The Best Scissor Jack For Cars, Truck or SUV 2022

It is really frustrating to meet a road emergency such as flattening of your car’s tire. In such a case, you may need to seek someone’s help to replace your tire to resume your travel. But if you didn’t get help, then you may not reach your destination in time. So, you can keep a scissor jack in your car to deal with such road emergencies effectively. Apart from the road emergencies, there are many reasons to keep a scissor jack with you. With this handy tool, you can have high flexibility to check your vehicle if any issue is detected. Therefore, a scissor jack should be used by every car owner to take care of their vehicle effectively.

Scissor jacks are available in multiple designs and features. As many brands produce scissor jacks with different styles, you may not find the right product for your car in the market. In this article, I have prepared a list of the best scissor jacks for the money, and by the end of this article, you can get your preferred product. I also recently reviewed the best floor jacks for cars and car jack stands please check them too.

Best Buy Scissor Jacks For The Money

From here, our list for the best quality scissor jacks is going to start. You can read reviews of the products one by one and choose the perfect scissor jack for your car. Also, a buyer’s guide is included to help you find the right scissor jack.

1. Big Red T10152 Torin Steel Scissor Jack

Big Red T10152 Torin Steel Scissor Jack

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The Torin T10152 scissor jack has a premium design to offer high performance. Being a popular repair and maintenance tool manufacturer, this brand produces high-quality products to make the work easier. This scissor jack is made of forged alloy steel for high durability. This scissor jack can with stand a load of up to 3000 lbs. It is ideal for any automotive repairing work. As this scissor jack offers professional standard performance, any person can do the work effortlessly using it.

This scissor jack has a compact design and ideal for storing anywhere. The portable design can be carried to any place in your car to solve emergency purposes. It offers a lifting range of 4-1/8 inches to 15-1/8 inches. If you are looking for a portable lifting jack to carry with you in your car, then this jack is the perfect choice for you. This scissor jack is foldable so that you can store it in a compact place easily.

Because of its rugged construction, this lifting jack can offer excellent strength and ease your work. It comes with an extra-wide base to stay stable during the operation. This scissor jack has a one-handle design to allow you to use it effortlessly. Also, this scissor jack is professionally designed to meet the ANSI and ASME PASE safety standards. As it is constructed precisely, you can experience high performance from this lifting jack.


  • Robust construction.
  • High weight lifting capacity.
  • Compatible with safety standards.


  • The screw needs improvement.

2. EAZ Lift RV Stabilizing Scissor Jack

EAZ Lift RV Stabilizing Scissor Jack

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It is a heavy-duty scissor jack to offer superb performance. With a compact design, this scissor jack allows you to store it at any place effortlessly. This scissor jack has a weight-lifting capacity of 5000 lbs so that you can conveniently use it for any heavy job. Also, this scissor jack can expand from 4 inches to 24 inches for better performance. It has a robust base to offer a steady performance.

If you need a sturdy scissor jack for your car, then you can buy an EAZ lift scissor jack. It is made of high-quality anti-corrosion steel material for high strength and durability. As the steel material is coated with anti-corrosion powder, this scissor jack can offer weather-resistant performance. Because of its high usability, any person can use this product to make his/her work easier.

Also, this scissor jack is available in different sizes and styles to meet the needs of different people. So, you can choose the size of the scissor jack according to your needs conveniently. Because of its adjustable design, you can use this scissor jack conveniently. The EAZ lift RV stabilizing scissor jack is easy to use because of its user-friendly design. This scissor jack also can be used with heavy cars to ease the operation.


  • Incredible design.
  • Weather-resistant performance.
  • High weight lifting capacity.
  • Anti-corrosion steel design.


  • NA

3. ROGTZ Electric Scissor Lift Jack

ROGTZ Electric Scissor Lift Jack

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This scissor jack is ideal for offering reliable performance. The specialty of this scissor jack is it is operated electrically. For using this scissor jack, you can connect it to a 12V outlet or battery. By using this scissor jack, you can do your work effortlessly. As it operates electrically, you no need to put more effort into lifting your vehicle. So, any person can use this scissor jack conveniently.

This scissor jack is made of high-quality steel material for better strength. Also, it has a compact design so that you can store it in a small place conveniently. The maximum weight capacity of this jack is 3 tons, and it can reach up to 42cm height. Therefore, this scissor jack is the best option for vehicles under 3 tons of weight. It comes with a large base to offer maximum support during the operation. As this scissor jack operates automatically, anyone can replace the tire of their car using it.

