10 Most Useful Car Battery Maintenance Tips To Keep Battery in Good Condition

When it comes to maintenance of a car, most of the people worry about lubricant oils changing interval, brakes pads maintenance, and few more. Even though the battery is an essential part of a car, people forget about it and face issues later on.

No doubt batteries seem like one of the easy to maintain stuff, but it isn’t that easy. There are so many things that you have to focus on. After consulting with experts and our experience, we curated the top 10 most useful car battery maintenance tips.

All these tips will help you increase the durability of the battery, increase the life-span of battery, and never facing any kind of issue during long rides.

Let’s begin by learning about some of the essential tips –

1. Cleaning of Battery Terminals

Cleaning of Battery Terminals

For cleaning battery terminals, you should follow some vital steps to do it suitably. First, you have to recognize the positive side, which is on the red cap side. Then you have to disconnect the negative side counterclockwise; next, you have to lift the wire.

Do the same process on the positive side and clean both sides with the 1:1 mixture of water and baking soda. Before cleaning, make sure that both wires don’t touch any metal surface. After doing this procedure, you have to wipe a wet rag on the terminals for some clean and rust-free results.

Cleaning is not only necessary for effective working, but it is also required to increase the durability at the same time.

2. Use the terminal spray for coating

The terminal spray is used to prevent both the wire and terminals from corrosion. Just hold the can five inches from the terminals and spray till its fully covered or coated. Then the same thing on the other side. This process will surely increase the battery life if you do it properly.

Use the spray after the battery is connected with terminals for more protection, and also keep in mind that you use the product, which is designed for battery terminals. These kinds of sprays are easily available in automobiles shops.

3. Exaggerate the hold-down for less trembling

If there is excessive vibration in the vehicle, then there can be more chances of damage. Before putting back the battery, after whichever process you are going through, make sure that the battery is not making any slight movements. If the battery is moving, make sure that you tight all the bolts to fix that problem.

Just use a socket wrench and tight all the loose bolts clockwise. Some of the cars use a hold-down pad, and some have BAR, which is stretched around the top of the battery. If the hold-down is broken in any case, make sure you change it by the time for less far complications.

4. Put the battery into the battery heater in cold days

battery heater in cold days

If the place where you live has a cold climate, there can be chances that your battery might not live for long. There are many options like battery jackets that cover the whole battery and keep it warm. These kinds of covers or jackets are easily available on the automobile market.

The two types of battery cover that you can buy is insulated fabric, which covers the whole battery. The fabric covers are cheap and less effective as compared to rubber ones. The rubber wrapping cover boosts when you pad it in.

People from the cold region definitely know about this thing, but if you don’t, then you must consider it. Usually, travelers prefer battery heater cases for the flawless ride and not having issues with the ignition of the car.

5. Check the level of fluid

Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Open the vent caps, which are on the top of the battery, then turn on your flashlight and check inside each cell that the fluid is covering the whole plates. If you see that the plates are visible, the level of fluid is low. Get some distilled water and pour it in the holes.

Before pouring any water through the holes, make sure you clean the outer area so that you can prevent the dirt from getting into the battery. On the other hand, you should only use distilled water because tap water can affect the performance as it has dissolved minerals.

Filling empty spaces with water can reduces the chances of producing more gas and it make the whole process easier. If you are not filling anything then it might be a risky option so you have to be careful here.

6. Check the manufacturing date

Check the manufacturing date

Before buying the battery, check the manufacturing date because the newer it will be, the better it will perform. So, get the one which is manufactured in the same month of buying. It is important, as there are more chances of deterioration over time.

If you are thinking of buying a used battery, think twice and consider spending some more on a new one, which will last long. You can check the side label on the battery for manufacturing and power info, so you don’t have to deal with further consequences.

Some retailers might provide you a better discount as if you are buying a new battery that has been manufactured a couple of years ago. These batteries are not safe, and you can avoid them by paying close attention to the manufacturing dates.

7. Unplug the unwanted accessories

There is a huge chance the car accessories can slurp all the battery power when the car is off. Unplug all the accessories like bluetooth speakerphones, GPS, or anything that is taking unwanted power. When the engine is started, it produces power that charges the battery and keeps it healthy.

On the other hand, if you plugged anything which is draining the power when the engine is off, that can easily kill the battery. If there is any chance that you are not going to use the vehicle for a while, let it on for ten to fifteen minutes. It will help the battery and keep it charged.

8. Charging the battery to ideal volts

How to Charge a Car Battery

12.6 is the ideal voltage for almost all batteries. If the battery voltage is low, there can be chances that battery performance will not stay the same over time. You can get a voltmeter and check the battery voltage by putting the positive lead to the positive side of the terminal and the negative side to the negative terminal. The color of the positive lead is red and black to the negative lead.

In case the battery voltage is low, you can connect the battery charger to recharge it on its perfect power. For some safety, you can also use rubber gloves when you are charging. Check it every six months and do it once when you that the weather is cold.

9. A trickle charger can be helpful

trickle charger

This kind of charger can easily charge your battery in less time. All you have to do is plug the power outlet, and it will supply the right power to your battery. This kind of appliances is helpful when you don’t drive often.

Just like any other charger plug it in, hook the positive lead to the positive terminal and negative to negative. Make sure that you buy the right and quality charger for better performance. A trickle charger can be the best to buy it the car stays in the garage, and also, this prevents the garbage from getting under the car hood.

10. Always opt for Claim instead of Fix

In many cases, you can find that the car battery isn’t offering adequate performance. If you bought this car battery recently and it is currently in the warranty period, then don’t try anything for a fix. It would be a better choice to opt for a claim which can save your money and time.

Claiming car batteries seems easier, and you can get additional advantages like a fresh battery, which will provide higher durability. This tip is suggested to those who don’t want to waste a single buck on fixing the battery and want to prevent any further issue.

Bonus Tip – A transformer-based charger is helpful in providing adequate voltage, reducing the chances of short-circuit, reliable, and one of the safest options in all kinds. To avoid facing any issue in the future, you can consider these types of chargers and get rid of all the issues with ease.

The Final Verdict

Batteries are playing an important role in daily life, and if you consider, you can find several types in this category. The maintenance factor depends upon battery type, and you should know which type of battery you are using.

We hope that these ten tips will be useful in maintaining your car in an effective manner and avoiding any further issues. Make sure that you don’t go for a cheap brand during the purchase of a new battery for your car because cheap quality batteries are extremely poor at durability.

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