How to Use Car Ramps Properly?

If you have a good and solid pair of car ramps with you, then you can get your job done in no time. Also, the best car ramps can be used for low clearance vehicles, sports cars, heavy-duty vehicles, etc. However, you need to use the car ramps correctly to get the desired results. In the beginning, you may need to try several times to drive your vehicle onto the car ramps. But once you take the vehicle on the car ramps, then it will be stable on them and allow you to do your work underneath efficiently.In this guide, we are going to discuss how you can use car ramps for your tasks.

Usually, using car ramps is very simple, but if you are not careful, then accidents may happen. So before using car ramps to lift your car from the ground, you can take the necessary steps to ensure safety. The following are some simple steps that you can consider to use the car ramps without any difficulties.

  • Consider the weight capacity of the car ramps while choosing a pair of car ramps for your use. If the weight capacity is more, then you can ensure a safer operation. The car ramps should be rated for the maximum gross vehicle weight to hold the vehicle safely. Otherwise, the ramps will break when the vehicle is on them. You can check the gross vehicle weight of your car and select car ramps accordingly.
  • Make sure that you use the car ramps on a flat surface. Also, you can use a non-slip mat for safety if required. Don’t use the car ramps on soft, wet, or slippery surfaces. If you do so, then your vehicle may fall off the ramps.
  • If you want to use car ramps with low clearance cars, then you can look for low clearance car ramps. This way, you can prevent the undercarriage of your car from getting damaged.
  • Ensure to use car ramps with rubber stops or grip pads under them to prevent sliding while driving the car onto the ramps. Also, you can use wheel chocks to prevent the car from rolling back. For extra protection, you can also apply the parking brake while leaving the car.

Preparing for Using the Car Ramps:

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Once you ensure safety, then you can prepare your vehicle for lifting. First, park the vehicle in a flat place and ensure that there is some space in the front so that you can drive forward. Also, make sure that the wheels are pointing straight to prevent sliding. Then place the car ramps in the front of the front wheels,ensuring that the wheels are in the center of the ramps. When the ramps touch the wheels, you can drive the car onto them. However, before doing that, check and make sure that the ramps are properly placed, and it won’t cause accidents.

Driving the Vehicle onto The Car Ramps:

Once everything is prepared properly, the vehicle is ready to be taken on to the car ramps. The following steps will help you to get your car onto the car ramps.

  • Check the position of car ramps and ensure that everything is correct. If they are not placed correctly, then they may break while lifting the vehicle.
  • Keep the wheels straight and drive the car at low speed. In this step, you can have someone in the front to check and ensure that the vehicle is straight.
  • If the ramps slide forward while lifting the vehicle, then you can increase the speed a little. Also, you can put something between the wall and the ramps to prevent them from moving forward.
  • Once the wheels reach the top of the car ramps, you can stop the car and apply the parking brake.
  • Now, you need to recheck the position of the wheels and the car ramps to ensure that everything is in the proper position.
  • Then,place the wheel chocks on the rear wheels to prevent them from rolling back.
  • Here, the process is completed, and you have successfully lifted your car onto the car ramps. So, you can now work underneath your car conveniently.

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Driving Your Vehicle Off the Car Ramps:

Once you complete your repairing and maintenance work, you need to bring your vehicle off the ramps. This is also a tricky process, so you need to be careful while doing it.

  • First, check the wheels and ensure that they are straight and placed in the center of the ramps. Then remove the wheel chocks from the rear wheels.
  • Now, release the parking brake so that the vehicle will be free to move.
  • Then drive your vehicle in reverse direction slowly. Let the wheels roll down from the ramps slowly without increasing the speed. Make sure that the front wheels are straight throughout the process to prevent them from sliding.
  • Once the wheels get down off the car ramps, park the vehicle and remove the ramps.
  • Now, you have got your vehicle off the ramps successfully.

Check the demo video here:

So, these are the steps that you can follow to use car ramps efficiently. Although it seems very easy to do, you need to be careful during the whole process because a small mistake can lead to accidents. Make sure that you follow the safety points and the steps of using the car ramps properly to prevent damage to your vehicle or yourself. Apart from that, choosing a good set of car ramps is important for safety and successful application of the above steps.

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