How To Select The Right Motor Oil For Your Car?

Your motor oil will help in keeping your engine protected, clean and cool in the long run. It is very crucial to make sure that you are selecting the right motor oil for your car or any vehicles. Usually, your car manufacturer will suggest you one or two types of motor oils that suit the vehicle, and that is decided based on various factors. But so many options, it might be a daunting task for you to pick one good motor oil for your car.

Your car will run smoothly when you are using the good motor oil for your vehicle. If you are making the wrong choice, then your car will consume more fuel, the emissions from the car increase and the warranty of the car will also interfere. There are so many benefits of motor oil in the car, and it acts as the blood of your car. The motor oil passes through the engine and will ensure that piston slides smoothly in the cylinders of the engine. This process happens hundreds of times in one second. When this process is smooth, then the motor will run for a long time without any problems. Any impurities in the engine circuit will also be released with the help of the engine oil so that there is no friction between the metal parts of the car. In simple words, your motor oil will keep the engine lubricated all the time for the proper functioning of the entire car.

Tips To Pick The Best Quality Motor Oil For Your Car

Right Motor Oil For Your Car

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when you are selecting the motor oil for your cars like the viscosity ratings and oil additives.

Viscosity ratings

Viscosity is a standard that is set by Society of Automotive Engineers, and it is represented on the container’s front. It is written in the format of 00W00, or you can say XW-XX. The W in this format represents winter. Usually, the motor oil become thin when the temperature is high, and when the heat is low, it will thicken. When the value written along with W is less, then it less thickens in the winter, and the value on the other side represents how less it gets thinner when the temperature is high. For example, if it is 5W-30 means, it gets less thick than the 10W-30 motor oil and gets less thin than motor oil with 5W-40. So, you will have to make a choice based on this.

Oil Additives

You are picking the best motor oil to keep the engine clean, cool and protected and to make sure that this happens; they add additives to the engine oil. Most of the cost that you pay for the engine oil is for these oil additives only. Almost 25 percent of the price is for additives in the engine oil.

Along with this, there are certainly other things you need to consider when you are buying motor oil for your car, like…

Type of car

When picking motor oil, you need to consider the type of car. If you are using a high-performance car, then you will also have to make sure that the motor oil that you are picking is high performance.

What did you use earlier?

If you think that the motor oil that you have used in the past is working well, then you need not have to think about changing the brand. You can continue using the same as long as the engine is running smoothly.

What did your manufacturer suggest?

There will be a specific brand of oil that your manufacturer might have suggested for the smooth running of the engine. Also, if your car is still in warranty, then you will have to continue the one that is indicated by the manufacturer. Otherwise, that may affect the warranty of the vehicle.

How old is the car?

If the car is really old or if it is running on a single-weight oil, then you will have to pick an oil that meets the requirements of the old car. With so many improvements in the engine side, the engine oils are also improving to match the needs of the vehicles. Single-weight oils will also develop sludge as there is no detergent in the oil.

Is the engine worn out? 

If you have been using single-weight engine oil for years, then you cannot shift to multi-weight engine oil. That is because these oils are not thick enough to lubricate the worn-out parts of the engine. If you wish to fill in the gaps that are created by the single-weight oil, then you can opt for heavy single-weight oil. If you have been using 20-weight, then it is good to go for 30-weight oil so that the engine runs smoothly, especially during the summers when the climate is too hot.

So, it is now your turn to discover the right motor oil to make sure that your car engine runs smoothly.

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