How to Clean Your Car Windshield Inside and Outside?

To have a great experience while driving your car, it is always necessary to maintain the car adequately. Taking care of radiator fluid, cleaning the car, and looking after underlying issue can give you an excellent experience. Most people usually spend hours driving their car but doesn’t pay a single thought of cleaning it inside and outside.

The common issue that occurs with poor cleaning habit is with the windshield. When the windshield is dirty and you are using it without a wash, then it might cause issues with visibility. Even when the car mirror is dirty, and you put water to clean it or wipe it with a cloth, it will leave marks, some stretches. Keeping the same habit for a long time can reduce the visibility of your car’s windshield.

Car Windshield

So, giving a proper wash to your car’s windshield at the inner and outer side is necessary for long durability. Here we made a step-by-step guide that will come in handy to clean the car windows, windshield, and mirrors.

Step 1 – Spraying Glass Cleaner

The easy and effective way for proper cleaning is to spray glass cleaner on a cloth. Using a microfiber cloth is also helpful during this procedure. When you are spraying the glass cleaner directly on windows and windshield, then you are making it difficult to clean. You might end up putting the excess amount of glass cleaner which might be hard to clean properly and then it will leave water stains.

Directly putting the glass cleaner will not hit the window surface and the excess amount will be a waste. The easy solution is using a cloth and spraying the cleaner on it. One more thing to know about, when you are putting glass cleaner directly on the surface of the window, then it will be ripping off the protective layer from the glass surface. It will be a bad sign, and your car’s window will age early.

Step 2 – Use Microfiber Cloth Always

Microsoft clothes are widely popular for cleaning purpose. You can use a microfiber cloth for TVs, Fridge surface and other jobs. The soft material makes things easier as you won’t have to worry about scratching the surface. On the other hand, when you are putting glass cleaner on a microfiber cloth, it will absorb the chemical instead of adsorbing it. So, you can clean in a better manner.

Some people opt for using newspaper, paper towel and tissue papers. Well, there is no doubt that paper is also effective to clean but the harsh surface of the paper will damage the glass surface and it will create micro-scratches and they will reduce visibility. Do not ever use paper for cleaning purpose because it sounds fascinating, but it is not a good idea in long run.

Step 3 – Wipe in Every Direction

To clean outside, you should roll up the window glass and, then spray the window cleaner on a microfiber cloth. Now wipe the microfiber cloth on the entire window, and it will give a proper clean. It might take a couple of swipes, but you must swipe in all directions in the starting. When you are using the right cleaning agent then it will not cause produce any stain and it is an important factor that you should consider.

Once you have cleaned the outer layer, follow the same steps on the inner side. After cleaning the window, do not roll it down otherwise the slightly moist window can capture dust inside the doors. One more tip to follow, once you have cleaned the windows properly, always swipe in a single direction to get effective clean. When you are scrubbing with the microfiber cloth in all direction, then it will be tough to get rid of stains.

Step 4 – Extra Tip for Window’s Outside

The inside part of the window is had to clean in cases when there are tough stains from the bird’s poop or anything else. So, cleaning the window’s outside layer using an excess of water is helpful. The cleaning agent will help in lifting the bird’s poop. If it is stick on the window for a long time, then you can use a dishwasher detergent and mix it with 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

Stir properly and pour it into the dirty area. After pouring the liquid, let it soak for few minutes. Baking soda mixed with detergent will help in lifting the poop from the glass surface. Make sure that you do not scrub on this area; otherwise, it will produce scratches. Now, you can follow the same tips that we mentioned to clean the glass surface of the window.

Step 5 – Cleaning the Windshield

Just cleaning the window’s glass might not give you the best experience. So, if you have started cleaning, then why leave the windshield stranded. Use glass cleaner on microfiber cloth but do not rub this time. You can give a slow-motion while moving the microfiber cloth from windshield glass.

Make sure to put the windshield cleaning agent in the dedicated reservoir and always use the right windshield cleaning agent. Some people mix the shampoo with water and put it in the reservoir. Well, you can’t expect such great results from this method and it might damage your car’s windshield overall.

Bottom Line

By following the five tips that we have mentioned, you can clean the car’s window glass, and it will come in handy to clean the car’s windshield also.

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