Car GPS Navigation Systems: Advantages & Disadvantages

GPS Navigation Systems have been present for a long time, and today, their adaptability rate is very high. Every phone is equipped with a GPS chip, and most of the car also comes with the navigation system. All these navigation systems depend on the GPS, and you will not deny that GPS makes life easy. Many people prefer dedicated GPS Navigation Systems in the car instead of using phones.

If you are confused between buying & not buying the GPS Navigation Systems, then you can scroll through this article. We have listed the advantages & disadvantages of the Car GPS Navigation Systems, and we are sure that these points will help you make the purchase decision.

GPS Navigation for Car

Advantages of Car GPS Navigation System

The first thing that we would like to talk about is the advantages associated with the Car GPS Navigation Systems. This will help you understand how the navigation system can help you when you are on the road.

  • Never Lose the Way – With the GPS, you can never lose your way. You will always find the destination. Many navigators also feature door to door navigation where you are routed to the exact house, store or exact destination. This way, you do not have to stop and ask strangers about the right way. The tool comes in handy, especially at night or on highways.
  • Pre-Loaded Maps – In most of the navigators, the maps are pre-loaded, and hence there is little or no dependency on the internet. In such a case, even if you are in a place with no connectivity, there is nothing to worry about. The GPS navigator will lead you to your destination.
  • No-Cost – You do not get charged for the usage in the usual cases. Most of the navigators also support free map services like Google Maps & Apple Maps. This means that you do not pay anything, but you save considerable time on fuel and time. GPS service is free to use across the globe.
  • Geo-Fencing & Tracking – Some navigators also enable you to set a geo-fence. If your car crosses that geo-fence, you are notified immediately. Moreover, some navigators also make it possible for you to track the car via mobile. This can be used as an anti-theft feature, and it can help you recover the stolen vehicle. This feature can also reduce your insurance premium.
  • User-Friendly – The GPS Navigation Systems are very user friendly. Most of them have a touchscreen which makes it very easy for you to use the navigator. Apart from this, the navigators also support voice commands and hence it is easier to use for people who do not like the touchscreen interface. The ease of operation has made them a trendy choice across the globe.
  • Voice Notifications & Limited Distraction – Using a phone for navigation or checking the offline maps can be a significant distraction. The GPS Navigation Systems offers a lot of ease in these terms. You get turn-by-turn voice notifications, and you also do not have to look at the screen to check the way. You are made aware of every diversion and every turn that you need to take.
  • Accuracy – The accuracy of GPS Navigation Systems is very high. Most of the time, you will find yourself at the correct position on the map. There are rarely some errors. This benefit can undoubtedly help you greatly when it comes to the accuracy part of the navigation. Offline maps can never be this accurate.
  • Works in All Weather – You do not have to worry about the clouds stopping the GPS signals from reaching you. The GPS tracking device works in all-weathers, be it rain, snow, cloudy or sunny days. You would never have to worry about getting the directions, and instead, the GPS Navigation Systems makes it easy for you to navigate when you are driving in low visibility.
  • Affordable – With improvement in technology, the cost of semiconductors and screens have reduced drastically. This has also reduced the cost of GPS Navigation Systems. You can easily buy a big-screen GPS Navigation system loaded with features for a very affordable price. Most of these devices are backed with a reliable warranty policy that safeguards your investment.
  • Route Tracking – The next important thing here is the route tracking feature. If you are connected to the internet, GPS Navigation Systems may also show you the traffic density. The system will also notify you of the road closures, toll roads and speed limits on the route that you are taking. GPS Navigation Systems may often offer you an alternative way that is also the fastest way to reach the destination.

Disadvantages of Car GPS Navigation System

Every technology and everything else has goods and the bad. The same is the case with the Car GPS Navigation Systems. It also has some of the disadvantages associated with it, and we have listed them below.

  • Power Consumption – One problem with GPS Navigation Systems is that they can quickly drain out the power. If you have a GPS Navigation system with an internal battery, you will have to charge it frequently. We recommend purchasing the GPS Navigation Systems that can be connected to the car’s power supply in such a case.
  • Underpass – GPS Navigation Systems doesn’t work when they are obstructed by a solid object. This means that they will not be working when you are travelling on underpass roads. This is something manageable, and we are sure that you would not have concerns about this limitation of the GPS since we mostly have straight underpasses without turns.
  • Detours – One problem observed by some of the travellers is that sometimes, the GPS may take you on a not operational road. That can be because of the delay in the updates. So, it is crucial to keep yourself alert of the route even when following navigation.Some people have ended up in a sticky situation because of overreliance on GPS Navigation Systems.
  • Updates & Subscriptions – Another problem with the GPS Navigation Systems is that some brands have customized maps, and they charge you a subscription fee every month. This can add to the vehicle’s cost of ownership, and we want you to review the subscription fee as well. Another thing to note is that it is important to update your maps regularly, consuming a good amount of data.
  • Privacy Concerns – The last disadvantage of GPS Navigation Systems is that someone can track you. Someone can misuse the system in tracking your location, and you need to be aware of the same. It is better to ensure secure connections with your GPS Navigation Systems to avoid such privacy concerns.

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Final Verdict

This is all about the advantages & disadvantages of the Car GPS Navigation Systems. By analyzing both sides, it is pretty evident that the advantages of the Car GPS Navigation Systems are far more significant than the disadvantages. In such a case, we always recommend you to buy a navigation system for your car and keep it updated. You can also keep a physical map as a backup just in case of an emergency. So, this was all for now, and you can explore the Car GPS Navigation Systems available in the market to install a reliable one in your car.

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