How to Spray Wax Your Car like a Pro! – DIY Tips

Waxing your car’s surface will bring the best out of its appearance. We have seen many people who do not take any professional help whenever they want to wax coat their car. A good coat of wax will also help your car not to get stained. For people who have white cars, this is a good method for prevention. Other than that, the wax will also help in filling minor scratches. However, if you are a beginner, you must try using spray wax before you choose any other type of car wax.

Advantages of Spray Wax

The spray wax is very easy to apply, and it can help you get a water beading finish on your car. There are many other advantages of using spray wax. Go ahead and check them out below.

  • Easy to Apply – The first thing that we love about spray wax is that they are effortless to apply. All you need to do is that you need to wash the car and spray the wax on the car. Now, use a dry microfiber towel to wipe the moisture, and it is done.
  • Protects the Car – The spray wax protects your car from oxidizing. It gives an additional protective layer that protects the car from the external elements that can otherwise damage your paint.
  • Time Saver – The next advantage of spray wax is that it saves a lot of time. Since you don’t have to use a buffing machine, it becomes even quicker to get an even coating of wax.
  • Water Beading Finish – There are many ceramic spray wax available in the market that leaves a water-beading finish on the car, and it looks very attractive.

Easy Ways to Spray Wax a Car

Today, we will explain to you how you can carefully do it without causing any damage to the overall look of your car. All the steps given below are very easy to grasp. You will learn a lot today. So, let’s not wait for too much and start the discussion now –

1. Buy a good quality spray wax

SHINE ARMOR Liquid Spray Wax

For having a great car waxing experience, you should always stick to purchasing a good quality spray wax even when it costs you some extra bucks. After all, a bad wax can downgrade your car’s look, and no one wants that. You can ask your friends for some good brands or surf the internet to look for spray wax brands that you might be able to find in your area. As you get them, try reading their reviews as well.

2. Wash your car

Wash your car

Never move along and start spray waxing as soon you get your hands on a good spray wax. If you do, you will only be fixing dust particles right on your car’s surface. The grime that your car may have may also disturb the finish of the wax and eventually it can also start cracking. Wash your car using a good car wash kit and let its surface dry well so that you do not notice any marks that get formed after the water droplets dry.

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3. Divide your car into sections

It will be better for you to divide the car’s surface in a section so that you are able to focus well on a particular area, and the finish does not get disturbed. Additionally, start from the car’s roof. We are saying that because it will be tricky to cover the roof when you start from the bottom. You can then move to the fender panel and do the waxing. But for that, let us know about the proper process and detailing to apply the wax well.

4. Apply the wax

Spray Wax

For the application of spray wax, you will need a good Microfiber pad. Some people choose to spray the wax directly on the car and then distribute it with the pad. However, we advise you to spray the wax on the MF pad and then start the application. Additionally, stick to applying the wax in circular motions as it is always better that way. You should also never think of layering and making the wax thick and thicker. As if you do that, the finish of the wax will be uneven, and that never looks nice.

5. Leave the wax to dry

Different spray waxes require a different amount of time to settle. Therefore you will have to look into the packaging of the product to know such details. If you know such details, then it is good to move and let the wax dry fully. After the wax has dried, you will need the help of a good microfiber cloth. You should apply proper pressure when you move the cloth along your car’s surface. The removal should also be done in a circular motion as it is more even and better that way. If you see a glossy surface shining right through and no residue left; your work is done here.


If you see any gaps on the surface after you have done the entire process, then you can take the help of a soft brush. A brush like that will also help in many ways when it comes to smoothing out the cracks that get formed certainly. Spray waxes are never required in a huge amount, and you will probably realize that they are easy to handle when compared to other types of car waxes. Your car will surely look amazing after you have applied spray wax on it. You will feel proud of your overall hard work; we are pretty sure about that.

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