How to Easily Remove Spray Paint from a Car?

Let’s Learn The Easiest Options Out There

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your car covered in spray paint. Such things by some petty people can make you get angry, but instead of being angry about it, quick action is required. When the spray paint is fresh on your car, removing it with some of the common methods can help you save plenty of bucks for a new paint job.

If the paint dries out, it is hard to remove and you have no other option than to go to an expert to remove the new paint layer. In case, someone throws a serious spray paint that is strong and going to cause permanent damage, you have to focus on finding an expert nearby to get it removed as soon as possible.

If you become the victim of such a mishap, the very first question ping in mind is how to get spray paint off the car. Well,it would be an excellent choice to react with the optimal approach. There are many things that you can do and save yourself from worse situations. Here in this post, we are covering some of the easy, effective and safe methods to remove spray paint from your car with common household items.

How to Easily Remove Spray Paint from a Car?

Method 1 – By Using Soapy Water

Soap water is easily available in every house and it can be a reliable solution to getting rid of some serious spray paint quickly.

Material required-  A bucket, warm water, detergent, scrubber or clean towel, and clean water.

  1. Use soapy water

When your paint is not too much dried, it is the best way to remove spray paint. Take a bucket with warm water add some detergent such as dish soap, shampoo, and a car washing solution in it. Mix it properly.Then use a scrubber or a clean towel to remove the paint. As soon as you use this method it will be beneficial for you.

  1. Take a scrubber or a clean towel

Afterwards, take a scrubber or a clean towel to remove the paint. Wet the towel in the soapy mixture and rub the affected area gently in a circular motion. Rinse off the towel, again and again, to keep it clean. Continue the process until the paint was removed.

  1. Wash the car

After removing the paint clean your car with clean water, so that you can find the paint is removed properly or not. If not then you have to use another method. Washing with cold water is not a good idea so find slightly lukewarm water to get an effective job done.

This method is good when your paint is wet, after getting it dried it become difficult to remove the paint by this method.

Method 2 – By using nail polish remover

If your soap and warm water method are not become effective to remove spray paint, then you can use nail polish remover.

1.Take a clean cloth and get a bottle of nail remover

Firstly take a  cloth and make sure that cloth must be clean. Dirty cloth has dirty particles on it that affect your car’s original paint. Then take a bottle of nail remover. The nail remover is of good quality.  You have to put some drops of nail remover on that cloth.

  1. Rub the affected area

Now, rub the affected area with the help of a clean cloth in a circular motion. Make sure that you rub it very gently. The spray paint will transfer to your cloth so you have to change cloth frequently. You have to continue rubbing the affected area until the paint is gone. Do not apply too much pressure in rubbing otherwise it might damage the protective layer on your car’s paint.

  1. Wash your car

After removing the paint from the car by using nail paint remover you have to wash your car with clean water. If you did not wash your car with clean water the remover is will allow stay and damage your top layer of paint. Using a pressure washer can come in handy and help you effectively remove car paint for sure.

Method 3 – Choosing Professional

This is kind of obvious but necessary to understand the need for a professional in some cases. If your car was painted with spray paint a couple of days ago, chances are, the paint will be dry and irremovable. Instead of wasting any more time, going for professionals will be the optimal choice to eradicate every kind of issue.

You can search for professional spray paint removing services nearby online and visit the nearest paint shop.Choosing a reputed service provider will ensure that you get high-quality services. One important note, if someone spray-painted your car on purpose and as a threat, you must report it by dialling the emergency number and talking about it.

The final verdict

By following the above given two methods, you will be able to remove spray paint from your car. In most cases, removing the spray paint will be easy but if the paint is too sticky and it isn’t removing from the surface, then do not apply too much pressure.

Sometimes the issue is serious; the paint you think is sprayed paint isn’t the one. Having some serious damage through a strong and sticky paint is less likely but choosing a professional to work on it and getting rid of the extra layer is an effective and the most reliable solution.

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