How to Clean a Car Wash Mitt?

To perfectly clean a car, three things play an important role – Washing detergent, Car wash mitt and the technique. If you have all, it will be a perfect car washing experience every single time. You dip the car wash mitt into perfectly mixed soap water, apply it throughout the car and then rinse the car with nice running water.

As car wash mitts are made of soft material with high density and super absorbent fibre, you can expect an effective clean every single time. However, after using the wash mitt more than three times, it starts getting dirty and requires proper cleaning. Most car wash mitts are easy to clean and doesn’t require any specific trick, however, there are three easy methods that you can follow.

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Each method will help you get effective cleaning, but the last method is the slightly better one to enhance the overall durability of a car wash mitt. It will be a perfect choice to go with the method which will help you ensure the better longevity of the product. Let’s get started.

Method 1 – Machine Wash

No doubt that a car wash mitt is made of fabric and it can be washed as you wash garments in the washing machine. The right method is –

  • Dry off the car wash mitt as if you have used it a few minutes ago. You don’t need a completely dry wash mitt. It must be soaked.
  • In an automatic washing machine, use a mild detergent and machine wash the mitt in lukewarm water.
  • Washing the mitt for less than ten minutes is enough for an effective wash and getting rid of dust and dirt out of the mitt.
  • Once, the wash mitt is washed off, it is time to place it in indirect sunlight and wait for the same to dry.

After a few hours, you can get the car wash mitt out of the heat and store it inside the car or in your garage. This method is simple and it will work perfectly in most scenarios.

Method 2 – Washing it With Hands

Washing with Hands is always better due to the gentle washing method and you can ensure a quality wash this time. To begin, you should get all the necessary things in one place.

  • First of all, rinse the used car wash mitt in running water. Or, you can use lukewarm water in a bucket and get rid of excess dirt from the surface of the car wash mitt. This method will also get rid of extra soap from the mitt.
  • Now squeeze the wash mitt to get rid of the excess water out of it. Once you have removed the dirt from your hands, it will be easy to work on.
  • Take mild liquid dishwashing or detergent in a mug and fill it half with water. Dip the washing mitt inside and let it sit there for two minutes. In this period, the dishwasher or detergent will lift dirt from the fabric and it will be easy to clean.
  • Remove it out and start squeezing with hands to give it firm cleanliness. You will be able to remove excess soap from the washing mitt.
  • Using lukewarm water in rinsing the mitt will be helpful. You can eradicate dust and debris in an effective manner by following these steps.
  • The last step is to dry the wash mitt under the sunlight and it will take a couple of hours based on the weather.

Everything is done and you can store the wash mitt in the garage away from dust and dirt. While cleaning the wash mitt, make sure that there is no oil or dirt in it before using the dishwasher. Usually, running water can help in cleaning the wash mitt before a complete wash.

Method 3 – Washing After cleaning the car

As you have been washing the car and using the wash mitt, chances of getting dirt on the mitt are higher. However, this is also the perfect time to clean the wash mitt in an effective manner. You can follow the below-given steps are using the wash mitt –

  • As the wash mitt is damp, you can clean it inside a bucket half-filled with clean water. Or, you can place down the wash mitt and use a hose to remove extra soap out of the fabric.
  • Once the wash mitt is clean, it is time to use detergent or dishwasher for the cleaning purpose. You can follow the second method that we have mentioned. The rest of the rest is the same.

Once you are done washing and drying the wash mitt, it is compulsory to ensure that dirt particles are completely removed from the fabric.

Additional Tips

  • Do not wash the wash mitt when there is an excess of oil or lubricant on the fabric. It is better to buy a new one. An alternative method of cleaning is to use petrol as it will help you remove the lubricant or oil out of the wash mitt. After that, you can follow the above-given methods for an effective cleaning purpose.
  • If the wash mitt is oil and you have used it for more than years, it is always adequate to buy a new one. Used wash mitts become dry and the fabric is not as soft as it was in the beginning. Using an old wash mitt can cause scratches on your car and it will look dull.
  • Always buy quality wash mitts from reputed manufacturers so that you are sure about the build quality. Using poorly made wash mitts will be harmful to your car and they are not as durable as the good ones.


A car wash mitt is easy to wash and maintain. Some people don’t wash their car mitts even for months and it can reduce the overall durability. In such scenarios, most people end up buying the new car wash mitt. Proper care can ensure a better lifespan of a car wash mitt and it can save you some extra bucks.

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