Privacy Policy

On this page, you will find the information related to the privacy policy of the website ‘’ The main constituents of this policy are regarding the collection, disclosure, and usage of the personal data that will be collected from you while you are using this website. The data includes the information that may be extracted from the cookies or that you may share using various forms on the site.

The primary purpose of collecting all the data is to improve the service quality of the website. If you are visiting any of the pages(including sub-page) on the website, then you have agreed to the privacy policy listed here. In case you do not agree with the policy, we recommend you to exit the site immediately.

Data Collection & Usage

In this section, I have listed the type of data that we may collect when you are on the website. Just to add on, this might not be the only data that we collect. It also depends on your ISP and our host on what all data is being collected. Some of the data includes

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Residential Address
  • Phone Number
  • Type of Device
  • Usage Data
  • Cookies

All this data is collected, and it can be used to share the promotional material with you. By visiting the website, you consent us to share all the marketing material with you. You can also opt-out of receiving any further notifications by sending us an email. The usage data and the type of device are analyzed, and this information is used to provide a better experience to you. It also helps me in understanding the usage pattern and the traffic on the website. In the usage data, the information about the type of browser, IP Address, Date& Time of Visit, Diagnostics Information, and Time Spend on the website will be collected.

Further, the cookies are used, and you can choose to restrict usage by editing your internet privacy settings. Limiting the usage of the cookies may disable some functions for you. All the data can also be used to offer interactive services and advertisements to you.

Data Transfer & Retention

Multiple internal policies govern the retention and storage of the data. The website also retains the data to comply with the legal framework of the country. There is a possibility that the data is transferred to a different geographical location. The location can be outside the state or the country. The transfer of information is mainly because of the location of the servers. In case you have a specific requirement about the storage and transmission of the data, we advise you to contact us to get more clarity about it.

It should be noted that by visiting any section of the website, you consent us with the collection of the data. By visiting any part of the site, you also agree to the policy and in case. You can leave the website immediately if you do not agree with the policies.