The Best Headlight Restoration Kit 2022 [For The Money]

For experiencing the best performance of your vehicle, you should maintain it effectively. While considering every point, you also need to consider the headlights of your vehicle for high performance. Usually, headlights get damaged with time. The main reason behind the fading or yellowing of your headlights is the UV rays and oxidation. Because of this issue, you may not have proper visibility on the road at night. Also, you can’t continue to suffer from this problem, blaming the weather conditions. So, you should take the required steps to solve this problem and experience safer drives during the night.

If you replace your headlights, then it will cost more, and the new one also may get affected by oxidation. Headlight restoration kits are considered as the best option for solving the oxidation or fading issue of your headlights, as these are affordable than replacing the headlights. Also, the headlight restoration kits can enhance the safety features and allow you to drive your vehicle confidently at night. Some headlight restoration kits also add a UV protection layer to your headlights to make them long-lasting.

Best Headlight Restoration Kit For The Money

If you are not familiar with headlight restoration kits, then you may buy the wrong product for your vehicle. In this article, we have added a buying guide and ten best headlight restoration kits for the money to help you in choosing the right product for you. Also check the list for best car tool kit available today.

1. Sylvania headlight restoration kit

Sylvania headlight restoration kit

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Sylvania is one of the best original equipment manufacturers in the world and famous for producing the best products to please the customers. This brand is making high-quality automotive lighting products for more than 100 years. This headlight restoration kit is ideal for improving the appearance of your vehicle’s headlights. With three simple steps, this headlight restoration kit enables you to bring the original look of the headlights in a few minutes. It comes with a UVB clear coat to protect the clarity of the lens and make the lens last longer. Also, this headlight restoration kit is capable of offering the best results compared to other products in the market.

This headlight restoration kit includes 400, 1000 & 2000 grit waterproof sandpaper, two applicator cloths, one vinyl glove, 1 OZ surface activator, 1 OZ UV block clear coat, and clarifying compound. The Sylvania headlight restoration kit can remove the haze and make your vehicle’s headlights look clear and newer. This headlight restoration kit uses the latest technology to enable you to restore the headlights with ease. By using the Sylvania headlight restoration kit, you can repair your vehicle’s headlights in just 30 minutes. If you need a reliable product for your car headlight restoration, then you can opt for this product.


  • This headlight restoration kit allows you to maintain the headlights of your vehicle effectively.
  • This headlight restoration kit comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Its components can be used for restoring two headlight assemblies effectively.


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2. 3M 39008 headlight lens restoration kit

3M 39008 headlight lens restoration kit

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This headlight restoration kit is a professional standard product to offer high performance. The components included in this kit are ideal for restoring automotive headlight lenses with ease. It contains a compounding pad, a rubbing compound, 3M Trizact sanding discs, and one household drill compatible disc holder. Those who are looking for a premium-quality headlight restoration kit can use this product. This headlight restoration kit can remove the haze on your car headlight lenses effectively. By using this kit, you can repair all headlights of your vehicle effortlessly. The 3M headlight restoration kit uses abrasive technology to ease the headlight restoration process.

If you are looking for a premium quality restoration kit for the plastic headlight lenses of your vehicle, then you can go for this product. It can stimulate the headlight restoration process in four simple steps. This high-quality headlight restoration kit does the work in a simple way that no other headlight restoration kits can do. It can bring the original shine and clarity of your vehicle’s headlights effectively. The abrasive discs can be polished on the plastic lenses easily as they don’t cause any scratch. The discs are outstandingly patterned to remove the haze from the lens surface effortlessly. Also, this headlight restoration kit can remove the haze from the lens quicker because of the abrasive cuts design.


  • This headlight restoration kit contains high-quality components to restore the plastic lens quickly.
  • It uses 3M abrasive technology to restore two headlights quickly.
  • The disc comes in this headlight restoration kit is compatible with household drills for high flexibility.


  • Some users noticed the scratching issue while using this headlight restoration kit.

3. Mothers 07251 NuLens headlight restoration kit

Mothers 07251 NuLens headlight restoration kit

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If your car headlights are affected by various environmental factors, then you can use this headlight restoration kit. This kit contains professional standard components to ease your work. Because of the latest technology integration, the Mothers NuLens headlight restoration kit can clean the stains and yellowed parts of your headlights effortlessly. Another best thing about this headlight restoration kit is it doesn’t cause scratches on the lenses during the process. The Mothers 07251 NuLens headlight restoration kit is ideal for all types of plastic headlights. It uses a simple polishing procedure to restore the headlights effortlessly.

