The Best HUD For Cars 2022 [Car’s Head Up Displays]

While driving a vehicle, you should never lose your focus on the road. Otherwise, that may be very dangerous for you and cause a serious issue. Perhaps the main reason behind many road accidents is losing the focus on the road while driving. Usually, people look into their vehicle’s dashboard to read the driving information during their drive. If you also do the same thing while driving your car, then you should stop doing that to have a safe driving experience. That’s why you may consider using a head-up display in your car.

A head-up display or HUD can show the important information on the dashboard or windshield to stop you from looking to your speedometer constantly. Here is a list of the ten best HUD display that you can consider for your car. We have also included a list of some important features to consider while choosing a HUD display for car.

Best Buy Car HUD Display For The Money

From here, our list of ten best hud display for car is going to start. If you are confused with numerous brands, then this list can be helpful for you. We have researched through the market deeply and picked these HUDs to enhance your driving experience.

1. Leaning tech original digital universal HUD for cars

Leaning tech original digital universal HUD

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The Leaning Tech Universal HUD is an outstanding product for your car’s windscreen. This head-up display contains advanced features to enhance your driving experience. This display shows the driving speed, time, and mileage on the windscreen so that you won’t lose your view on the road. Another best thing about this HUD is it can be installed and operated in your car effortlessly.

This HUD can be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter port for operation. This digital HUD is compatible with both mph and km/h to allow you to choose your preferred mode of measurement easily. As this display shows the readings in green color, you can read the information on the display easily. It includes a sensor to adjust the brightness automatically according to your needs. As this HUD doesn’t require professional installation, any person can use this HUD conveniently. This HUD comes with a built-in GPS module to display accurate speed data.

However, this HUD clears all the driving data when the power goes off. The LTC HUD features three display modes so that you can use this display in any mode according to your convenience. The three display modes of this car HUD are normal mode, reflecting on the windscreen mode and upside-down mode. Therefore, this car HUD offers maximum flexibility to use in your car. This car HUD doesn’t require a connection with the vehicle speed signal and is compatible with all cars.


  • Built-in GPS speedometer.
  • This HUD is easy to operate.
  • Greenlight display with auto adjustments.


  • The built quality could be improved.

2. Timprove T600 universal HUD for cars

Timprove T600 universal HUD

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This car HUD comes with a 2.2-inch TFT multicolor display for ease of reading the readings. It is very easy to operate as you can plug this HUD into a 12V outlet of your car and start the operation. Because of the multifunction design, this HUD is compatible with all types of cars. The T600 HUD comes with some new functions to give a better driving experience. Because of the multifunction display mode, you can switch the modes during the operation with ease.

The smart display shows the readings effectively to allow you to read them easily. The Timprove T600 universal car HUD comes with a car charger, a non-slip mat, and a user manual. As a manual is included in this HUD, you can use it in your car effortlessly. Also, a GPS module is included in this car HUD to provide accurate readings during your drive. This HUD comes with a multicolor switching function to allow you to operate it comfortably.

The T600 display shows the vehicle speed, driving direction & time, voltage, over speed alarm, altitude, satellite time, etc. By using this HUD, you can read all the required content during your drive. Also, this head-up display allows you to switch the readings between kilometer and miles effortlessly. It is an advanced HUD and contains some new functions that are hard to find in traditional HUDs.


  • A multicolor display is included.
  • Multiple functions are available.
  • 30-degree angle support.


  • Some users noticed inaccurate readings with this HUD.

3. HUDWAY glass universal HUD for cars

HUDWAY glass universal HUD

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With the built-in GPS navigation system, the HUDWAY glass universal HUD is a superb product for cars. This device is designed to make your smartphone a head-up display. HUDWAY offers free apps that you can download on your smartphone and place on this device to start the operation. When you place your smartphone on the HUDWAY glass, it reflects the data from your smartphone and shows it to you.

The glass features high transparency to show you clear data. During the night, you should decrease the brightness of your smartphone to prevent a second reflection on the windshield. As the HUDWAY glass offers free apps, you can avail of offline navigation and map view by using it. For a better view in the daytime, you can adjust the angle of the glass at 53 degrees. Also, you can adjust the brightness of your smartphone according to your requirement.

HUDWAY glass universal HUD comes with two types of mounts so that you can use the mount as per your needs. It includes a bendable base and a slim base for ease of use. The HUDWAY glass app offers a speedometer function to measure the speed accurately. The recommended phone size to use on the HUDWAY glass top is 6.2 inches x 3.1 inches. As this HUD shows the reflected image, the image size is 20% larger than the other car HUDs.


