Car Heads-up Displays (HUD): Advantages and Disadvantages

If you ask us about the most incredible feature in the car, then it is undoubtedly the Heads-Up Display. For those who do not know about Heads-Up Display, let us tell you that this is one of the most hi-tech featurfes in the car that projects the information at your viewing position. This means that the essential information is displayed on the windscreen or the road ahead of you. These systems are integrated with the car, and they can project a lot of information like the GPS Route, Speed, Road Signs and other similar information.

HUD is a new feature in many countries, which is why it feels so exciting to have it in the car. If you haven’t heard much about it, then this is your chance. We have shared some information about the HUD, and we are sure that you would love to have it in your car. If you wish to know more about the Heads-Up Display and if you are confused about the purchase, then go ahead and check out the pros and cons associated with the Heads-Up Display. This will make the purchase decision easy for you. So, let us move ahead and check out the details now.

Car Heads-up Displays (HUD): Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Car Heads-up Displays

Let us start by talking about the advantages of the Heads-Up Display or hud for cars. This will give you the confidence that you require to buy and install a HUD system in your car. Go ahead and check out the points below.

  • Real-Time Information – The best thing about the Heads-Up Display is that it shows you real-time information on the screen without any lag. It shows you the turn by turn navigation, so you do not miss any turn when you are in the main city. It also shows you other information, and hence you do not have to take off your eyes from the screen.
  • Lowers Distraction – Now, if you are using a navigation system or your phone while driving, we are sure that it is a big distraction.Heads-Up Display certainly lowers the distraction and improves the focus as well. The Heads-Up Display helps you ensure that you do not have to look at the speedometer again and again, and it also helps you maintain the speed limit.
  • Party Trick – Heads-Up Display is one of the newest features in the country, and only a very few car manufacturers are offering it. In such a case, it can become a very cool party trick when you are driving around with your family members or with your friends. The novelty and the uniqueness associated with the system is enough to grab the attention.
  • Reduces Fatigue – Since you have higher attention levels and lower distraction levels during the drive, the fatigue is also lower. The information is displayed at eye level, and this restricts the frequent eye movement. The effect is the lower level of stress. It becomes easy for you to drive in the city and on the highway with HUD in the car.
  • Innovative – You can’t deny that the Heads-Up Display is one of the most innovative features in the car. Some manufacturers have an additional projector screen to project the information, while high-end cars only have this screen integrated into the windscreen. The feature calls for a round of applause since it helps the driver immensely during long drives.
  • Adaptive Assist – Many high-end cars are loaded with sensors, and they work together with the HUD. Using the adaptive assist, the cars can highlight the pedestrian or animals on the road using the HUD. This helps you in avoiding the collision. Some of the Heads-Up Display also shows the road signs to help you focus better while driving.
  • Easy to Control – If you feel distracted by the Heads-Up Display because of the weather conditions or anything, you can immediately turn it off. You can control the HUD easily, and you can also adjust the brightness of the display. Moreover, some manufacturers let you control the information you see on the Heads-Up Display, and hence you can only have the essential things on display.
  • Aftermarket Installation – Since few manufacturers offer a HUD in the car, it is also possible for you to buy it from a third party. These aftermarket installations are easy, and they are also available at an affordable price. You can integrate the HUD with your phone, or you can buy something that comes with an integrated projector to display information.

Disadvantages of Car Heads-up Displays

No system is perfect, and there is a shortcoming associated with everything. It is just like how the two sides of the coin co-exist. So, the Heads-Up Displays are also not perfect, and there are some disadvantages of the system. Check them out below.

  • OEM Restrictions – Now, the problem with the HUD is that not many manufacturers offer this feature. In such a case, many people prefer going for the aftermarket installations. The problem here is that you can’t slice any wire during the installation, or else your warranty gets impacted. This restriction turns away a lot of people from getting a HUD in their cars.
  • Needs Getting Used to – It may sound fun while using the feature, but you may need some getting used to the HUD. Some people may get distracted easily with the notification, so you need to alter that behaviour and ensure that you are not distracted by what is being displayed. It is also important to turn off the email, SMS and social media updates as they can be a significant distraction.
  • Visibility – When you are buying an aftermarket HUD, you need to check a lot of things. One such thing to check is the visibility that it offers. There are chances that the HUD may not be beneficial during sunny days if the contrast ratio is lower than the required limit. So, check those details before installing them in the car.
  • Price of Advance Systems – The basic systems are available at an affordable price, but advanced systems can be very costly. The remains can also be expensive, and there aren’t many workshops right now who can check the HUD issues. You might have to interface the cheap ones with your phone, and you may not like that thing about HUD.
  • Improvements Needed – The system is still in the nascent stages, and it requires a certain level of refinement. The HUD operates on the code, and there is always a chance of having a bug that can impact your experience associated with the HUD. Usually, the OEM HUDs are the best ones, and they are also straightforward to update.

Final Verdict

So, how did you find this new feature to be? We are sure that you would love to have a Heads-Up Display in your car too. It not only looks fantastic but it is also very convenient to use. If the car that you are planning to buy doesn’t have a Heads-Up Display, then you can, anyways, make an aftermarket purchase and install one in your car. These Heads-Up Displays are pretty easy to install, and they offer a great advantage to the drivers. Even with some disadvantages, Heads-Up Display has a lot to offer for the users. Also, before logging off, let us know what is the most remarkable feature in the car, according to you?

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