How To Apply A Ceramic Coating On Your Car Properly?

It could happen to anyone, even if you are very careful while driving your car, there is no guarantee that your car would not have scratches in the end. If you drive a little close to the hedge or a sharp object, it would leave scratches on your car.

The only way you could prevent your car surface from scratches is to apply a ceramic coating. While there are different types of ceramic coating, most of them serve the same purpose. It protects the original paint from scratches and even dirt and dust. Just 5 or 6-years back, people used to depend on professionals to do the ceramic coating, but, today, they prefer coating the car themselves.

While ceramic coating your car all by yourself could save a lot of money, it is not a task that you should be done carelessly and without prerequisite knowledge. If you do the ceramic coating in the wrong way, it could do more harm than you could imagine. This is why you need to understand and follow the steps and facts mentioned below.

Preparing The Car For Ceramic Coating –

Yes, it is true, a car should not be ceramic coating without performing the prerequisites. Here is how to prepare the car for ceramic coating.

Step 1: Proper Space

Ceramic coating the car is not an easy and short process. Therefore, you need to park your car at a place where you could work in peace.

car park

Step 2: Wash The Car

After you park your car at the spot, you need to wash the car carefully. Unlike regular wash, the washing before ceramic coating should focus more on removing all the dust and dirt on the car surface.

Must Know Car Washing

PS: if there is dust or dirt on the surface while performing the other steps, it could scratch the car and do more harm. Therefore, washing is very important.

Step 3: Apply Clay Bar

Use a clay bar to clean the surface, most car clay bars have some sort of shampoo that could remove the stubborn dirt and any other contaminants on the surface. At the same time, clay bars could also fill the existing scratches and small dents on the surface. This, in turn, makes sure the surface is smooth.

car clay bar

Step 4: Paint Touch-up

If there are any dents or heavy scratches on the surface, you could do a paint touch-up. Remember, the lifespan of ceramic coating is closer to 2 to 3-years, once the ceramic coating is done, a paint job would not be possible, unless you remove the coating. Therefore, if required, a paint touch-up should be done.

Step 5: Car Surface Polish

Once you have done the above-listed tasks, you need to polish the surface. No matter what, you should not do the ceramic coating without polishing the car.

polish car

PS: if you assume that ceramic coating could improve your paint job, it is wrong. The only purpose of the ceramic coating is to protect the existing paint job and polish, it will not do anything more.

This is why polishing the car is the most important and last step of preparing the car for ceramic coating.

Applying The Ceramic Coating –

Once the car is prepared for the ceramic coating, you mustn’t do the ceramic coating just after the polishing. Leave the car for at least 4-hours away from direct sunlight and dust/dirt. Now, for good ceramic coating, follow the instruction listed below.

Step 1: Make sure your car is parked in such a way that you could move freely around it to apply the coating. Remember, there should be a lot of light and space.

Step 2: Now, wear gloves, and then soak the sponge in the ceramic solution carefully.

Apply Ceramic Coating

Step 3: Use the sponge to rub the solution over the surface slowly. You should not rush while doing this, keep it slow. You should rub the sponge in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Step 4: The sponge and the solution on it could start drying fast, if the sponge becomes hard, throw it away and use a new sponge to apply the ceramic coating.

Step 5: Once you have completed applying the coating all over the surface, you need to allow the entire coating to dry. Generally, it could take around 15 to 30-minutes to dry.

Step 6: After the ceramic coating is dry, you need to use a buffing microfiber cloth to wipe the coating. While wiping, you should not exert excess pressure on the coating.

Step 7: Now, you will find some inconsistency in the ceramic coating, then, you need to use silica spray on it. Spray the silica spray on a microfiber cloth and use the cloth to apply it to the surface.

silica spray

Once you have applied the silica spray, you need to allow it to dry and you are done. Remember, you need to apply the ceramic coating with utmost care. Do not try to do it carelessly as it could create of a lot of inconsistency.

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