The Best Hand Rivet Gun For Cars 2022 [For Multiple Work]

When it comes to attaching two metal sheets or other hard material of sheets or parts, we need something powerful and safe. Believe it or not, the hammering technique can provide you maximum power for this task, but it is a bad choice in terms of safety. Therefore many people prefer to go with modern tools, and here we are talking about the rivet guns or rivet tools. Basically, a rivet gun allows you to make a perfect and solid joint between two surfaces/sheets/parts by inserting rivets into rivet holes. It doesn’t mean that these rivet guns are only useful for professional people who usually work in the carpentry or construction field.

However, these rivet tools can be a great option if you are wondering about doing a small home repairing project, or you want to repair your vehicle as well. In these scenarios, a good rivet gun tool can be an excellent option for you to save a lot of time and effort. Now, if you have decided to buy a perfect rivet gun for the money according to your needs, wait, because there is a lot more that you need to know. Actually, there are many types of rivet guns present on the market, you will find several varieties related to each type of rivet tool/gun. These things can easily confuse an average person who doesn’t know much about the riveting tools. But don’t worry, this post will help you a lot to choose what you want, and here we are going to list ten best rated rivet guns to offer more value to each reader.

Best Buy Rivet Gun For The Money

Here you go:

1. WORKPRO Hand Rivet Gun

WORKPRO Hand Rivet Gun

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Starting this post with the first rivet tool of this list, so firstly, we want to include the WORKPRO Hand Rivet Gun. Remember that it’s a best hand rivet gun, we are saying this because it more looks like the liver rivet gun. Talking about the overall design, so it comes with the player like the base design. If you are looking for a riveting tool that can help you in the basic repairing tasks, then this one seems a good option for you. According to the WORKPRO manufacturers, this hand rivet gun can easily offer a high amount of pressing power, which is quite essential for a strong joint.

This particular hand rivet tool comes with a total of five different nosepieces, which are making it highly usable and compatible with different sizes of rivets. Moreover, the manufacturing company has also provided 100 pieces of rivets in various sizes of packs out of the box. Most of the users gave this rivet gun higher star ratings for its fantastic sturdiness. It’s because this hand rivet gun comes with the overall metal body to last longer than you think. The middle part of this rivet tool’s movement is very smooth, which allows you to generate a high amount of power to set the rivet in the rivet hole tightly.


  • This particular tool’s fantastic sturdiness is the main reason we recommend this option on our list.
  • Handle plus the length part is very impressive and allows you to hold in your hands for easy application properly.


  • This rivet gun is not for commercial use; you can only use it for your regular repairing tasks.

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2. Dorman 743-100 Rivet Gun

Dorman 743-100 Rivet Gun

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Now it is time to introduce the second type of rivet gun, so secondly, we want to let you know about the Dorman 743-100 Rivet Gun. Before going forward to the feature section, we want to tell you that it is a Lever Rivet Gun. Talking about its functionality, it works on the squeeze and press model. If you know about Dorman manufacturers, then you may know that they are making such amazing tools that we usually have in our standard tool kits. The Dorman company has provided a sturdy, powerful, and highly useful rivet gun here. If you are wondering about rivet tool options that come under a lower budget but offers high power, this may be a perfect one.

When you put the rivet on the nosepiece of this tool after then, you will notice that the rivet is not going fully inside. But when you pull the handles outside horizontally, you will see that the rivet fits perfectly inside the nosepiece. It indicates that now you are ready to go, and now you can make a solid joint with that rivet. There is an additional collector also present, which automatically collects the remaining mandrel pieces, so you can dump them after finishing your work.


It comes with a total of five different sizes of nosepieces that you can use accordingly for different sizes of rivets.

This type of lever rivet tool can easily generate higher pressure than the standard hand rivet guns.


  • None so far

3. MATAKOO MHR01H Rivet Gun


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The MATAKOO MHR01H Rivet Gun comes with a slightly different design approach that many users and we liked the most about this option. The MATAKOO manufacturers have offered a head pointed design, that allows you to use this rivet tool with more convenience. Along with its head part, the handle part is also pretty great in terms of design. The handle part has a slight curve that is making it easy to hold in hands, plus it makes this rivet gun very safe to use. However, the cushioned plus molded ergonomic handle covering also works like icing on the cake.

