How To Make Your Car Seat Belt More Comfortable

Seat belts are designed for safety and at times, it could be a mess as it could make some people feel very uncomfortable. However, a slight discomfort could while driving is not something that could be overlooked.

Concentration and comfort are the two major things that a person should consider while driving a car. However, there are some instances where seat belts disrupt this comfort. While some people assume that there is no way this discomfort could be solved, we would like to mention that it is just a wrong assumption. As of today, there are ways to make wearing seat belts more comfortable. In this tutorial, we will discuss the way that could help the user in increasing the comfort of wearing a car seat belt.

Even if seat belts are simple, they have a lot of importance in increasing the safety of the driver and co-driver. Even before airbags were introduced, seat belts were important. Over the years, a lot of tips and tricks have become prominent that could help a user increase the comfortability of wearing a seat belt. Here are the most common way –

1. Seat belt cover

Car Seat Belt Pads

Seat belt covers might not offer a great level of comfort, but for some people who dislike the seat belt material, a seat belt cover is a blessing. Seat belt covers are available ready-made on the market, but, they are not very common. However, making one at come is easy. All you have to do is pick up soft fabric, or cut a piece from your blanket, the size of the fabric should be around 11×6 inches. Then sew the edges of the fabric, now wrap the fabric around the seat belt and then mark the spot where you could sew a Velcro. Remember, marking should be done in such a way that stitching the Velcro at this spot could help the fabric wrapped on the seat belt.

Apart from this, if you have good skills, then you could alter the design of the seat belt cover to add some cushioning, which could help increase the comfort.

2. Use Pipe Insulation

Instead of using fabric you could use pipe wrap black insulation foam. These black insulation foams are comparatively thicker and offer better cushioning. On the other hand, they could also absorb sweat to a great extend. For all those people who do find seat belt cover inefficient, make a seat belt cover with black insulation foam could serve the purpose.

3. Use a seat belt Comfort clip or adjustment clip

seat belt Comfort clip

While some experts recommend not to use this accessory, we recommend that you use it, but, in the right way. Car manufacturers and experts always forbid people from messing with the seat belt system. This is one of the accessories that they forbid as if it is used in the wrong way, a seat belt might not function properly when required. It is true, this is why we have mentioned, “In the right way”. The seat belt comfort clip helps the user loosen the seat belt and offers a slight clearance rather than a tight seat belt. However, using the comfort clip to loosen the seat belt too much is dangerous. If the seat belt is too tight, use the comfort clip to slightly loosen the belt and not anything more.

Now that we have discussed increasing the comfort in wearing seat belts using add-ons, we have not discussed the most important method.

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4. Seat Position

Adjust Seat Position

Adjust the seat position could help increase the comfort of wearing a seat belt. Some people always tend to neglect this as they do not want to change their driving position. If you could make a slight adjustment in seat position, it could help increase the comfort of wearing the seat belt. Push the seat back and the seat belt would naturally loosen.

No matter what you do you must use your common sense. Just because you could use a seat belt cover, you should not overdo it. Seat belt cover and other accessories should be created and used in such a way that it does not disrupt the efficient functioning of the seat belt.

Tips for pregnant women

The best way to comfortably wear the seat belt is to wear it above the abdomen. Remember, pregnancy is not an excuse to avoid wearing the seat belt. If there is too much discomfort in wearing the seat belt, then you could consider making a seat belt cover with good cushioning or purchase a readymade one. However, the most important thing is that never wear the seat belt over your abdomen when you are pregnant. In case of an accident wearing a seat belt over the abdomen would put a lot of tension and stress on the abdomen, which could hurt both you and your baby.

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