How to Install a Car Blind Spot Mirror? – A Step By Step Guide for Beginners

Whether you are new to driving cars or have experience of years, blinds spots in the car is one of the biggest issues. Most people deal with these issues even with the latest generation cars. While looking in front of your car is way easier and you are always able to ensure that nothing is coming toward you. Looking in the back is one of the toughest things.

With the help of window mirrors, you can ensure that there is no one coming toward you. The left side mirror and right side mirrors are good enough to provide you with a complete view of coming cars, but there is a range to the same. The cars which are in the blind spots are hard to look at and chances of colliding with those cars are higher as if you only focus on mirrors to maintain distance.

There are three main mirrors to give you a complete view of the surrounding. These mirrors are the right side window mirror, left side window mirror and rearview mirror. For small cars, this might not seem like an issue, but there is certainly a blind spot that you have to tackle. In such situations, the use of a car blind spot mirror seems like the best option to eradicate every problem.

Blind Spot Mirror Installation Tips

Blind Spot Mirrors for Cars

You can easily buy quality blind spot mirrors online or from a local automobile store. Many types of car blind spot mirrors are available in the market. You must choose the optimal one for your specific car model. After purchasing the blind spot mirror, you can follow the below-given steps for installation.

1. Purchase a blind spot mirror

To purchase a good blind spot mirror you can visit your nearest motor market. Blindspot mirrors are not too expensive, 5 to 10 dollars are required. You can also buy them in any car service center. These mirrors are too helpful when the car is at the blind spot in the back mirror of the car. There are many shapes and sizes are available for the blind spot mirrors. But the stand shape is round. So, buy always a round blind spot mirror of a standard radius with 2 to 3 centimeters. This will help you to watch the cars in your blind spots.

2. Unpackaging

Most of the blind spot mirrors come in small packets like a packet of a pen. You can easily open these packets with the help of the scissor. Some expensive and branded blind spot mirrors come with the box, so you need a little blade for the unboxing. While unpacking, you must ensure that there are no scratches or marks on the surface of the blind spot mirror. Clean it properly before getting started.

3. Opening the suction cups

The blind spot mirrors connect to the simple back mirror of the car with the help of suction cups. These suction cups are sealed with paper. To open these suction cups, peel the seal of the suction with your fingers. Do this work carefully because the efficiency of the suction cups is affected by dirt.

4. Connecting it with the back mirror

Now is the time to connect the blind spot mirror to the back mirror of your car to watch the cars at your blind spot. To connect these blind mirrors, simply press the suctions on the surface of the back mirror. Press it gently until it touches the surface of the mirror. After it is all done, stop pressing it.

Now, this suction will completely be connected with the glass. You should always double-check whether the car blind mirrors are perfectly connected or not. In many cases, these blind mirrors fall off after a couple of days of use or while driving at a higher speed. So, double-checking will be an adequate choice.

5. Looking at all the Connections

After following this procedure, your blind spot mirror is connected to the glass. But don’t drive your car until you double-check this connection. To check the connection, simply pull the blind spot mirror with the finger outward. If the mirror does not disconnect, it means that your work is done perfectly.

If you find that there is a need of using an adhesive, then there are specific types of adhesives available in the market, which are also easy to remove after use. Using those types of adhesive on the side mirrors will be the perfect choice for most people.

Additional Note – if you are buying a car blind spot mirror that is installed at the bonnet, you should always choose a professional for the perfect installation. To adjust these types of mirrors, you can ask professionals while sitting inside the car for your specific viewing position.

Tips to Find Compatible Car Blind Spot Mirrors

  • Always look for the specific type of car blind spot mirrors that are designed for your car model.
  • Choosing a reputed manufacturer will always lead to you toward an excellent experience and better overall usability.
  • Anti-fog car blind spot mirrors are better and require less maintenance as compared to the other options available in the market.
  • Do not use strong or permanent adhesives to install the car blind spot mirrors because these are impossible to remove or replace.
  • Checking reviews will help you learn about the pros and cons of the blind spot mirror that you are willing to buy.

The Final Verdict

It is always important to choose a quality car blind spot mirror, which has properties like anti-fog surface, easy to clean and scratch-resistant also. This kind of car blind spot mirror will offer you excellent usability.

Even, you can find benefits related to the appearance of the car. Blindspot mirrors also look great on cars and you can find the specific design to perfectly meet your desires. We hope, that this guide will help you install the car blind spot mirrors effectively.

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