The Best Octane Boosters For Car 2022 [Increase Car Performance]

Selecting an octane booster from the market today is not an easy task, I had to spend more than 50-days to shortlist 10 products. The market today is very diverse, check the market and find that almost all the top brands have an octane booster on the floor. This could be rather referred to as exploitation of the demand; however, as of our knowledge, there are a lot of people who still do not know what an octane booster could do.

If you are a person who does not know what an octane booster does, then I would give you a simple outline of its functioning. However, there is something you should remember; there are still debates on the real efficiency and advantages of using this product. One of the major benefits of using an octane booster is that it could increase the fuel compression in your engine, and therefore, deliver an increase in power. On the other hand, some studies have also indicated that octane booster use can reduce emissions. Therefore, using an octane booster could help you and if you are looking for the best octane booster for the money that you could get today.

Best Buy Octane Booster For The Money

Here is the list of the top rated octane booster with detailed analysis on each of them. The buying guide below the review section would help understand more about the product and also help you pick a product yourselves.

1. BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster

BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster

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BOOSTane is one of the top brands on the market today that manufactures and markets top-quality octane booster. One of the best things about this product is that it comes designed for maximum output.

This product comes designed in such a way that it could increase the compression rate of the engine, and it is best recommended for turbocharger and blower motors. One of the top features incorporated into this product is the proprietary cleaning agents that would enable the booster to clean the engine. It also comes formulated with a fuel life extender feature that would help increase the engine’s lifespan. Most of the people do not know that fact that ethanol is corrosive; this product comes with anti-corrosive agents that would prevent any engine corrosion. This octane booster comes formulated in such a way that it could prevent phase separation and carbon build-up. Yet another thing about this product is that it could treat 94 to 116 octane.


  • Best for high compression engines
  • Has cleaning agents ingredients
  • Come with fuel life extender
  • Has anti-corrosion feature
  • Could prevent carbon build-up


  • This product is not street legal.

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2. Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster

Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster

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Lucas is one of the top-rated octane booster brands on the market today; this brand has a reputation for delivering the effective octane booster that you could consider purchasing.

One of the best things about this product is that it comes in a pack of 12 octane booster at a reasonable price. This product comes with an advanced formula that promotes clean fuel burns and in turn, reduces the emissions. The way this octane booster is formulated in such a way that it is suitable with turbos, catalytic converters, and oxygen sensors. This product comes designed in such a way that it is compatible with a fuel injector and carburetor attached engines. Unlike most of the products on the market, this product is designed to offer a maximum boost to your engine.


  • Comes in a pack of 12 products
  • Designed to boost maximum
  • Suitable for both fuel injected and carbureted engines
  • Best for the catalytic converter, turbos, and oxygen sensors
  • A single bottle of 15oz capacity could treat up to 25 gallons of fuel


  • Nothing as such

3. Gold Eagle Co., 10406-6PK octane booster

Gold Eagle Co 10406-6PK octane booster

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Gold Eagle Co. It has been on the market for a long time and is one of the top-rated products available on the market. Unlike most of the octane boosters available on the market today, this product comes designed to treat more than 15-gallons of fuel with just a single bottle.

This product comes designed to give the maximum boost to the automobile engine. One of the most important benefits offered by this octane booster is that it could improve the gas mileage offered. Yet another thing about this product is that it comes with a cleaning agent that would help keep the engine clean. Unlike most products, this octane booster could reduce the engine knocks, hesitation, and pings. This product is compatible with the engine attached to a catalytic converter and oxygen sensors.


  • Better boosting than other octane boosters
  • Offers maximum gas mileage
  • Comes with cleaning agents
  • Could reduce pings, hesitation, and knocks
  • Does not mess with the catalytic converters and oxygen sensors
  • Could treat up to 18 gallons of fuel


  • Few of the customers have reviewed this product to be less effective in their automobile.

4. Royal Purple ROY11757, octane booster

Royal Purple ROY11757, octane booster

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This product comes from a brand Royal Purple and the product model name Max-Boosts says it all. The product comes designed in such a way it could offer different benefits that no other octane boosters provide.

One of the most important things about this octane booster is that it comes formulated to remove the lead additives to increase the engine protection by protecting the non-hardened valve seats. Another thing about this product is that the formula facilitates the engine to improve power, and the cleaning agents incorporated into it would keep the engine clean. The one perfect benefit that this product offers is that it could increase the horsepower of the engine. This octane booster is best suitable and safe for automobiles with a computer-controlled engine. This octane booster could reduce your engine knocking and could help the user stabilize the fuel.


