7 Important Summer Season Car Care Tips to Keep Your Car Safe

One cannot deny the fact that your car needs special care and attention during summer days. Yes, you read it right! Summers can be as harsh as winters and can damage your vehicle if you don’t pay enough attention to it. Just like you prep your skin before getting out of the house, your car also needs to be loved.

The peak time of the summer season could be very challenging for the car and its engine. It is because the scorching sun takes a toll on your car. If you keep on running the vehicle without servicing or adequate care, it will end up being a slow and deteriorated machine.

Summer season also comes with many fun-filled activities like road trips with friends, family, and loved ones. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the following points in your mind to keep your car safe.

We are listing down a few points to guard the car against sizzling weather-

1. Check your battery twice

Car Battery Maintenance Tips

If you ignore this point while going out on trips and misfortunately it happens with you, you will surely regret it. Checking the battery level in summer is as necessary as frosting winter times. Heat is the number one enemy of your car’s battery and the most potential cause behind the decreased battery life. The battery carries chemicals inside it that are principally in the form of fluids. The losses of these fluids become more frequent and rapid in summer days. It happens due to oxidation of fluid due to high temperatures, and ultimately, your engine doesn’t start. To avoid these problems, you can purchase a battery tester or go to your nearest car center for servicing.

2. How can you forget to check the tires?

All Terrain Tires

Tires are the most crucial part of a car! Can you imagine a car without tires? Will it be suitable to call it a car? A car would be a stationary machine without tires. One frequently needs to check the car’s tire because summer heat can do a lot of damage to the tires. If any bulge, crack, bubbles are present in sidewalls of tires then, consider changing it. Also, don’t forget to check the depth of the tires as it is essential to maintain the tire’s endurance. People are always confused between regular air and nitrogen for the tires. Nitrogen provides additional benefits like- it keeps the tire cool and lasts longer than regular air. We also advise to check the tire pressure frequently; every 10-degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature increases the psi by one score. Every car has a badge in the door panel that tells you about the desired psi-level front and rear tires.

3. Have a watch on engine coolants

Coolant for Cars

As the name suggests, coolants serve to keep the car’s engine cool. Always check the amount of coolant present in your vehicle. The coolants help to maintain a desirable temperature in the car’s engine. Check its level, open the radiator cap; and don’t open it when the motor is on, doing so can cause serious burns! If the level is low, we advise you to mix the water and fluid in equal proportion. It is distinct for petrol and diesel vehicles; for your assistance, every car has a marking in it. Always keep an extra coolant with you if you are traveling long distances. If you are not capable of doing these things on your own, go to the nearest auto care and get it checked.

4. Pay enough attention to engine oil

engine oil

You need to check the car’s engine oil frequently in summer than any other season. It is because there is a consumption of half of the oil, the other half gets evaporated. Also, summer affects the viscosity of the engine oil; it decreases the viscosity and makes it thinner. To check the engine oil texture, remove the pin and gently touch it with fingers. When you start the car, allow the engine oil to warm up the car for 30 seconds and then start it.

5. Keep your car clean

Keep Your Car Interior Clean

Make sure to keep your car clean both inside out. Wash the car properly to maintain the shine in the summer season. No doubt, every company manufactures a car with durable paint, but summers can evaporate these colors too. Therefore, it is required to wash your car with car wash soap or shampoo. Car care products have undergone drastic improvements in the past few years. After every wash, make sure to apply car wax on the top of your car to keep it away from excessive heat.

There are also some products which contain shampoo and wax both. Add these products to your car care collection and wait for the magic it does to your car. When you park your vehicle under non-shady areas, there is direct exposure to sunlight to the dashboard. It can fade away the color and texture of the dashboard; to avoid this, add a dashboard shiner in your collection too!

6. Check the car’s AC unit

Are you the kind of person who cannot survive without AC? Here are a few tips for you! The air conditioner unit of the car is a vital component to keep you sane during summer days. If you are looking forward to a long-distance road trip, make sure to check the compressor of the AC unit. If it is not working accurately, go to the nearest auto care to solve this problem. We also suggest opening the windows if the weather is tolerable when you are driving slowly. It helps to burn the gas and run the car in its full capacity.

In contrast to this, when you are driving on a highway, make sure to turn on the AC. It is because if the wind gets in, it will make the car speed slower. Also, we recommend you to clean the filter present in the glove box frequently. It helps to increase the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner unit.  An AC meter is an instrument that can be used to check the cooling of the unit. Attach it to the AC panel; if it records the temperature of 10 to 12 degrees in two minutes, your AC filter box doesn’t need to be changed.

7. Here are some important hacks to keep in mind:

  • Always park the car under the shade. It is because direct exposure to the sun can oxidize the tint of the car. Trapping of hot air inside the car damages its plastic parts.
  • Not finding a shade to park your car in summer can be a big misfortune. The summer has the potential to make your steering, gear, belt buckle, and everything too hot to touch. To avoid this, cover the gear with a paper cup and rotate the steering downward.
  • Don’t park the car under trees as they secrete a lot of resin, fruit juices, and sticky fruit. If it falls into your car, it can damage the tint and develop dent.
  • The brake pads generate more heat during the summer season. When a car is new, its break lining is 15 to 20 mm. As your car gets old, the brake lining falls. If it falls below 4 to 5 mm, please consider changing it.
  • Make sure to clear your dashboard before getting out of the car. The intense heat exposure to the dashboard can melt anything. If the battery catches fire, the entire car can catch fire.
  • Protect the windshield with sunshades. Use a damp towel if you don’t have a windshield. This will absorb excess heat and keep the car cool. Avoid using magnetic sunshades; it can make your window panel rusty.
  • Make sure to check the wiper blades as they get cracked in high temperatures. It can develop scratches on the surface of the windshield.
  • Close the protective panels of the car that protects you from sunlight. If you ever met with an accident, it can make your injuries more severe as it contains glass.
  • If you have parked your car for too long, before starting the AC, let the hot air escape from windows then turn on the AC.
  • Make sure to keep your car dry! If the mat, seat cover accumulate sweat, the odor can be unpleasant to your friends and family.
  • Always carry an emergency car kit in your car. Food, water, first aid, basic tools, flashlight, road flares, and jumper cables are a few things that you should always carry with you.

We have discussed everything to make your car ready for the summer season and also this will help you increase the lifespan of your car. We hope that you enjoyed the article. Thank you!

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