By using this product, you can re-establish the headlights of your vehicle in a few minutes. Any person can use this unique headlight restoration kit for his/her vehicle with ease. This headlight restoration kit uses a washable and reusable polishing tool so that you can use it for more than one time. It leaves a polymer layer on the lens of your headlights to protect them. By using this headlight restoration kit, you can maintain all the headlights of your vehicle for years with ease. As it is an all-in-one kit, you can get all the required components in it for your headlight restoration. If you use this kit, then you can save the cost of replacing the headlights of your vehicle.


  • The Mothers 07251 NuLens headlight restoration kit works professionally to restore and protect your vehicle’s headlights.
  • It can make the headlights crystal clear for enhanced visibility during the night.


  • The manufacturer doesn’t provide user instructions with this headlight restoration kit.

How To Select The Best Headlight Restoration Kit

A headlight restoration kit is an essential item for your vehicle to maintain the headlights for a long time. With a headlight restoration kit, you can easily turn your yellowed or fogged headlights to crystal clear for a better appearance. But if the headlight restoration kit doesn’t work properly, then that may damage your headlights instead of restoring. Therefore, you should consider some important points while buying a headlight restoration kit for your car.

  • Process of restoration

Before buying a headlight restoration kit, you should consider which process you can apply to your headlights for restoring them. There are several ways of restoring your headlights, such as sandpaper, polish, vinegar, etc.

The sandpaper is the most preferred product of restoring the headlights. By using sandpaper, you can restore your headlights effectively. However, this headlight restoration process has a disadvantage too. If you use the sandpaper carelessly, then you may remove a layer of your headlight lenses. By using the right grit of sandpaper, you can restore your headlights effectively.

Polishing your headlights is another way to restore the headlight lenses. This process is a little harder, and you have to put extra effort to restore your headlight lenses. However, some polishing headlight restoration kits are compatible with household drills to ease the restoration process. Also, you may have to remove the headlights from your vehicle to restore them in this process.

Headlight restoration using vinegar is similar to the polishing process. As vinegar is a natural product, many people opt for this process for better results.

Apart from these three, there are several other methods for restoring your vehicle’s headlight. While buying a headlight restoration kit, you should consider the type of restoration process that uses.

  • Protection against UV lights

It is another important point to consider in the headlight restoration kit you are going to buy. You should ensure that the headlight restoration kit adds a UV protection layer to your headlight after restoration. If the restoration kit doesn’t add a protection layer to the headlights, then the headlights may get affected by the sunlight again. Also, you can consider how long the UV protection layer can last on your headlights to extend the lifespan of your headlights.

  • Restoring components

While buying a headlight restoration kit, you can check the components and ensure that they are of high quality. If the kit contains low-quality products, then those may get damaged in the first use or harm your headlights. Also, you may not use that kit conveniently for restoring your headlights. Therefore, you should choose a brand that has a good name in the market and includes high-quality products for high efficiency.

  • Scratch-free performance

If the headlight restoration kit causes scratches on your headlight lenses, then that is of no use as you don’t want scratches on your headlights. Also, that kit may damage your headlights instead of restoring them. So, you should choose a headlight restoration kit that causes no scratches on the lenses. This point is very important to ensure the headlight restoration kit safe for your headlights.

  • Compatibility

Another important point to consider in your headlight restoration kit is its compatibility. You should ensure that the kit is compatible with all types of plastic lenses. By buying such a headlight restoration kit, you can use that for any vehicle. If the headlight restoration kit is ideal for all types of plastic as well as acrylic headlight lenses, then you can use that kit for other vehicles of yours.

How to Restore Headlights Using a Headlight Restoration Kit

The process to use the kit may vary from one option to another, but we have still documented the generalized process for you. Below are the steps of restoring the headlight using the headlight restoration kits.

  • Washing the Headlight

The first step of the restoration process is washing the headlight. You should use a car shampoo and a microfiber cloth to clean the headlights. Given them a nice wash and once that is done, dry the headlights properly. Before you move to the next step, you should go ahead and mask the area around the headlight. You will be using abrasive polish and sandpapers, which can damage the area around the headlight if you are not careful. To be more cautious, masking the area around the headlight will prevent you from damaging the paint and bumpers. Once you have washed and prepared the headlight, you can move on to the next step for restoring the headlights.