Another unique thing about this product is it has a built-in LED light to offer seamless performance in the night also. As it can be operated from a 12V battery, you can use this scissor jack anytime, anywhere. The ROGTZ electric scissor jack comes with a professional toolbox to ease your work. If you need a user-friendly scissor jack, then this scissor jack is the perfect option for you.


  • Professional design.
  • Built-in LED light.
  • Toolbox included.


  • Damaged scissor jacks have been shipped to some users.

4. Fasmov Scissor Jack

Fasmov Scissor Jack

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If you are looking for a compact and durable scissor jack for your car, then the Fasmov scissor jack is the perfect choice for you. This scissor jack is made of powder-coated heavy-duty metal for durable performance. Because of the one-handle design, any person can use this scissor jack conveniently. Also, it can be used conveniently during any weather condition. This scissor jack is also ideal for RVs, campers, trailers, and motorhomes.

Because of industrial-grade material construction, it can be used for a long time conveniently. As this scissor jack has a portable design, you can take it with you to any place in your car. With sturdy construction, this scissor jack allows you to lift your car effortlessly. The height of this scissor jack ranges from 3.5 inches to 13.8 inches. This scissor jack can with stand a weight of up to 1.5 tons. The Fasmov scissor jack is a premium quality product to use by anyone.

Also, this scissor jack is easy to install at any location. This scissor jack is specially designed to offer a powerful performance. This scissor jack is operated by one-handle for ease of use. You can go for this scissor jack confidently if you need a high-quality jack for your car. Another unique thing about this scissor jack is it offers optimal results irrespective of the ground type.


  • Powder-coated metal construction.
  • Weather-resistant performance.
  • Wide compatibility.


  • Low weight capacity.

How To Choose The Best Scissor Jack for Your Car

When it comes to lifting a heavy load, the product should have better strength and stability to offer high efficiency. Also, that tool should be powerful enough to ease your lifting job. These points are also applicable to a scissor jack. You need to consider many points while buying a scissor jack to get the desired results. Whether you are buying it for the first time or are an experienced buyer, this guide will help you choose the right scissor jack for your car.

  • Maximum Load Capacity

In order to lift your car, you need to check the weight of your car and the scissor jack’s maximum load capacity. You can easily find the weight of your vehicle in the manual and decide the scissor jack’s maximum load capacity. Before buying the scissor jack, you should ensure to check the maximum load capacity of that. You can look for the scissor jack with a high weight capacity than your vehicle’s weight for high performance.

  • Construction

The construction of the scissor jack is important to ensure high durability and strength. Usually, most scissor jacks are made of steel material for high strength and stability. Also, some scissor jacks come with anti-corrosion powder coated steel material construction to last for a long time. By using such a scissor jack, you can use that in any weather condition conveniently. If the scissor jack you are going to buy features robust construction, it can offer high durability.

  • Safety

Safety is the most important thing to consider in a scissor jack. You can look for the scissor jacks that have made professionally to meet the standard safety guidelines. If the product doesn’t meet the standard safety guidelines, then that scissor jack is not ideal for you. While buying a scissor jack, you should ensure that it is safe to use and can fulfill your needs.

  • Lifting Range

The scissor jack you are going to buy should lift your car to a safe height so that you can work conveniently. So, you can choose a scissor jack with a good lifting range to get a safe environment to work. First, you can check the ground clearance of your vehicle and decide a minimum height of scissor jack to insert that under your vehicle freely. Then you can also check that the scissor jack lifts your car to the desired height to provide sufficient room for working. By choosing a scissor jack with a wide lifting range, you can use that conveniently.

  • Electric or Manual

Scissor jacks are available in both manual and electric operating options. If you are someone who wants to do the tire replacing job with less effort, then you can go for an electric scissor jack. Electrical scissor jacks require 12V to operate and can lift the car automatically. If you want to go with the traditional method of rotating a handle for lifting the car, then the manual scissor jacks are ideal for you.

Both types of scissor jacks can offer high performance and ease your work. The only difference between these two types of scissor jacks is the operating method. Electric scissor jacks are operated electrically, and manual scissor jacks are operated by rotating the handle manually.

  • Budget

Scissor jacks are a simple tool to carry with you in your car. These tools are made of good quality materials for long usability. Usually, you can find a scissor jack at an affordable price in the market. Still, if you have a lot of price limitations, then you should look for a scissor jack with minimal features to meet your budget.

You can follow the above points to choose a high-quality scissor jack for your car. If you are buying a scissor jack for the first time, then you can get the perfect product for your car by using this buyer’s guide.

