10 Best Useful Tips to Keep Your Car Interior Clean and Fresh

By keeping the interior parts of the car clean, a person can ensure high levels of sanitation as well as hygiene. The cleaning process is crucial for the prevention of harmful germs. Since people like having snacks and drinks such as coffee in their cars, it must be essential to make the environment clean for consumption. Otherwise, the person will only end up having allergies and infections. Besides health safety, car cleaning ensures that your car looks good and crisp at all times.

Generally, for this cleaning, you have to spend a lot of money on car cleaning stations. Many people cannot afford it regularly. But did you know? You can clean and prevent the build-up of germs, dust, and dirt in your car just by following some tips of prevention. If you want to get details on all of this, you must keep reading this article. We are mentioning this because below we have discussed many ways and tips to help you with the same.

Best Ways To Keep Your Car Interior Clean

Let us now get details on ten such tips and ways that are proven to help with the process of keeping the interior of cars clean by many folds –

1. Pick the trash whenever you leave your car

Car Vacuum Cleaner

It is a habit of many people to leave the trash of the snacks they eat in their car. Over time this trash starts stacking up, and you will need the help of a car vacuum cleaner to clean the tiny pieces of foods that might be stuck in these packets of snacks. If you were having drinks and leave the cups in the car, the drops of drink left in the vehicle might spill over and make the cleaning process very tough. To prevent all of this, you have to take the trash out of your car every time you park it and throw the waste in the dustbin near to you.

2. Clean the foot mats

Car Floor Mats

No matter how clean your shoes are, they might still carry dust particles inside your car. All these dust particles will stick to the foot mat, and with time, all the foot mats will start appearing dirty. In some cases, these mats become so dirty that they need a professional wash to get cleaned well. This problem can be easily solved by sweeping or vacuuming the car mats regularly. You can also wipe the mats using a clean cloth or take the help of a brush to prevent dust particles from sticking to the mat’s surface.

3. Never forget to wipe the car windows

Never forget to wipe the car windows

People usually clean their car’s windshield for a better view while they drive their car. But it is equally important to wipe clean the other glass windows of your vehicle. If you do not do this, you will not have a clear vision of the side view mirrors. Eventually, this will create problems while you are stuck in traffic or trying to park your car in a narrow space. To clean these glasses, try buying a good quality car glass cleaner. Other than this, always use a clean cloth for the wiping purpose. Doing this will prevent the development of ugly marks on the glass.

4. Eliminate pet fur from your car

Pet fur is tough to tackle, especially when it gets stuck to the seats of your car. It also gives an awful appearance to the overall look of the seat. Your car will also look unhygienic if you do not clean this fur. Also, some people are allergic to this fur. Hence, if someone like this is your family member, it becomes crucial to eliminate the fur. For this, you will have to vacuum your car seats in high power thoroughly. Always double clean to make sure no fur is left in the car seats or floor.

5. Clean the corners and crevices

The corners and crevices of the car are the most challenging area to clean. Many small dust particles, insects, and even food particles can get stuck to these spaces. To clean these areas, you must use a tiny brush and start brushing the surface if you do not have a cleaning brush, you can also you an old toothbrush for the purpose. If there are stains in these corners, you can try detergent liquids to remove them altogether. However, be gentle with your cleaning; otherwise, you will harm the surface.

6. Clean the car cup holders

Car Cup Holder

Modern cars always have a cup and bottle holders. Since these holders are deep, they are prone to collect dust and dirt. To clean these holders, use a damp and clean cloth and move it around the surface two to three times. If you wish, you can also spray some cleaning liquid and then move on with the process. Some people also like to line these holders with muffin covers to prevent any dirt collection. This is an excellent way as you can replace these liners the next time you clean your car.

7. Clean up the mess as soon as possible

Many times when a drink gets spilled, people do not clean it right away. This can be a dangerous practice because not cleaning the mess will only create contamination in your car. For cleaning, you must keep a clean wiping cloth for emergencies. This way, you will able to clean at least 60% of the spillage without going out of the car once you reach your come deep clean the mess that is left. Doing this will improve the sanitation and hygiene of the car’s interior.

8. Keep some wet wipes in the car cabinet

We are suggesting this because when you consume food inside your car, you cannot wash your hands. But if you do not wash your hands, you will end up making your car dirty. This is because people keep touching their car parts even when their hands are dirty. If you keep wet wipes in your car, you will be able to wipe and clean your hands without using water or stepping out of your vehicle. These wipes will also help in cleaning if you are out in the car with your baby.

9. Keep a small dustbin in your car

Keeping dustbins in the car is a very responsible practice. In these dustbins, you can collect small waste items such as wrappers of chocolates, toffees, ice creams, etc. you can also collect hair and disposable cups in these dustbins. Practicing this will also reduce the amount of hard work you will have to do while deep cleaning your car once a week. Once the bin is full, do not forget to discard all its contents so that it can be used again when you are on the go with your friends and family.

10. Use a car freshener

Chemical Guys Car Air Freshener

The development of germs and eating foods in your car can create a nasty smell. This smell is sometimes so bad that you will have to open your car windows. But opening windows will make dust particles enter and make your car dirtier. Hence, to prevent this bad smell and have a clean feeling, you can use a car freshener. You can place the car freshener in front of the panel beside the steering wheel and turn them open whenever you are in your car. These fresheners will them impart a fresh smell all inside your car in just a few minutes.


We hope that you will follow all these tips and maintain the cleanliness of the insides of your car, by keeping your car clean regularly will extend the life of your car. We have tried to explain everything vividly so that you do not have to open multiple sites to get all the information. Do not forget to read everything thoroughly before you go on practicing every tip in your life. Reading everything well might also make you come along a few extra tips.

You will even be able to come up with a way of your own to clean and prevent the build-up of trash and dust in your car.

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