  • Two mounts are available.
  • This HUD offers a high brand value.
  • The transparent display offers a clear view.


  • A slight change in the angle may give inaccurate results.

4. SHEROX HUD for cars

SHEROX HUD for cars

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The SHEROX car HUD comes with four display functions to offer accurate results. It can measure the vehicle speed in both mph and km/h. This head-up display shows vehicle speed, voltage, mileage, and water temperature. If you are looking for a high-quality HUD for your car, then the SHEROX car HUD is the best option for you. This HUD feature three-alarm functions, namely high-temperature alarm, over speed alarm, and low voltage alarm.

This HUD can be operated in most of the cars effortlessly. This HUD has a simple design so that any person can use it in his/her car with ease. This HUD also comes with a reflector film that you can install in any place in your car you want. However, the SHEROX car HUD is not compatible with blade electric vehicles. As the SHEROX HUD is electrically tested to offer the best performance, you can rely on this product without any doubt.

This head-up display uses nanotechnology to provide clearer readings that are easy to read. Also, this car HUD allows you to adjust the brightness manually as well as automatically. You can use either of the modes according to your choice. This HUD doesn’t show all the information to prevent distractions. This car HUD is passed the FCC and CE certificate to offer high performance. Another best feature of this car HUD is it can switch on and switch off when your car is on or off.


  • Nanotechnology integration.
  • Energy-efficient performance.
  • Auto brightness adjustment.


  • Some users have faced problems in installing this HUD.

How To Choose The Best Car HUD

Head-up displays vary in many factors. So, while choosing a car HUD, one should consider some factors to get the right one for his/her car. If you are looking for a HUD for your car, then you can keep some important things in mind. Even if you are not familiar with the car HUD, then you can keep these things in your mind and apply them while buying a car HUD. Therefore, read the following points to find the perfect HUD for your car.

⇒ 1. Display

Display of the car HUD is an important thing to read the contents. The display quality of your HUD affects your reading. If the numbers are large, then you can read them conveniently. Some displays come with auto-brightness adjustment feature to allow you to read the readings conveniently in any environment. You can also adjust the brightness of some displays manually to read the readings comfortably. Also, you can consider the arrangement of information on the display. If the information is arranged in a better way, then you can understand those effortlessly.

Display size is another important thing to keep in mind to ensure you can read the display information conveniently. If you buy a car HUD with a small display that is low priced, then you may not read the information on the display effectively. You can look for HUD with large displays so that you can read the information easily while driving.

If you buy a car HUD that features a screen-type display, then you can install that on your dashboard to read the information. You can read the data on this display effectively as there won’t be any lighting issues.

Projector displays reflect the information onto the windscreen so that you won’t lose your focus on the road. Some HUDs also use reflective films to project the information. Usually, the car HUDs with projector displays show large numbers to allow you to read the information easily. Moreover, a projector display is a safer option to use in your car.

2. Check the compatibility

Some car HUDs are compatible with the system of your vehicle and can read the vehicle’s performance directly. Also, some other HUDs are compatible with smartphones to measure the vehicle’s data. These types of HUDs use apps to function. If the app doesn’t work, you may not read your driving data accurately. However, if the car HUD connects to your vehicle directly to show the information, then you can get accurate results while driving. Therefore, before buying a car HUD, you should check whether it is compatible with your vehicle or not. If the HUD is not compatible with your vehicle, then you may not read the data accurately.

3. Check the connection type

If you buy a HUD that connects to your vehicle’s system directly, then you can connect that to your vehicle’s 12V outlet for operation. The HUDs compatible with the smartphone can get connected to your smartphone via a wire or via Bluetooth. The smartphone-compatible HUDs can be connected to multiple apps for offering the best performance. These types of HUDs can allow you to focus on the road effectively while driving. Therefore, while choosing a HUD for your car, you should check how it is going to get connected to your vehicle to ensure high performance.

4. Ease of use

Some HUDs offer multiple display modes to allow you to know your entire vehicle’s information while driving. In that case, you should ensure that you can operate the HUD effortlessly. Also, you should check that you can switch between the modes conveniently.

Apart from the above points, you may also have some other points according to your personal requirements. Still, you can consider the above points to get the right HUD for your car.

How to add Heads Up Display in Your Car?