How to Use Scissor Jack Properly?

A scissor jack is a simple and efficient tool for lifting your car. But if you are not careful, it can be dangerous. The following steps will help you use the scissor jack safely.

  • Park Your Car on A Flat Surface:

Before you begin the process, park your vehicle on a flat surface so that there will be no difficulties in using the jack. Once parked, apply the handbrake.

  • Make the Scissor Jack Ready for Use:

Now, check and ensure that the scissor jack is free from dust, rust, and damages. If possible, test it once before using it. If it is rusted, use silicone lubricant to smoothen its function.

  • Determine A Spot on The Car to Use the Jack:

If the scissor jack is functioning properly, then the next step is to locate a spot on your car where the jack can be placed. To determine this spot, you can take the help of a mechanic or refer to your car’s manual. This is the important part of the whole process, so find this first before going to the next step.

The spot where you want to place the jack should be the strongest part of your car so that there will be no hassle later. Usually, the jacking point of a car is located under the frame near the wheels. 

  • Place the Scissor Jack

After you locate the suitable spot on your car to place the scissor jack, you can take the jack and place it carefully under that. Make sure that the handle or lever of the jack is facing towards you.Now, lift the saddle up so that it can touch the underside of the car. If any adjustment is needed, then do it now.

  • Keep Rotating the Handle:

When the car starts to lift, you will feel tight to rotate the handle. Even you may feel tired at this point. However, keep spinning the leaver until the car is in the air. While doing this, you should also keep checking the placement of the scissor jack and make sure that it is not moving. Also, at this point, you shouldn’t try to adjust the jack with your hand because it is in contact with the car and can injure your fingers.

  • Place Jack Stands Under Your Car:

When the car is reached at a safe height, you can stop revolving the handle and start your repairing work. Depending on your work, you may need a jack stand under your car.For example, for replacing a tire,you will don’t need a jack stand. But if you have to perform some repairing tasks underneath your car, you will need to use a jack stand. This will hold the car in the air safely.

  • Lower the Car Slowly:

Once your repairing task is completed, you can lower your car slowly by rotating the handle opposite side. Make sure that there is no one under the car before lowering your jack. Once completed, remove the scissor jack from under the car and compress it

Scissor Jack Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it true that scissor jacks are dangerous when compared to other emergency jacks?

Yes, if a scissor jack is used in the wrong way, it could be comparatively more dangerous than another emergency carjack. This is a fact accepted by most experts and users. However, if you place them in the right way and use it in the right way, they could efficiently serve the purpose. To avoid any sort of danger, always refrain yourselves from using a scissor car jack for any other purpose than changing a flat tire.

  1. How high could a scissor jack go?

Based on the products we have seen recently, a scissor jack available today could reach approximately 15 to 30-inches high.

  1. These new automated scissor jacks, are they any good?

Yes, automated scissor jacks are one of the latest types of scissor jacks available on the market today. Yes, they are safe to use and they are better than manual jacks as they are automated and the user does not have to bend down and rotate the handle to lift the jack and car. In an automated scissor jack, all you have to do is press and button and the jack lifts the car automatically.

  1. What are the right and the safest way of using a scissor jack in a car?

Unlike other jacks, scissor jacks require a better level of attention to be used safely. First, the car should be parked on level ground. Remove the jack from the trunk of the car and if it is still attached to the spare tire, separate them. Now, bend down or lay on the floor to find the jack point on the car. The jack point of a car would be the part of a frame that is reinforced to support the weight of the car when lifted. Now, place the scissor jack under the jack point carefully, remember, the jack should be placed in such a way that you could fit the handle to the bolt and crank it easily. Once, you fit the handle to the bolt, start cranking to lift the jack. When the jack touches the jack point of the car bend down and check-if the jack would sit on the jack point perfectly, you will find it comparatively challenging to crank it, slowly continue cranking.  Stop cranking as soon as there is a gap between the tire and floor. Remember, you should not lift the jack too much.

  1. How do I select the right scissor jack for my car? How to select it based on load capacity?

Brand, model, design, quality is some of the common and key factors to be considered while purchasing a scissor jack. However, the load capacity of a scissor jack is more important than all these factors. Even if the brand, model, and quality of the jack is best and the load capacity of the jack is inadequate, the jack would be worthless. A combination of all the factors is important when purchasing a scissor jack for your car.


Scissor jacks are the advanced tools to make the car repairing job easier. Because of their effectiveness, many people opt for this tool nowadays.

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