How to Use a Floor Jack Safely? – The Right Way

Usually, we end up not being thankful for very small, less usable but important tools like a floor jack. A floor jack help in lifting vehicles within a couple of seconds and provides ease while working under the car, changing the wheel and more. You can suspend tons of weight on a floor jack, and it will handle the weight comfortably.

While using a floor jack, you are suspending enormous weight, and you must follow the guide to keep things in an adequate order to ensure safety. Being careless while using a floor jack is deadliest as if you will be working under the vehicle. Here are few easy-to-follow steps that will help in installing a floor jack safely and having a convenient experience.

Floor Jack for car

1. Testing out Floor Jack

Begin by checking out the floor jack and ensuring whether it is working properly or not. The obvious signs like wear and wear, fluid leaks, rust and such other signs can help to learn about the floor jack. You can try putting pressure on the floor jack to learn whether it can handle a similar amount of weight without any problem.

If there are no structural damages, leaks and the floor jack wasn’t lying in the garage for years then you can consider using the jack. People in doubt regarding the working order of their floor jack should replace the existing one for safety concerns. An alternative option is, you can opt for repairing the floor jack from an expert.

2. Floor Jack Rating

Ensuring that if the floor jack can handle a vehicle’s weight or not is necessary. There is a floor jack rating mentioned on the jack that will help you learn if it is suitable for the job you want.

No doubt that using a low rating jack on the excess weighing vehicle will damage the jackshaft, and it might break. Working under a vehicle is risky in such a condition. Do not take such risks when you are not sure about the floor jack rating.

3. Using the Jack on Ground Level

Using a car jack on a slopy road or surface is not recommended in any condition. The risk of jack failure is higher on an uneven surface. Always make sure that your car is on ground level, and not moving. On the hilly roads, do not use a floor jack and it would be better to consider an expert for such jobs.

After ensuring everything, you can raise the car with the help of a floor jack. Park your car with handbrakes on, and you can use a wheel lock so that your car doesn’t move in any direction. Once you are sure about the ground level and parked the car, place the floor jack to raise your car.

4. Ensuring a clean surface

Not all the places under your car are meant for a floor jack. Some people directly use a floor jack as shown in movies, but there are some dedicated areas where you can mount a floor jack properly. You can begin by placing the floor jack on a flat surface and make sure the surface is stable. If the surface is not stable, the floor jack might slip.

You can clean the surface using a broom. Cleaning dirt or anything moving object from under the surface of the floor jack is an important step. The common unstable composition is dirt, debris, gravel, and more. Leveling your car on a concrete surface is better, and the floor jack won’t sink as it can happen on glass.

5. Using a pair of jack stands

Needless to mention, experts prefer using pair of jack stands to reduce any risk of failure while working under the car. In case of a floor jack slips, the other one is there is stop the car from falling. Once you have placed the first jack, you can find enough space to put a second jack stand but make sure that you don’t raise the vehicle with the second jack.

The first jack is there is raise the vehicle and the second one is helping you to protect the vehicle from falling. In this case, the safety is increased and you are not going to face any issue regarding the jack failure at all. The second jack helps increase the stability of the vehicle and providing better usability.

6. Finding the Correct Point

Figuring out the correct point under your vehicle to place a floor jack is crucial. You can look for the owner’s manual and get to know about the correct points under your car model. You can expect sturdy lift points using the user manual. These are not random points, and these are made to give a stable lift to your vehicle.

7. Raising your car

You can look under the car and find that there are specific places that can be used for a floor jack. These floor jack points are from the car’s chassis, which hold most of the car’s weight. Make sure that you do not place the car floor jack without knowing about the correct points; otherwise, you might end up breaking into the car’s floor.

Now, rotating the car’s floor jack handle and raising your car will be easier. You can follow all the steps adequately and effectively elevate your car. Once you have raised the car, complete your work and safely remove the car’s floor jack.

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