Car Ramps vs. Jack Stands: Which One to Choose?

When it comes to choosing adequate gears or tools for an automobile repair shop, looking for the finest option is an important factor. There are a range of tools available for every job, and choosing the right one is reliant on your need and budget factor. Rest factors are always related to convenience and portability mainly. Most automobile shops prefer high-end tools that seem better to use, provide a great safety level, and offer higher convenience.

If you are on a budget, you know that you have to compromise with safety-related factors mainly, or it can be convenience aspect. Well, during the selection of equipment that elevates a car, you can find two widely used options: Car Ramp and Jack Stands. Both are used widely all around the world, and they are available for different price points. Choosing between these two products is hard, and requires serious attention to design and usability.

Car Ramp Overview

There are times when you have to access the undercarriage of the vehicle. This can be for inspection purposes, or it can be for repair & maintenance. Even when you have to change the engine oil, you would need to access the undercarriage. A car ramp is like a fixed pair of slopes, and you can drive your car over the ramp to elevate the front or rear of the car. It offers a higher level of stability because of the fixed design. There is no moving part in the ramp, and it can even be built at home with the help of some Reinforced Concrete Cement, or you can purchase them too.

Jack Stand Overview

When you are using the jack to lift a vehicle, it can be dangerous because the mechanical lock in the jack can fail. To divide or to manage the weight of the car, you can use the jack stand. These are designed like a jack, but the mechanically moving part can be adjusted and locked. The advantage of the jack stand is that it occupies less space and can be purchased at a lower price. On the other hand, the ramp may prove to be bulky, so many workshops and homeowners prefer susing a jack stand compared with any other means of elevating the car.

After comparing a range of factors, and features, figuring out the right one for your specific job is easy. Here we compared both types of tools with seven different qualities that you can find in each one. You can figure out which one is better for you. Let’s begin by learning about the using method, and then move to other aspects

Car Ramps vs. Jack Stands

1. Using Method

The method of using a car ramp is easy. You have to drive a car on the ramp, and it takes less than a couple of seconds. By following the same method, you can drive an SUV, Car, and Van on ramps. Even, it is reliable to use if you want to work under a mini-truck.

Jack Stands are also easy to uses, and you have to place it below the car and rotate its handle to alleviate a car. From changing tires to working under the car, you can feel a better space under the car. You can elevate cars, trucks, and SUVs with this option also.

Our View – If you compare both, car ramps seem easy to use over jack stands. You can drive any vehicle on it, and get better usability for sure.

2. Convenience Rate

When it comes to working under a car, you can find that car ramps provide better convenience. Going under any vehicle seems simple, and elevation is good enough to feel better during the use. Most mechanics like this convenience rate.

Working under a car when you have to install a car jack stand is also easy. You can place jack stands and rotate the lever to elevate any vehicle. It requires extra efforts, and the convenience rate goes down for new works.

Our View – If you have lots of cars to repair and don’t want to waste time, then the car ramp is also taking one more point here. They can save you extra time during the use.

3. Safety

For a new person who is not aware of the fact that accidents happen while working under a car, he/she should be using car ramps. Working under a vehicle is not safe, and car ramps provide a better safety level during the use.

Jack stands are also safe, and you can place these under the car, but you have to alight it perfectly. Chances of facing issues with safety are low. Still, if any mismatch to align, jack stands below the car might be risky for new people.

Our View – Both are a safe option, but you need a little experience before working with jack stands. When it comes to working under cars, jack stand provides better elevation, and safety.

4. Portability

Taking a car ramp to a new location is hard, and requires serious efforts. You need a mini truck to move these, or car ramp must have tires so that you can move it to the desired location whenever you want to. Even, choosing an expensive car ramp won’t be enough to fix portability.

Jack stands are easy to move, and you can take these anywhere. If any of your customers are facing issues at a location where customers need an instant fix, then the car jack stand feels better.  Market is flooded with high quality jack stands which are very lightweight and portable.

Our View – Portability is not a major concern with a car jack stand, and these are lightweight also. Due to this, you can prefer using a car jack stand over the other option.

5. Maintenance

Maintaining a car ramp is easy because there is no moving part. If there are small tires, you might have to give it a little grease every month. So, it is easy to say that maintaining a car ramp is easy.

Jack stands don’t require any sort of maintenance even they have moving parts. You don’t need to oil them, but you do have to clean them. Due to the small size, cleaning is an easier thing for sure.

Our View – If you want to never face maintenance, then going with a jack stand seems like the better option here.

6. Storage

Car ramps are large, and they require a significant amount of space for easier storage factors. If you are willing to have a car ramp, you need a large garage or working space. Otherwise, you have to place it in the driveway.

Jack stands are compact and extremely easy to store. You can place them in a box or any corner of your garage. These are not going to take any space, and you can pull them out whenever you need them.

Our View – If you don’t want to deal with storage-related issues, then car jack stands will fulfill your need effectively. They are always reliable to prefer.

7. Budget

One of the most important factors is budget, and car ramps are expensive to go for. Several manufacturers are offering it, and you can create a new one in your backyard. Still, you have to spend a significant amount of time to create a sturdy one.

Car jack stands can’t be created in the backyard, but these are three to five times cheaper than genuine car ramps. You can buy these easily, and get better deals. Even the most expensive options are cheaper than a car ramp.

Our View – For those who won’t don’t have any issue with budget, and want a safe option then car ramps are great, but Jack stands to provide a better deal in this criteria for sure.

The Final Verdict

After reading this comprehensive guide, you must be sorted now. Comparing these two tools seems typical at first glance, but you can figure out the need, and get a better deal for sure. Here in our comparison guide, it is clear that a car jack stand provides a better value for money deal over the other ones.

If you are looking for better safety and ready to compromise a significant amount of space in your garage, then car ramps are effective. If you want a good-to-go choice that is affordable and effective during the use, then going with a car jack stand is a better option. We hope that you choose the right one by reading our guidepost.

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