The Best Wheel Chocks 2022 [For Car, RVs, Trucks, Trailers]

What is the fundamental purpose of circular or round-shaped objects? Yes, you are right; it is rolling most of the time. Same as the wheels do in a vehicle, and vehicles only can move because of these round shaped objects. But in some scenarios, this rolling property of wheels may cause some serious problems. Suppose if you have parked your car or any other vehicle on a sloped ground, it might have happened that it rolled away. Right? And this is how your vehicle can cause severe damages to you and other people on the road as well. In this kind of situation, the wheel chocks come into play or to help you prevent this type of problem.

What Are Wheel Chocks?

Basically, a wheel chock is an object that is made of rubber, plastic, or wood which can prevent your vehicle from rolling or sliding away when you parked it on a slope road. A wheel chock works as a barrier, and it creates the counter angle to keep the vehicle on its parking position. Ultimately a wheel chock can work against the gravity and friction to keep your car away from sliding or rolling on a full traffic road. Now, if you have decided to buy the wheel chocks for your vehicle, then wait because there is a lot more that you need to know. Buying a perfect pair of chocks can depend upon several factors, such as your vehicle’s wheel type, angle, material type, friction level, etc. And believe it or not, but this may sound a bit confusing for an average person who doesn’t have enough knowledge about wheel chocks.

Best Buy Wheel Chocks For The Money

Therefore we have decided to put an exciting list of the ten best rated wheel chocks of 2022 in this in-detailed post.

1. MaxxHaul 70472 Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

MaxxHaul 70472 Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

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The MaxxHaul 70472 Heavy Duty Wheel Chock pack is one of the most sold in this field, so if you are looking for the most reliable and popular option, then make sure to consider this one first. Let’s talk about the material section first, so here the manufacturers didn’t provide any resin or any other plastic material. There is a solid reason behind this action of the manufacturers, and it is that the resin and plastic built wheel chocks can’t perform better for various weather seasons. Some of the plastic and mixed resin built chock starts getting the cracks and break issues. If you don’t want to buy this type of chocks, then this rubbery and other good quality material of heavy-duty wheel chocks pack is only for you.

If you want to know how useful these wheel chocks are by MaxxHaul, take a look at the rating section of this particular pack. Over one thousand people rated this pack with higher star ratings. Going down to the dimension section of these wheel chocks, so we want to let you know that these chocks will not be going to disappoint you in the dimension section, not at all. It’s because these chocks are nearly 8 inches long, and the grip section is wider than 4 inches, and the angle height is more than 6 inches.


  • The manufacturing company has provided the grippy design on the top that works perfectly in almost all the weather conditions.
  • The primary construction material is rock solid and is not that heavy; ultimately, it will help you efficiently use these chocks to prevent unwanted movement of your vehicle.


  • None so far

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2. Camco 44414 Wheel Chock

Camco 44414 Wheel Chock

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Visibility is another factor that you should always look for in a wheel chock’s set. It’s because sometimes it feels very difficult to find out whether there are chocks present under the wheels or not. So, it will always be helpful if you choose the higher visibility of wheel chocks. The Camco 44414 Wheel Chock in a bright yellowish color improves the overall object’s visibility in the night time. Not only this but because of the amazing specifications of this pack, some of the online stores gave the ‘number one seller’ tag to it.

The one big difference that you will notice in these wheel chocks is the different design. Yes, you got it right, these wheel chocks come with a slightly different design, and you can say this design is perfect for wheel chocks. So, here you will get a bit of circular cutout of design, which fits perfectly with the wheels because of round shapes. The other thing that we liked the most about these wheel chocks is that it comes with an excellent and stable design. The material part is also pretty impressive, according to the manufacturers, they have provided a good quality of material that can easily perform well in various weather conditions.


  • The curved design of these wheel chocks will help you to re-hitch your vehicle without having any problem.
  • The Camco manufacturers said that you could use it with any 26 inches of wheels.


  • None so far

3. FloTool 11930MI Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

FloTool 11930MI Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

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While choosing a good quality of wheel chock for your vehicle, you should also need to look at the lightweight property. If you are getting a lightweight design of chocks, go with those options without hesitation because lightweight chocks allow you to use them conveniently. We are mainly focusing on this topic because many people complained about the heavy and bulky chocks that it is tough to place them under the wheels to avoid any kind of sliding or rolling. Therefore we have decided to add this FloTool 11930MI Heavy Duty Wheel Chock on this list.