  • Could reduce engine knocking and stabilize the fuel
  • Best suitable for automobiles with computer-controlled engines
  • Comes with octane rating up to 30 points
  • Contains cleaning agents that could keep the engine clean
  • Removes lead additives for soft valve seats
  • Maximum boosting


  • This product is not street legal

5. STP Octane Booster

STP Octane Booster

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Are you looking for an octane booster that comes with an extraordinary formula that could serve all your purposes? Then, we recommend that you go for this product as it comes with all the benefits you want. This brand has been on the market for more than 60-years.

One of the best things about this product is that it has a two-in-one formula that allows the octane booster to boost the octane while cleaning the fuel intake system. The product is designed to restore and increase the power and at the same time, improve the acceleration. Yet another thing about this product is that it could reduce the engine knocking and pinging. This octane booster is compatible with cap-less gas systems.


  • Has a two-in-one formula that could boost octane and clean the fuel intake system
  • Increases and restores acceleration and power
  • Could reduce pinging and knocking
  • Designed to suit cap-less gas systems


  • Few of the customers have reviewed the product to be not as efficient as what the manufacturer claims.

How To Choose The Best Octane Booster

We have already mentioned above the importance and advantages of using an octane booster on your car. However, there are several things that you need to know before you purchase this product. First of all, there is an important thing that you should be aware of, the difference between an octane booster and fuel stabilizer. The purpose of this buying guide is to help you select the best product and at the same time, help you understand the octane booster better.

There is a major difference between octane booster and fuel stabilizer 

The octane booster, which is commonly referred to as fuel octane by most of the experts, is designed to offer more stability to the automobile under a compression cycle. In more precision and technical terms, the octane booster with a higher octane rating will help increase the resistance to the detonation and the engine knock. This, in turn, would enable the engine to deliver more horsepower. As already mentioned above, one of the greatest advantages of using the octane booster is that it could help decrease the rate of emissions. The same product could help increase the lifespan of the engine and, therefore, the car itself.

Fuel stabilizer – A fuel is entirely a different product from an octane booster, while an octane booster helps increase the horsepower, the basic purpose of a fuel stabilizer is to break the stagnant fuel. Yes, if the fuel is left unused for more than a month, it will solidify and it will be vulnerable to contaminants. The fuel stabilizer comes with oxidants that would help break down the fuel and to remove the contaminants from the fuel, therefore, protecting the engine.

This is one of the main reasons you have to be careful while selecting an octane booster. Do not get confused between octane booster and fuel stabilizer. Therefore, it is very important that check the product specification and select a product that says octane booster.


The efficiency of the octane booster is different for different products based on the brand and on the specifications. So, what exactly does performance actually denote? It is simple, the level of octane in the product changes the overall efficiency and performance of the product. One of the thing that you should remember is that there is actually no central agency that keeps a track on the level of octane in the product. Therefore, all you can do is depend on what the manufacturer declares in the specifications.


As mentioned above, the only thing that you could trust is what the brand declares on its product. Therefore, the best thing to do is to purchase the octane booster from a reputed brand. The brand reputation is not something that you could find out easily, and the user would have to simply read the customer’s reviews and check the web for the ratings.


When it comes to octane booster, most of the people are not ready to spend an extra dime on purchasing an expensive product.However, with such an assumption, you should not go to the market to purchase an octane booster. An octane booster is not useful in any way if the product is not the best, a cheap product will have the lowest specifications and it will not do you any good. Most commonly, we find customers going for a product that comes at a price around 3 to 5-dollar and this is precisely the product that you should avoid. We recommend that you go for a product that comes at a price of around 15 to 20 dollar—most of the reputed brand’s manufacture and market octane boosters that has quality and efficiency.


Most of the customers who plan on purchasing an octane booster assumes that it is designed for one-time use. No, this product is not designed for one-time use, if the product is used once, the user will have to use it again to enjoy the advantages offered. This is why it is very important that you first check the specifications of the product and then purchase a product that could be used any time. This means you should calculate the number of times you need to use the product, the money you would have to spend on the product and based on this fact select the appropriate products.

