How to Remove Ice / Snow from Your Car Properly?

We all have been through a time when our car was full of ice or snow after a snowy night. The problem with the ice on the car is that it can not only damage the paint, but it can also attract huge fines. In most of the districts, not clearing the car or the pathway can attract huge penalties. In such a case, it becomes vital to clean the Ice or Snow from the car. If you plan to drive the vehicle, then also, you can’t have any snow on it because not only will it attract huge penalties, but it will also be hazardous for you.

The next big question is how to remove the snow from the car efficiently. Well, we have covered all the important details in this article about removing the ice or snow from your vehicle. You can go ahead and check out the information in the pointers below.

Removing Ice or Snow from Your Car

Removing Ice or Snow from Your Car

We have shared some steps that can help you remove the ice or snow from the car without damaging the car’s paint. Below are the details.

Hard Ice

If you have hard ice on your car, then it can be tricky to remove it quickly. Being too harsh on the can leave behind scratches. So, here is the easy way.

  • Heater – You need to fire up your car’s engine, and you can start the heating. If your car has remote connectivity, then you can do that from the comfort of your home. Ensure that the heater is turned on the defrost setting and the defoggers are also turned on. This will start raising the body’s temperature, and it will start melting the ice from the windows and body.
  • Temperature & Flow – You need to ensure that the temperature is set to full and, at the same time, ensure that the air recirculation is on. This step will increase the speed of the process. It is also advisable to turn on the headlights to help you clear off the ice from the headlights and rear lights.
  • Scrapping – There are soft plastic scrapers available in the market, and you can get one of those. After waiting for 15 minutes, you can start scraping the ice from the glass and windows. Here, ensure that you are using only the designed product only.
  • Stubborn Ice – If there are places where the ice is very hard, then you can start spraying the mixture of alcohol and water. The ratio of the solution should be 1:2, and this mixture is very helpful in melting the stubborn ice. You can scrape off the ice once that is done.


It is relatively easy to deal with the snow. You can follow the steps below if you have to remove the snow, you can follow the steps below.

  • Brushing – There are snow brooms available in the market, and they are fantastic in dealing with the snow on the hood, roof, trunks, and other metallic parts. You can use them to sweep off the snow but ensure that the edges are not made of metal or anything hard that can scrape off the paint. Be slow and gentle while using the snow brush.
  • Ice on Metal – If you notice ice on the hood and other metallic surfaces, then you can easily break it off with your hands. After breaking it, throw them and brush the rest of the hood.
  • Unlocking the car – If you cannot insert the key in the lock to unlock the car, you might have to buy a commercial lock de-icer. These are specially designed instruments to remove the ice from the lock. These instruments spray alcohol and water inside the keyhole, and they help you by melting the ice from within.

Final Verdict

It is not only important to remove the ice, but it is also important to prevent the ice and snow from gathering on the car. Long term exposure to snow can cause issues with the paint, and it can also lead to rusting. So, to prevent the ice from forming, you can start by ensuring that you park the car in the garage. If you do not have a covered space, then you can spray the mixture of vinegar and water on the windshield before the sunset. This liquid will prevent the ice from forming on the windshield. Another alternative here is to cover the windshield with a tarp, folded shield, towel, or bathing mat.  There are some windshield covers available in the market that can help you a great deal as well.

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