How to Remove Deep Scratches from the Car?

While driving your car past the block and suddenly hearing an unfamiliar scratchy noise might be the biggest fear, but it is inevitable once a life. Even with a ton of care, driving slowly and maintaining distance from other vehicles and objects, such things can happen. Scratches on your beloved car feel bad, not only financially, but emotionally also.

The most possible and easy solution for the removal of deep scratch is to find a reputed paint shop and get the work done. However, there are few more options in the bucket to explore. Here, we are talking about the simplest way to eradicate deep scratches from your car in easy steps. Have a look –

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For Small Deep Car Scratches

There are many times when you accidentally hit the car while parking or someone makes a small but deep scratch on your car. The scratch is closely visible, but not from a distance. In such situations, the easy method will be to use scratch removal products. There are a ton of products available in the market, but you can consider following the given method.

Requirements –

Before you get started, get all the given things in one place –

Steps 1 – Getting Ready

Start by cleaning the area with water to get rid of any debris over and around the scratch. You can use a mild detergent in cleaning the scratched area. Make sure that you do not apply force, otherwise, it might get more paint out.

Step 2 – Apply Scratch-Removal Coat

Now, tale a scrubbing pad and put about a quarter-size bead on it. Slowly apply this scratch removal paste through the scrubbing pad; make sure to apply directly. Try to get most of the scratch removal product into the scratch and spread it around the scratch also.

Step 3 – Cleaning

You would have to wait for a few seconds to ensure that the product is applied perfectly on the scratch. Once you have confirmed everything, take the microfibre cloth and clean any residue using the microfibre towel.

Step 4 – You are Almost Done

After doing an effective job, chances are higher that you will have clean looking paint, and there will be negligible chances to notice the change in colour of your car paint at the scratch area. If you haven’t been able to fill and spread the scratch removal product, then you might have to try again.

Step 5 – One More Time

In most cases, it takes two uses of scratch removal paste. Doing a single job might not be effective enough for this work. You can find reliable and comforting results after one job so this will be enough.

Tips for Small Deep Scratch Removal

  • Always choose a non-colour deep car scratch removal product so that it perfectly blends into the existing paint. There are many products which offer perfect results on every coloured car.
  • Choosing a well-known brand for car scratch removal products will be a better choice to avoid having any future issues. Reputed brands might charge extra, but this thing will offer you excellent and quality results.
  • Avoid rubbing the scratch removal product harshly, otherwise chances of having an issue with the work done are higher. In many cases, rubbing harshly can remove more paint.

For Large Deep Scratch Removal

Dealing with a deep scratch is tedious and require expertise for effective work done. There are many times when the use of car scratch removal products works effectively, but for very deep scratches with the physical damage to a car’s body is hard to deal with. The only alternative option to eradicate this problem is by using car wax.

Requirements –

Before you get started, get all the given things in one place –

  • Polishing pad
  • Sandpaper
  • Microfiber towel
  • Paper
  • Masking tape
  • Car wax


Step 1 – Cleaning the Scratched Area

Just like the previous methods, cleaning the scratched part of your car is necessary for an effective job. You can wash the scratchy zone with mild detergent water and rinse it off with cold water.

Step 2 – Sanding

You can find 2,000-grit sandpaper in any local hardware store, or you can buy online for the scratch removal purpose. Sand the scratched area on your car with 2,000-grit sandpaper and keep rubbing until you can see the metal panel of your car. Sanding in the direction of scratch is an optimal choice.

Step 3 – Using Primer

Car primers are available everywhere, and you can use this primer to coat the metal part again. Make sure that you mask the rest area with masking tape. This method will help you prevent spreading the paint in all the direction and reducing the after work.

Step 4 – Dry and Paint

It is time to wait for the primer to dry out, and you would have to give it more than 8 hours. The time in drying paint might vary based on weather conditions and ambient temperature, so you should check it to ensure whether the primer is dry. Once the primer is dry, you can paint the scratched area with the matching colour paint.

Step 5 – Polishing

Once the paint dries, you would have to polish the area, and it is necessary to keep polishing until the new colour matches with the existing car colour. This job requires expertise and an eagle eye to ensure that the colour is matching. You can check the paint in sunlight to ensure if it blends out with the rest of the car colour or not.


After polishing the car, you will have a keen looking car with no scratches. Well, painting the scratched zone might not seem optimal, but it is the only option you have left in the bucket. You must follow all the steps wisely to get effective results. If you are not specific with the applying method, chances of facing issues with the quality of the job are higher. For people with no previous experience should choose professionals for the job.

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