Going forward to the design segment of these wheel chocks, so the first thing that we want to let you know about the design is the higher grip. When you take a look at the upper surface of these chocks closely, you will come to know that the continuous uneven pattern is only there to provide the next level of grip to the tires/wheels. For easy storage purposes, the manufacturers have provided the nestable design, which allows you to store two wheel chocks on the other.


  • These two chocks come at the half price of the premium segment of chocks; our view seems a great deal.
  • Lightweight but grippy design is the main highlight of this pack of two chocks, and this is why we are recommending this on our list.


  • The build quality is not that great, and some users also complained about the deflation of these chocks after using for larger vehicles.

4. Camco 44401 Leveling Block Wheel Chock

Camco 44401 Leveling Block Wheel Chock

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Sometimes it happens when you park your vehicle on an uneven road surface or any other uneven ground. Believe it or not, but in this case, you can’t expect a better sliding or rolling protection from the standard type of wheel or tire chocks. Instead, you should try something with a different design approach, like the fourth spot option. The Camco 44401 Leveling Block Wheel Chock comes with a different design that you are going to fall in love with if you usually face the vehicle rolling away problem because of uneven ground parking.

The angle of this type of wheel chock usually starts from a bit of highest to balance the unevenness of the ground parking. However, instead of this feature, you won’t find anything different from the other normal chocks. According to Camco manufacturers, these chocks are perfect for larger vehicles such as RVs, Trucks, Trailers, etc. Going down to the material section, so we want to let you know that the Comco company has provided decent quality of plastic material. Other than the decent material, the overall visibility is also quite good for these chocks because of that bright yellow color.


  • It’s a guarantee that most of the users will be going to love the unique design approach of these chocks.
  • The width of each chock feels wider than the others, which makes them compatible to use with larger vehicle wheels.


  • Some users faced broken issues with these chocks because the built quality is not that good.

How To Select The Best Wheel Chock For Cars

It is not a surprising thing for us that some of you are still wondering about the best wheel chock. We can understand it correctly because we know that there are too many variations and options present in the market related to tire or wheel chocks. But don’t worry because this in-detailed and brief buying guide on this topic will help you to come up with a solid buying decision.

It is going to happen because we will cover some of the essential points related to the wheel chocks.

⇒ 1. Material Type

The material will always be the main factor to make a considerable difference between a good and a lousy deal related to wheel chocks. If you don’t want to compromise with the durability or built quality section of a wheel chock, you have to consider the material section. We are mainly focusing on the material point here because there are too many material variations in the market. These variations can turn into confusion while making a solid buying decision. When you look at the cheaper options of wheel chocks, you will find that most of them come with the bad quality of plastic and resin material.

But in our suggestion, you should always invest your money on a wheel chock that should have the hard rubber material. Even good quality of thick plastic material can perform dramatically well.

2. Size/Dimensions

If you have used any other wheel chock before, you may know that the wheel chock’s versatility depends on the overall dimension and size factor. Most of the time, people make the same mistake while buying the wheel chocks, ignoring the dimensions section before making the purchase decision. Suppose if you have chosen a small-sized chock but you want to use it for both your car and the RV. Believe it or not, but in this situation, your experience with the small size of the chock is going to be worse.

So the advice for you is to first take a look at your needs before making any purchase. In our opinion, you should go with the bigger size of wheel chocks most of the time. We are saying this because this is how you can ensure the versatile use of it.

3. Lightweight

From the lightweight segment here, we meant for good portability. You may be aware of the lower portability issues if you previously used the heavy plus bulky wheel chocks. The lightweight option will allow you to easily carry the chocks inside your car’s or any other vehicle’s trunk.

Besides, it is very easy to install or use the lightweight design of chocks instead of bulky or heavy ones. So before making a purchase decision, consider the weight section of the wheel chock as well.

4. Cord Or Cordless

If you are continuously reading this post with full concentration, then you may know that on this list, we have added some options with an in-built cord and some others with the cordless design. Right? But it completely depends upon you which type of wheel chock you want to go with.

It would be best if you go with an option that comes with the in-built cord. We are saying this because the longer cord will help you to easily pull out when you are ready to drive your vehicle.

5. Cost

After considering each point of this buying guide, the main point that will decide that you are going with a particular option of product or not. Yes, the price point matters a lot while choosing the right type of product to fulfill your needs while staying within the limit of your budget. Thankfully, here on this list, we have kept the price point in mind before listing each product. As a result, you will find out that many of those options are offering more value than their price.

