose quality cleaning and polishing product.

Using a poor quality product not only damages your car wheels but can also reduce the upper layer durability. We hope that going through the easy to follow tips made you learn something new today, and it will also help you attain astonishing results.

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