  • Surface Activator

In the next step, you need to apply the surface activator. Now, most of the car headlight restoration kits come with a surface activator, but if your kit doesn’t have a surface activator, then you can skip the step. However, assuming that your kit comes with the surface activator, you should spray the liquid on the headlight and leave it for 30 seconds. The surface activator makes the plastic soft, making it easy for you to sand and polish the headlight. Within these 30 secs, you will notice a lot of yellow gunk flowing down the headlight. Now, wash the headlights and remove all the compound. Before you move to the next step, ensure that you have dried the headlight.

  • Sand & Polish

Most of the headlight restorer comes with three types of sandpapers. This will include 400, 1000 and 2000 grit sandpaper. Some may consist of 800, 1200 and 2000 grit sandpapers. These sandpapers would remove the corrosion and the damage that the UV light causes to the headlight. You need to apply the polishing compound on the headlight and start by lower grit to higher grit sandpaper. Some kits come with hand-used sandpapers, while others may come with sandpapers that can be used with a power tool. If you have a power tool, then buying a headlight restoration kit with power tool friendly sandpaper would be a better idea. You will have to apply the polish again to get the right polish. By the end of this step, you will find the headlight to be clear and transparent. The yellowness and the haziness would be washed by the end of this step. Wash and dry the headlight after you have dried the headlight.

  • UV Block Coat

In the last step, you will have to use the UV block coat on the headlights. This is a smooth coat that you can apply to the headlight, and it prevents the UV rays from oxidizing the plastic and glass in the headlight. Using the UV block coat will ensure that your headlight remains clear even after using the UV Block Coat. This is always the most critical step because it prevents future effort.

Headlight Restoration Kit Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the headlight restoration kit improve the visibility during the night?

Yes. The headlight restoration kits are meant for enhancing the visibility and efficiency of the headlights. Regardless of the issues with your headlamps, these kits can provide you the best results and better efficiency of the headlamps. So, if your vehicle is old and your headlamps are not as effective as before, you should once try your hands on one of these amazing headlight restoration kits according to your needs.

  1. Does it prevent the yellowing of the headlamps?

Of course, the headlight restoration kits are extremely reliable for removing and prevention of yellowing headlamp. You can use the kits to get rid of any deformation or dullness of the headlight and enhance the performance and efficiency of the headlamps. So,if you are experiencing the yellowing of the headlamps and were thinking of replacing them, we will suggest you to try hands on the headlamp restoration kits.

  1. Can it be used to repair the headlights?

The headlight restore kits are meant to make the lamp shine and if your headlights have some smaller scratches and swirls, then these restoration kits can be the best way to get the shine and efficiency back. The headlight restoration kits are meant for the best performance with the least efforts. And if you are looking to save some money on headlight repairing.

  1. How long the restoration will last?

The restoration easily lasts for over a year. However, it may depend on the exposure of the headlight to the UV rays. Still,some products guarantee the life of the restoration. To make sure that the headlight restoration last longer, we will suggest you to follow all the instructions and use the good quality product for the restoration.

  1. Can we perform headlight restoration at home?

Yes. Of course. Most headlight restoration kits are meant for DIY. These kits are extremely easy to use and even if you haven’t used them before, you can easily work on it to get the best performance and efficiency. Just make sure that you choose a reliable product for yourself that is easier to use and offers better and long-lasting results.

In case you are looking for professional restoration and want to get better results, you can always rely on professional restore services in your area. Several repair shops use their own restoration kits and offer an additional guarantee about the results and the performance.

  1. Will a kit be enough to restore both the headlights effectively?

Yes. The headlight restoration kit is enough to work on both the headlights right from the scratch. So, if you are looking to repair both your headlights, you should not worry about the quantity of the product. The headlight restoration kits are great for the complete restoration and also for the partial restoration. So, regardless of the needs, you can easily use one kit for your vehicle. So, just choose a perfect one for yourself and get a perfectly clean and shiny headlight.


Headlight restoration kits are a better option than replacing the headlights. These products are affordable and easy to use. Any person can use a headlight restoration kit to enhance the clarity of his/her vehicle’s headlights.

If you find any of the above headlight restoration kits is ideal for you, then you can use that with confidence as we have picked the best products from the market.

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