How to Put On A Steering Wheel Cover?

For a car buyer, there are two things in attention regarding the appearance, the body shape and the interior. A number of small things ensure a quality car interior and if you already own a car, you might have noticed that the texture of the dashboard, grip over the steering wheel and overall color theme is playing a crucial role here.

A good looking car is undoubtedly excellent, but a poor grip over the steering might be annoying. In some cases, the steering wheel is so good that you want to preserve the shine and look. The easy and possible solution for a wide scenario is to install a steering wheel cover over it and forget about the rest. You can find a range of car steering wheel covers, which not only provide an astonishing appearance, but they enhance your grip over the steering for a smoother riding experience.

You can choose between a wide color, texture, design and more to make your car look good. But, after buying a new steering wheel cover, it’s your job to install the steering wheel cover with an adequate fit. It might be tough to say that what’s the best method due to the design and type. However, there are a few simple methods to put on a steering wheel cover.

Steering Wheel Cover

We are covering the simplest and easiest method to install a steering wheel cover. This method will work with every type of cover, shape and design. For the best-case scenario, checking out the installation manual from the manufacturer is always a better choice. Let’s get started –

1. Prepare The Steering Wheel

The procedure begins with the cleaning of your car’s steering wheel using a cleaning solution. The most effective option would be to go for Isopropyl alcohol. You can take a rag to put on some isopropyl alcohol and wipe clean the steering wheel. Getting rid of dirt, dust, sticky objects will be easier without damaging the shine of your original car’s steering wheel. Once you have cleaned the steering wheel, check it thoroughly from all possible angles.

2. Measuring the Steering Wheel

Get a measuring tape and align it properly horizontally from one side to another. In today’s times, a few manufacturers are not using a completely round steering wheel as there will be a slight angle. In such cases, you should measure it horizontally and vertically also. After measuring the length, the thickness of the steering wheel is also important to measure before buying the cover.

3. Purchase the Cover

During the purchase of the cover, you can consider the diameter of the steering wheel in mind and figure out the best option available in the market. You should be checking two things from the manufacturer, the thickness of the steering wheel grip and the second thing is the diameter. In case, you are looking for a specific shape, then you can use the car’s model name in prefix to figure out the right option.

4. Removing the Carboard

Once you have the steering wheel cover in hand, it is time to remove all the stickers and cardboard from the cover. Make sure that there is nothing inside by sliding your hand through the cover on all sides. Sometimes, the manufacturer put a thin plastic film to protect the cover from damage during the delivery purpose also.

5. Stretch the Cover

Steering wheel covers are made in a specific way that they are not going to stretch half an inch. So, using a blow dryer at optimal speed setting with higher temperature would be the best option. Make sure that you heat the cover from a distance instead of keeping the dryer closer to one end. Evenly heat the cover of your car’s steering wheel and you are good to go.

6. Start from the top

Installing the cover is easier when you start from the top part of the steering wheel. Take the warm steering wheel cover in both hands and place it on the top part and then start installing from the sides also. Do it quickly so that the cover doesn’t shrink with the decreasing temperature.

7. Apply Pressure

After stretching both sides during the installation, it is time to fit near the bottom side of your steering wheel. Parking the car in one place with the steering locked will be a perfect choice. Now, you can apply the pressure in a downward direction to get enough stretch. It will take a couple of seconds to stretch and perfect fit the cover on the steering wheel.

8. Sewing

Now, it is time to use a needle and thread to sew both sides together. Basic knowledge of sewing is required. Put thread into the needle and then tie a not at the end of the thread. Sew through one side and go to the other and keep doing the same until you have sewed the whole cover.

Important Note – In most cases, it is important to readjust the steering wheel cover by making a few changes. You can apply a little pressure to equally adjust the steering wheel cover and let it cool down. As the cover cools down, it will automatically maintain a perfect grip over the steering wheel.

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The Final Verdict

One bonus tip while installing the steering wheel cover is to use a blow dryer without heat to cool down the cover at a faster rate. There is no need of applying any adhesive, and if you do so, you won’t be able to remove the cover easily. If you are using a steering wheel cover that can’t stretch, then you should prefer a professional for this job.

In most scenarios, installing the sewing steering wheel cover requires expertise and professional tools for the job. We hope this guide will help you effectively install the steering wheel cover. For any issue with installation, learning from the user manual will be the optimal choice for most people.

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