Size of the product or capacity 

Octane booster is available in different sizes, the size here denotes the total quantity of octane booster in the product. Most commonly, the capacity is denoted by “Le,” and it is very important that you consider purchasing a product that comes with the maximum capacity at a reasonable price. Remember, the octane booster is not a one-time use product; therefore, it is best recommended that you purchase a product with larger capacity so that you could use the product as many times you need it.


Not all octane boosters are designed in the same way; each type of octane booster could be designed for a specific car model. You must choose the right product for your car. The manufacturers declare the compatible engine and if you end up purchasing the wrong product, then it could do more harm than good.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, here are 3 important things that you should never neglect.

  • Avoid all advertisements at any cost – boosters are not some sort of miracle pills, they will not do magic on your automobile. As of now, there is no verified report suggesting the actual percentage of how much the octane booster does the boosting. Therefore, whatever magic value they wave at you, do not fall for it. The factors mentioned above is what matters the most.
  • Have realistic expectation – Most of the customer’s complaint that octane booster does not increase their automobiles horsepower, some people assume that once the octane booster is used, the engine would scream and deliver very high horsepower. No, this is not true, if you are an expert you will notice the change, if not, you wouldn’t notice. However, the emission will be reduced and the engine efficiency would be better.
  • Never neglect the compatibility – Each octane booster is designed for a specific automobile model. Therefore, it is very important not to neglect the specifications. Check the product specifications and purchase only if the product is suitable for your product.
  • A trial would not harm you, the market is so diverse that it is not easy for a customer to select a product. This is one of the reasons we recommend that if you are not an expert, then do a trial use and then finalize the product accordingly. Remember, the best product could do some magic and the wrong product could destroy your engine in the long run.

Car Octane Booster Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I Use An Octane Booster To Increase The Horsepower Of My Vehicle?

Yes, it will boost the horsepower of your vehicle to ensure maximum efficiency. In general, high octane level is important to run your vehicle optimally. So you can opt for an octane booster if you want to improve the horsepower of your vehicle.

  1. How Are Octane Boosters Priced?

In the market, you can find octane boosters in mainly three price ranges. The basic octane booster is priced under $30 and provides basic performance. Because of the affordable price, these octane boosters are used by most people.

The best octane boosters are priced between $30 and $50 and perform well. These octane boosters are ideal for boosting fuel octane levels, cleaning the fuel system, preventing the engine from damage, etc.

The premium octane boosters are priced over $100. These octane boosters are made of the best quality ingredients and can offer excellent performance. Moreover, these octane boosters are ideal for multiple applications.

  1. How Do Octane Boosters Increase Engine Performance?

Usually, the octane level in fuel affects the compression and heat of the fuel before detonation. If the octane level increases, then the compression and heat handling power of the fuel before detonation will also increase. If the compression increases, then there will be a bigger explosion within the cylinder. This way, by using the octane boosters you can improve your vehicle performance.

  1. What Is Octane Rating?

Octane number or rating is a measure of engine performance. This number defines the ability of the fuel to stop pre-detonation before the spark plug is triggered. Therefore, if the octane number of the fuel is more, then the fuel can withstand more compression before combustion.  

  1. Who Should Use Octane Booster?

The main purpose of using an octane booster is to improve engine performance. So the high performing engines should use an octane booster to perform well. Usually, these engines work better when high-grade fuel is used. Since high-quality fuel is not easily available, an octane booster is a perfect option to use to achieve better results. When you add this to your fuel, it will increase the octane rating and help to improve the performance.

Also, if your engine is struggling with detonation, then you should consider using an octane booster. In this case, the engine is suffering due to a low octane rating. So, by using the octane booster, you can improve the performance.

  1. Can I Use Octane Booster in Any Vehicle?

Octane boosters are ideal for improving the performance of vehicles, so you can use them in any vehicle with no worries. But you might not see any changes because octane boosters are beneficial for engines with low octane level or high performing engines to improve the performance.  

  1. Do High Octane Boosters Last For A Long Time?

No, they don’t. Generally, octane boosters have a short life and start to degrade once opened. Therefore, you should check the date on the bottle and ensure to use the product before that. Otherwise, it will be useless.  

Bottom line 

If you are searching for an octane booster that could offer all the advantages of an octane booster. Then it is very important that you dig deep into the market and find the best product. Remember the best product is that octane booster that comes with features like a reasonable price, size, brand, cost, and compatibility.

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