Talking about the body of this rivet tool, so we want to tell you that the whole body of this tool is build-up with sturdy aluminum alloy material for better durability. Besides, the makers provided the forged drop steel handle to offer more power while pressing the rivet into rivet holes. If we talk about some additional accessories, so you will get the 40 pieces of rivets out of the box, and these rivets come in different sizes. Additionally, the MATAKOO company has also provided the screwup type of nosepieces to make this kit of rivet gun more valuable for each customer.


  • The sturdy construction plus cushioned ergonomic handle is making it a great option with power and proper safety.
  • Each nose piece comes with the rough but grippy surface on the sides, making it easy to install and use.


  • It seems the correct option for ordinary uses, not for the heavy construction or commercial uses.

4. TACKLIFE Hand Rivet Gun

TACKLIFE Hand Rivet Gun

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We know that many readers of this post have a strict budget problem to buy a rivet gun for their work. Don’t worry; you do not need to mess up with those premium segments of rivet guns because here we have a budget-friendly option with almost all features that you require from a hand rivet gun. On the fourth spot of this list, we have added the TACKLIFE Hand Rivet Gun to offer a good variety in the budget section. Like the previous one, this one also comes with the pointed head design. But the handles are pretty simple here with this particular riveting tool.

The whole body of this hand rivet gun has the aluminum alloy material as the core material. Therefore you can expect a decent to moderate type of durability with this tool. There are a total of four rivet heads come with this river gun, which makes it very accessible plus useful to use with various sizes of rivets. However, the TACKLIFE company has also provided 40 pieces of rivets out of the box. In our opinion, this seems the right option if you don’t want to invest a higher amount of money to buy a single piece of premium riveting tool.


  • The full sturdy metal construction is the main reason behind the excellent durability plus overall performance of this riveter.
  • Multiple sizes of rivet heads and the rivet pieces that come out of the box are making this overall kit more valuable for each user.


  • Handles of this rivet gun have a bit slippery covering.

How To Choose The Best Rivet Gun

It is not surprising if some of you are still wondering about the best rivet gun. We know this because there are too many variations present in the market related to these riveters. If you want to resolve all your confusion and choose a perfect tool according to your needs, this buying guide will help you a lot.

Here we are going to cover all those points that every buyer should need to consider before making any purchase decision related to rivet guns.

⇒ 1. Different Types

When you head over to the market to buy the best rivet gun, you will come to know that there are a total of five different types of rivet guns present. The types are like this Hand rivet, Lever rivet, Battery riveting tool, Pneumatic rivet gun, and the shave rivet gun. On the other hand, the other rivet guns work on the air pressure and electric motors where the lever and hand rivet guns work on almost the same type of model. But on this post, we have mainly focused on the hand rivet guns and lever rivet guns.

These two types of riveters offer an ideal kind of uses, where the hand riveters are useful for home use and other smaller projects only. But you can easily use the lever riveter for commercial use.

2. Compatibility or Versatility

From compatibility or versatility here, we are mainly focusing on the ability of a rivet gun to work with different sizes and materials of rivets. It’s because there are several normal riveters present in the market offering very low compatibility. Believe it or not, but if you have decided to go with a normal riveting tool option with lower versatility and compatibility, then your experience with that tool is going to be worse.

So, it should be the right decision for you to choose a maximum possible compatibility and versatility of options. Make sure that your choice rivet gun should work with the aluminum, steel, and stainless steel of rivets.

3. Material Matter A Lot

There are not too many variations present in the material section if we talk about the riveting tools. But if you ignore the material section of a rivet gun, then you may need to compromise with the durability of that particular rivet gun. When you head over to the market, then you will come to know that companies are offering mainly two materials, one is aluminum, and the second one is steel.

If you want a lightweight and easy operational but budget-friendly type of rivet gun, then it would be great for you if you go with the aluminum material. If you are a person who prefers durability first, you should choose the stainless steel built option.

4. Handle And Grip

The handle section of a riveting tool plays a huge role in improving the overall user experience plus safety as well. There are too many variations present in the handle of these rivet guns; this may sound a bit confusing for most people. But in our suggestion, you should always use a rivet gun option that offers the long handle with cushioned covering and the ergonomic design.

5. Cost

The price of a product also plays a huge role; it’s because not every person has the same budget to buy a product. If you are the person who is dealing with the low budget problem, then don’t worry because this post can help you a lot in this situation as well. We are very confident here because here on this post, we have added and a special list of ten best rivet guns. But the best part is that most of them come at a very budget-friendly price point, everyone can choose one of them.

How to Use A Rivet Gun on A Car?

Using a rivet gun is very effective for attaching thin metal or plastic sheets. But if you don’t know the right process of using the rivet gun, then you may feel it difficult to use it.Here are steps to use a rivet gun on a car correctly.

