15 Easy Ways to Extend the Life of Your Car

Most of the people out there have a car today, if you compare the number of cars on the road in the ‘90s to what we have today, you would be surprised. The number is almost 5 to 10 times larger. It is not just the number of cars that have changed, the entire design of the car has changed, today, most of the cars have sensors and more electronic parts that make the car vulnerable with time.

According to studies, more than a million cars are replaced each year due to a lack of maintenance and loss of performance. The good news is that you can increase the lifespan of a car if you do the proper maintenance whenever required. Most of the experts keep a track of the miles and then based on the miles covered, do the maintenance. When it comes to car maintenance, maintenance is just a general term used to mention everything that an expert needs to do to keep the car alive.

If you want to increase the lifespan of your car, then, follow, everything mentioned below and consider doing it as clearly as possible.

1. Check the fluid levels in your car regularly 

Car Brake Fluid

This maintenance tip comes already mentioned in the user guide that comes with the car; most commonly, the car salesperson mentions it while delivering the car. However, most of the people neglect this, but let us remind you. There are different fluids in the car, the engine has oil, the radiator has coolant fluid, and brakes have brake fluid. These are the few fluids that you need to check regularly and should consider changing it at regular intervals.

2. Wash the car frequently 

Must Know Car Washing

Most of the people often ask the “Hey, how does washing a car increase its lifespan?”, these people simply assume that cleaning a car has nothing to do with increasing its lifespan. If you are a person with such an opinion and if you are planning to stick to the same opinion, then you will regret it soon. Washing a car regularly is not just about external style or keeping it clean. A proper car wash kit does not only keep the car clean but also reduces corrosion and stains on the paint.

3. Keep the interior of the car clean 

Keep Your Car Interior Clean

Keeping the interior of the car clean is one of the most important things that you should do.  It is not the cleanliness that is important; it’s the dust, dirt, and other particles that get sucked into the air conditioner and delivered back into the car again. This air with these particles can make a traveler sick. At the same time, if there are too many particles, it can block the air vents and air conditioner, eventually killing the AC. This is why it is very important that you clean your car interior regularly and consider using a car air purifier, vacuum and trash can.

4. Clean the air filter or consider replacing it 

One of the most important parts of a car engine is the air filter, the engine requires air for combustion and the engine sucks in the air from the environment. It is very important that the air that gets sucked-in be filtered so that no dust or dirt gets into the engine. Most commonly a car air filter is clogged with dust and dirt based on the miles it has run. If the air filter is clogged with particles, it could lead to scarcity of air and this could lead to incomplete combustion and engine missing.

5. Check the air pressure in the wheels 

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

The air pressure in the car wheels one of the most important things that directly affect the handling and performance of the car. Yes, if you drive a car without the appropriate air pressure in the wheels, the handling will be poor, mileage will be low, and the performance will be comparatively low. However, for a short-distance drive, it could be neglected to an extent, but when it comes to long-distance travel, the wheel air pressure is very important.

6. Fix the windscreen if it starts chipping


The windscreen does not have an unlimited lifespan, if exposed to sunlight too much it could develop a small chip, a chip can quickly turn into a crack in no time. At the same time, if a small stone or any small heavy item falls on the screen it forms a chip on the glass. The same chipping could lead to massive cracks. Do you know that it is not an easy task to drive a car without a windscreen? Try it and you would understand the difficulty and difference.

7. Always check the tire tread depth 

Kumho Road Venture Terrain Tires

A tire has several components; one of the most important parts is the treading itself. The treading is placed on the external surface of the tire serves the purpose of offering maximum stability, grip, and fuel efficiency. Yes, a good tire with good treading could increase fuel efficiency, as the grip increases the performance of the car also increases.

8. Always consider using a quality fuel 

There are different types of fuel available on the market, it is actually not the type that differs, and it’s the brand that differs. Based on the brand, the quality of the fuel differs, while most of the people might disagree, it is the truth. As the quality of the fuel differs, combustion and the emission also changes. Some of the brands market fuel of low quality, which simply means they could reduce the efficiency and performance of the car.

9. Use only genuine spare parts 

No car is free from maintenance; there are situations where the car requires replacing the defective parts. With the demand for car parts increasing each year, the brands that manufacture and market spare parts have increased. This includes generic brands and reputed brands, as you know, the price of each product might differ, however, it is very important that you purchase a spare part from a reputed brand as they come with quality assured and they will have a reputation to maintain. Remember, almost every part of the car is interdependent, if one part malfunctions, it could lead to further destruction of other parts.

10. Always consider parking the car in a garage 

car park

Cars are designed to withstand heat and extreme conditions, this doesn’t mean that a car could be parked at open space for a long time and it will not do any harm. The environmental conditions could affect the engine and other parts of the car in the long run. This is why it is very important that you park your car in a garage rather than in open space.

11. Do not drive like a maniac

Common Driving Mistakes

Yes, the lifespan of a car depends on how you drive. We personally know people who drive like a maniac and the result, they spend plenty of cash on repairing the car frequently or they just replace the car. It does not matter if you drive the car too fast or too slow, you should not drive too harsh, shifting gear should be done carefully. It is very important that you do not strain your car too much, try to travel long distances with minimum load.

12. Repair the car whenever required 

Car Dent Puller & Repair Kit

Most of the people commonly neglect the need for repair, they assume that a repair is not necessary and continue using the car. However, it is very important that you know, most of the parts of the car are dependent on each other, if one part malfunctions, the other dependents parts could not work efficiently. Therefore, if you continue using the car other parts could malfunction too.

13. Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual carefully 

Every car comes with owner’s manual that has detailed instructions on how to use the car and how to do common maintenance. However, most of the owner’s neglect the manual and move on using the car. Never do such a thing, if you read the owner’s manual at least once, you will have a general idea on how to use and maintain the car.

14. A unused car is a dead car 

Cars are designed for frequent use; leave the car unused for more than two or three weeks and it could kill the battery. Yes, if you leave the car unused it could lead to draining of the battery, rusting of the engine parts, and reduction in tire air pressure. If the car is not used for more than half a year, the tires could be useless. Therefore, remember not to leave the car unused for a long time.

15. If the engine is cold, do not try forced warm-up 

Most commonly on the rainy season or cold season, the engines tend to be cold and it is not easy to start such an engine. Most of the people try to force heat the engine to start the combustion, this is not recommended. It is very important that you resort to slow warm-up and once you start the engine, provide adequate time to slowly warm-up.

Bottom line 

An average lifespan of a car is not limited to five or 6-years, according to most of the manufacturers a car could have a lifespan of 10 to 15-years. If your maintenance of your car is not done properly or regularly, then the lifespan of the car could be reduced. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned above to increase the lifespan of your car.

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