Wheel Chock Installation Method

While wheel chocks are available around for so long, the implementation method changed in the past years. The right way to use a wheel chock might depend on factors like thickness of wheel, level from the surface, and a few more. Here are few simple steps that you can consider –

Step 1: Make sure to keep the chock centered, and it must be squared with the tire to provide better use. The chock will automatically stop the tire from rotating.

Step 2: As you can find that there are tire threads for better grip on the road, the same thing will be helpful for an effective chock. You can position the chock carefully against the road and tire thread.

Step 3: Using a single wheel chock might make you face issues in the future, hence, it would be better to use wheel chock together. Using a pair of wheel chocks provides better usability.

Step 4: While on a hill or inclined road, placing the chock in a downhill position is necessary. You can also consider the simple rule of placing a chock against the vehicle’s center of gravity.

  • When the vehicle is going in an upward direction on a hill, always place the chock behind the wheels.
  • If the vehicle is going downhill, then positioning the chock in the front of a wheel is necessary.

In both ways, you can use wheel chock against the front as well as back wheels. There is no rule to using chock on front/back wheels.

Step 5: If the vehicle is at a level grade, then positioning pair of wheel chocks in front and back of a single tire is effective to provide effective use. The only thing to keep in mind, do not use a single wheel lock.

Safety Tips

There are three things that you must consider for the safety of yourself and other people on the road.

  • Do not be lazy to use pair of wheel chocks as many people use single chocks on temporary stops.
  • Always choose the right-sized wheel chock based on the tire of your car. Getting a smaller wheel chock is a bad choice for ineffective usability reasons.
  • Make sure to use a hand-brake even if you are using wheel locks. Some people consider not using hand brakes when the chocks are installed.

After considering these basic safety tips and buying the right wheel chock, you can lock your vehicle tires effectively.

Wheel Chocks Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to place wheel chocks?

While most of the people assume that wheel chocks should be placed somewhere under and near the tires without considering any technical factors. This is a wrong thing to do, there is a scientific side to using wheel chocks and it should be placed after considering some factors. First, the position of the vehicle should be analyzed and the center of gravity of the wheel should be found. Wheel chocks should be placed downhill at the center of gravity. In downhill, the wheel chocks should be placed in the front of the front wheels, and in an uphill, the wheel chocks should be placed behind the rear wheels. On the other hand, on a level surface, the wheel chocks should be placed behind and in front of the rear wheels. These are the technical side of using a wheel chock.

2. How many wheel chocks are required to have the maximum benefit?

There is no limit on the number of wheel chocks one could use, however, most of the expert recommends using a wheel chock in pair. In simple words, never consider using less than two-wheel chocks. While using the wheel chock, ensure that both chocks are placed right at the center of each tire and not on the sides carelessly.

3. How should I choose between a pyramid and contour rubber chocks?

Both contour and pyramid rubber chocks are best, each of them offers the same advantage but in a different way. Contour rubber chocks fit the tire comparatively better than pyramid chocks, on the other hand, pyramid rubber chocks are designed to transfer the load exerted by the vehicle tire vertically to the ground and therefore, keep the vehicle steady.

4. SAE-J348, why is it important?

SAE-J348 is very important if you are planning on purchasing a wheel chock. SAE-J348 is the Society of Automotive Engineers Standard for Wheel chocks. They define the maximum force a wheel chock could expect from a vehicle under extreme conditions. Only if you consider this factor, you could get an efficient wheel chock. However, this also has some limitations, SAE-J348 does not cover the benefits of using two or more chocks and also, they have neglected the coefficients of friction. But, a majority of experts recommend using SAE-J348 while purchasing a wheel chock.

5. Lightweight wheel chocks are good?

If you are using a small vehicle, especially a car or SUV, then a lightweight wheel chock is okay. On the other hand, if it is a heavy vehicle like a trailer, bus, etc. we will not recommend using a lightweight wheel chock. The advantage of a lightweight wheel chock is that it is easy to carry them inside the vehicle and easy to use them. But, when it comes to heavy vehicles, these advantages are negligible. Therefore, based on the vehicle and SAE-J348 rating purchase a wheel chock.


You don’t need to say a single word because we understand how hard it is to choose the right type of wheel chocks for your vehicle. If you are a person who doesn’t have enough time to go through the research kind of stuff to get some suggestions related to wheel chocks, this post was all about you.

Here on this in-detailed list, we have compiled a list of ten best wheel chocks after groundbreaking product research.

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