As you read about several types and benefits of heads up displays, selecting the best one seems easier now. All the types we mentioned in the list provides an intense number of advantages with usability. But, what to do after buying a HUD? Most manufacturers create their manual for ideal hatchback models. But, if you have a specific car then where to place HUD and how to install it properly to sync with the speedometer? Well, let’s learn in few easy steps –

1. Choosing the type of HUD

There are three ways of using HUDs that are available in the market. You can use a smartphone app, opt for a dedicated HUD or consider smart glass. Once you have finalized the right one, you can move forward with manual guides. Here, we are talking about HUDs which work with a smartphone app and your car directly.

2. Using Universal HUD for Best results

No doubt that universal HUDs are reliable as they work perfectly with any car model you want to prefer. On the other hand, these have a small display to provide all the essentials details in one place. There is no extra stuff that enhances your clarity while looking at the speedometer. Make sure you look for the right type of HUD based on the need.

3. Stick the base on Dashboard

Most HUDs come in two units, the primary one you stick on the dashboard and the second one is your HUD. Clean dashboard and then stick the base part properly. You have to sit comfortably and in the driving position and find the right angle for your specific needs. It will help you get a comforting view.

4. Connect HUD adequately

After placing the sticker or base part, you should turn on HUD by connecting a power cable. There are GPS sensors in the HUD to let you know about the speed. So, there is no need to worry about connecting HUD with a speedometer. No doubt that heads up display from different manufacturer have different screen size so adjust them to the right position.

5. Adjust Speed and other settings

You can choose the desired settings inside the HUD, then turn it on. When you will be driving the car, HUD will automatically calibrate. It might take more than 2 minutes based on the type and model of HUD you are using. Once you are done adjusting the settings and putting everything in, you are done installing a heads up display.

Once everything is connected perfectly, you can start driving and getting impressive benefits. You can put the speed limit so that as your car exceed the limit, it plays an alarm to let you know.

Car HUD Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Use A Glass HUD In the Daytime?

Yes, you can use a glass HUD in the daytime. Usually, glass head-up displays come with a good reflection rate that lets you get great visibility even in the daytime. However, if the outside is dark, then you need to decrease your smartphone brightness to prevent the second reflection on the windshield.

During the daytime, you can increase your smartphone brightness and adjust the glass HUD angle to get appropriate visibility. Moreover, you can follow the instructions of the manufacturer to achieve the highest visibility in the daytime.

2. Do I Need To Download Any App On My Mobile?

In general, most head-up displays come with an in-built GPS for operation. But in some cases, you will need to download the navigation app offered by the manufacturer to use the HUD. Also, some head-up displays are compatible with Google Maps allowing you to drive your car seamlessly. Therefore, you should check these things in the HUD while purchasing to avoid the complications after buying the product.    

3. Which HUD Should I Choose From This List?

We have researched thoroughly and picked the best car head-up displays available in the market. So every product on this list is best to opt for. If you need a glass HUD for a better driving experience, then you can consider HUDWAY glass head-up display for better results. This HUD reflects a 20% larger image than other HUDs in the market. To use this HUD, you need to download the HUDWAY glass app on your smartphone and place your smartphone on it. But if you need a HUD with a colorful display, then you can select the H-come HUD. This way, you can pick your HUD according to your needs.

4. Do Head-Up Displays Come With Any Accessories?

Yes, some head-up displays come with accessories to help you using it. Some common accessories of a HUD include a cable for connecting it to the port in the car, a non-slip mat to keep the device safe & stable while driving, and a user manual for ease of use. Also, some HUDs include a reflector film to let you get the perfect view.

5. Is It Safe To Use A Car HUD?

Yes, it is safe to use a car HUD while driving. This device lets you focus on driving by providing you with navigation instructions and driving information on your windshield. Moreover, you will feel safer while driving your car with a HUD than you usually feel.

6. How Do I Install A HUD In My Car?

In general, the installation process of car HUDs differs from brand to brand. So, you can follow the instructions of the manufacturer to install the device appropriately. Commonly most car HUDs are connected to your car through the cigarette lighter port. On the other hand, some other head-up displays are connected to your car via the onboard computer of your car. They are usually different from the HUDs connected via the cigarette lighter because they have access to the data in your system.

Bottom line

Head-up displays are advanced devices to prevent road accidents by improving the focus of drivers. All above mentioned HUDs are picked from the best brands, you can choose any product from this article.

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