How to Clean Your Car Floor Mats?

If you want to maintain your car’s selling value, then you must take care of it.  Floor Mats cleaning is one of them. You should clean your car mats regularly whether it is made of rubber or cloth. Mostly the car cleaning depends on the mat’s material that you should pick. Moreover, a regular cleaning habit gives a new glance to your car and maintains proper hygiene when you are sitting inside the car. We are trying to explain few steps that you should consider before cleaning the Car mats.

The easy way to get your car floor’s mat cleaned by using the right equipment. There are many manufacturers offering car floor mats cleaner and other chemical-based detergents that you can use. Without wasting any more time learning about the alternative options, let’s look at the easy and best method to clean your car floor mats –

Car Floor Mats

Step 1 – Open all the doors and remove mats

First of all, it would be a great choice to open all doors of your car and remove the mats. Most people try using vacuum cleaner directly in the car but having an intense amount of dirt at one place and vacuuming it can spread dust in other areas also. So, always open the doors and remove all the mats.

While removing the floor mats, you can adjust the car’s seat position and take it back. Now, removing the car floor mats will be easy. Do the same thing on both sides and when you are about to remove the backseat floor mats, then adjust the car’s seat position to the front. In both ways, you will be able to remove the car’s mat effectively.

Step 2 – Know about the Type of car floor mats

Most car manufacturers offer car mats made of plastic, rubber, PVC and other materials which are easy to clean. You can place them in the driveway and use a hose to clean them with water. Using pressure washer can come in handy and provide a better solution to your issue. You can buy pressure water hose online and use them for effective cleaning.

Step 3 – Use a Soapy Detergent for effective results

Using a detergent to clean the floor mats will help to elevate dust, debris and dirt effectively. It will also remove any kind of sticky object from the mats. Make sure that you do not soak floor mats in water for a long time. Once you have cleaned the floor mats, it will be easy for you to place them in the car.

When you are using a detergent, you are getting benefits like removal of the sticky object, you can eradicate unwanted odour and kill bacteria. This method is always effective and provides a higher number of advantages than using a vacuum cleaner.

Step 4 – Alternative Option to clean your car floor mat

Instead of using water to clean your car’s mat, the alternative option like using a vacuum cleaner is also helpful. If the mats look clean and you want to go through a long process of using pressured water then vacuum clean the mats.

Step 5 – Clean car floor

Before placing the car floor mats inside the car, use a car vacuum cleaner and clean the under area effectively. It might be tough to reach hard to approach areas but you can use vacuum cleaner accessories and get rid of such problems. By adjusting your car seat to back the passion and using a vacuum cleaner, you can do the cleaning work effectively.

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