10 Most Common Driving Mistakes You Should Avoid

It would be best if you are attentive all the time while you are driving. The smallest mistake can result in a bad crash. As per one of the surveys, 98& of the road accidents are because of a human error. You can avoid that, and you can learn from the mistakes of other people.

In this blog post, we have listed some of the most common driving mistakes that you must avoid. These points will help you in preventing any accident when you are behind the wheels.

Common Driving Mistakes

1. Sudden Acceleration/Deceleration

This is the first and the most critical point to consider. Sudden acceleration can make you lose control of the car, and there is a high chance that you may end up crashing into a stationary object or a moving vehicle. The sudden deceleration can be a problem as well. The car behind you might not be able to stop in time and hence resulting in a bad crash. If there is a truck behind you, then sudden stopping can lead to a collision. Trucks have a longer stopping distance when compared to the car. Ensure that you are not driving rash.

2. Not Paying Attention to Warning Lights

The second mistake that most people make is that they ignore the warning lights. A lot of people tend to ignore the Checking Engine Light, and it can be harmful to the car. What started as a minor issue may stall the engine completely. Whenever you have any check light displayed on the dashboard, it is best to run a diagnostics and check for the problems. OBD II scanner can help you with quick diagnostics, and it is something that everyone should have. Always pay immediate attention to any warning light on the dashboard, as this can save you from more significant trouble.

OBD2 Scanner for the Cars

3. Using Mobile or Other Device

This is a common mistake that results in the maximum number of accidents. Yes, a lot of people use a mobile phone, and some of the people, even text while driving. The usage of a mobile phone is enough to distract anyone, and hence it causes a crash. You must not use a mobile phone or any other electronic device while you are driving. If you think that it is safe to use a mobile phone on hands-free mode or phone holder, then let us tell you that it is not safe to use mobile even on hands-free mode. If you have to take an emergency call, then you must always pull over to the side and make the call.

Car Phone Holder

4. Adjusting Mirrors, Seats, and Steering

The next thing that most people do wrong is not making adjustments when they are driving. Whenever you get in the car, start by making the adjustments to the seating position. Adjust the height of the seat, the position of the seat, and the support as well. Ensure that you get a clear view of the road and ensure that the seating position is appropriate. The next step is to adjust the mirrors. These mirrors include includes the rearview mirror and side-view mirrors. Do not drive with the side mirror closed. Also,adjust the steering of the car. Do not drive with seat far away from the steering.

Adjust and Use your Car Mirrors

5. Driving Slow on Pass Lane

Roads have different lanes, and there is a purpose of each lane. There is also a lane dedicated for overtaking the vehicles or for fast-moving cars. Some people make a mistake of driving slow in the passing vehicle lane. Driving slow can cause a pile-up of vehicles behind you, and it can also cause the drivers to drive fast in the slow-moving lane. By driving slow in the passing lane, you are increasing the risk not only for yourself but for the others on the road as well. Always drive in the correct lane and ensure that you are driving at the right speed limit.

6. High Beam and Turn Signals

Many people leave their headlights on the high beam. It is a bad habit as driving on high beam can blind the driver coming from the opposite direction. It can also be a significant distraction for people. High beam is yet another cause of accidents for the drivers on the road. You must know when to use the high beam and ensure that you are not using the high beam on the road when it is not necessary. Another mistake made by the people is not using turn signals or using them too early. Delayed turning signals can confuse the car behind you or the vehicle which is coming from the opposite directions. Not using the turn signals gives less time to react to the drivers on the road, and this may cause an accident.

7. Jumping Yellow Signals

A common habit observed is people speeding up as soon as they notice the signal turning to yellow. It is a problem across the globe, and it also causes accidents. Today, most of the governments have installed CCTV cameras around the crossings to tackle such driving behavior. Speeding at a yellow light can undoubtedly get you traffic violation tickets, and repeated offenders may be forced to give up their driving license. Always ensure that you slow down and stop whenever you notice the yellow signal. Only cross when the signal is green.

8. Driving Through Water

Driving through minor is alright, and your car can easily pass through such water logging, but it is not okay to drive through large puddles. You do not know the exact depth of the water, and many SUVs can even float in such high water. If you notice that the water is over 1 foot, it is best to avoid the patch. Driving through water can also stall the vehicle, and if your car is stuck in the water, then be prepared for a painful recovery. A water-damaged engine is complicated to repair, and many insurance companies do not cover this in their policy.

9. Ignoring the Blind Spots

Even after adjusting the rearview and the side-view mirrors, the blind spot may exist. While changing the lane, you must be very careful to ensure that you are not ignoring the blind spot. Checking blind spot will save you from crashing into the vehicle behind. Some of the manufacturers have started installing the blind-spot warning system in their cars, which detects the vehicle in the blind spot. They are a blessing, but if you do not have such a system, then be careful while turning or while changing the lanes.

10. Speeding in Snow or Rain

Rain and Snow can make the driving slightly tricky. To ensure that you are driving safely, you must reduce the speed when you are driving in such conditions. These two weather conditions usually lead to over come the friction between the road and the tire. The result is a loss in braking power, and the car can even skid across the road. Black ice is another dangerous phenomenon, and it causes many accidents every year. The best approach is to drive the vehicle slow in such weather conditions. Periodic maintenance checks on the tread of the tire will also help you in maintaining the control of the car.

Reduce Risk while Driving in Snow

These are some of the major mistakes that you must avoid while you are driving. They will certainly reduce the chance of accidents. Moreover, you can also install a dashcam in your car. The footage from dashcam will help you in proving your innocence when you get into an accident. One of the most important thing is that if you will drive gently it will increase the life your car. So, go ahead and improvise on these points to keep yourself safe while driving.

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