How To Do A Compression Test On A Car

Looking for how to perform a compression test on your car? This guide will help you!

Have you recently experienced a sudden drop in your car’s performance, or getting a lesser power and mileage than before? If yes, then it is the right time for doing the compression test. And to the surprise, the compression test can easily be performed at home without any prior experience. So, if you are looking forward to making your car performing in its top condition and want to avoid the expensive car mechanics for a simple thing like the compression test, this article going to be a lot helpful to you.

Let’s first talk about the compression test and its needs in brief before jumping to the procedure of performing the test.

The need for Compression Test

car compression test

With the advent of techniques and sources, car engines are more durable and effective than before. However, in the long-term, it is still essential to take care of the smaller parts inside the engine so that the overall system keeps running in its top condition without any issue. Checking for the compression test timely can not only help your car to perform well in the longer run, but it will also help you to keep our car resale value high.

So, if you were after keeping your car in the top running condition and are looking to cut down the extra maintenance cost that usually increases as your car gets older, the compression test is a must for you. Try your hands on it by choosing the right cat compression kit and you can perform it at home with ease.

Tools Needed for a Compression Test

The most important thing that you should care for while thinking to perform the car compression test by yourself is the right set of tools. There are numerous car compression tool kits available on the market that you can opt for according to the brand preferences and budget.

Normally, the compression kit available in the market has all the tools needed to perform the compression test from the scratch and you are not going to need any extra tool. So, be sure to check on the best compression tester available in the market and you are not going to regret the decision.

Here is a video demo to help you:

Step-by-step guide for performing the Compression Test at home

Now, let’s talk about the step-by-step guide to perform the compression test and how you can keep your car performing exceptionally well for years. So, let’s get started on the guide to get the best performance from the vehicle.

Step 1: Warm up the car engine

The first step involved in the car compression test is to get the engine temperature to the normal running condition. That’s where all the components of the engine start working properly and you can easily judge whether they are working as they should, or not. So, leave the car engine on for a few minutes and then start preparing for the car compression test.

Step 2: Turn off the engine and remove the fuel pump relay

It is extremely important to turn off the engine and remove the fuel relay before starting the test. This is important to be ensured that the engine is completely safe to work with and the engine won’t ignite during the compression test.

Step 3: Disconnect spark plug

For safety and more convenient working, it is advised that you remove the car spark plug before starting the compression test.

Step 4: Install the compression gauge to the spark plug hole

Step 5: Crank the engine a few times for a maximum of 20-30 seconds

The next and most important step is to crank the engine for 20-30 seconds to get the most accurate reading for each engine cylinder. We will suggest you to repeat the procedure at least thrice to get accurate results.

Step 6. Record the reading, and you are done.

Finally, the car compression test is a worthy procedure to follow if you are after getting the uncompromised performance from your car’s engine and keep it working in the top condition. By performing the car compression test regular intervals, you can be assured of taking the necessary steps early if your engine is experiencing any issue with the performance or component wear and tear. So, invest in a good quality car compression kit and perform the above-listed steps when needed.

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