1. Prepare Your Rivet Gun

First, you will need to prepare your rivet gun by attaching the right head to it. Usually, rivet guns come with the required tools to attach or detach the nozzles with ease. While tightening the head of the rivet gun, you should do it with your hand to keep it from over-tightening.

2. Ensure That Your Materials Are Ready

No matter what you are going to join with the rivet gun, you should ensure that the materials are ready for riveting. In this case, you should check and ensure that the holes are of proper size and are properly placed for the riveting operation.

3. Fill the Rivet Gun

Now, you will need to place the rivet in the nozzle of the rivet gun. When you insert the rivet, you will see one end of the rivet projecting from the nozzle. You will need to feed that end of the rivet via the hole where you want to join the materials.

4. Check the Materials If They Are Properly Placed

Before riveting, you should check and make sure that the holes are aligned properly. Otherwise, you may not get better results after riveting the materials.

5. Attach the Rivet Via the Hole

Keep your hands in the proper position and insert the short end of the rivet in the hole properly. Keep the rivet gun perpendicular to the materials and apply uniform downward pressure on the gun. When the riveting is done, keep the gun straight and compress the gun. 

6. Squeeze the Gun

When you squeeze the rivet gun, it will pull the mandrel to make the joint tight. This way, the materials get joined properly. Once the materials are joined tightly, and the rivet is placed correctly, you can scrap the pin because it is not required.

7. Correct the Mistakes

If any mistake happens while riveting the sheets, you will need to correct the mistake. In this case, you will need to use a rivet removal tool to remove the failed rivet from the materials. Then, you need to replace the rivet without making any mistakes.  

Rivet Gun Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where should I buy the best rivet gun?

Rivet gun shopping is not a challenging task for a person who previously had one. If you are an expert, you can consider buying it from a nearby hardware store or online too. However, this question is surely from a beginner. Therefore, we recommend you to purchase it online. You can go through all the functionalities and details about the product in the description. People often hesitate to ask too many questions from the shopkeeper.

  1. What points should I consider while buying a rivet gun?

There are a few points to consider like type, mode of use, frequency of use, purpose, and other things. Rivet guns also differ in the capacity of installing the rivets. Therefore, having a little knowledge about the product before picking it will be ideal.

  1. How do I know the utility of slow and fast-hitting guns?

The slow hitting and fast-hitting rivet guns work in a similar mechanism. The primary difference is the range of blows per minute. A slow hitting gun has 2500 bpm or lesser. However, a fast-hitting gun ranges from 2500 to 5000 bpm. The later is ideal for blowing soft rivets.

  1. Where can I use the rivet gun?

Rivet gun are popularly known as pneumatic guns. They are used to blow the rivets to join two structures in approximation. You can do carpentry works at home readily with a rivet gun. One can use it in plastic, metal, or wooden items.

  1. Will a rivet gun work properly in closed space?

Yes, picking the right kind of rivets and guns will help you to ace your work in a closed space. We recommend you to go for a corner riveter for an enhanced experience.

  1. Can I use a rivet gun for all sorts of rivet? Are there any limitations?

Different kinds of rivets are available in the market and, so are the rivet guns. Longarm riveter, lazy tong riveter, standard riveter, pop riveter, and long nose riveter are some varieties of rivet guns in the market. You can use them for different kinds of rivets.

  1. Do I need to drill before riveting? Is it always necessary?

Yes, you need to drill the hole for inserting the rivet before starting the blowing process.

  1. Can I use the stainless steel rivets of ¼ inch?

Some rivet guns come with different sizes of interchangeable tips of the gun. You can use these guns for blowing the rivets of various sizes. However, to take this advantage, you need to pick the right rivet gun.

  1. What is the warranty span of the majority of rivet guns?

Yes, some rivet guns come with a warranty of 6 months to 2 years. However, some brands do not offer any warranty. Therefore, it entirely depends on your choice.

  1. Is riveting easy for beginners? Do I need to take safety precautions before starting the process?

Yes, riveting could be made easy and safe for beginners by using safety precautions and guards. Be attentive while blowing in or poping out the rivet. Pick a rivet gun with a long handle and lightweight for better experience.


We know how hard it is to choose the best rivet gun from hundreds of confusing options. If you are feeling bored after spending hours getting some valuable suggestions related to riveting tools, we want to let you know that this post was all about you.

Here on this post, we have added a comprehensive list of best rivet guns of this year after filtering from hundreds of options.

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