The Best Halogen Car Headlight Bulbs 2022 [For Safe Driving]

It is essential to have a clear vision while driving your car in the evening or at night. For this, you will have to install high illumination headlights in your vehicle. These headlights are responsible for helping you have a safe drive at all times. All these headlights come in different versions. One of the high-quality versions of these headlights is the halogen headlight bulbs. In these bulbs, there is halogen gas-filled so that the lamp gives better-rated life and light output. These bulbs are well known for their efficiency and quality; hence using them as headlight bulbs in your car is an excellent idea.

These days, many people have started switching to halogen lights as they are more cost-effective and illuminating than other bulbs on the market. These headlight bulbs can be installed in a variety of car models. All you have to do is lookup for the bulb that will fit perfectly in your car socket. The gas reacts with the filament of the bulb in such a way that the bulb never gets blackened and you do not have to replace it again and again. Trust me, these headlight bulbs are just the best and will serve many purposes.

Best Buy Halogen Headlight Bulbs For Car

Below we have researched and listed the best rated halogen headlight bulbs reviews for all our readers. You can choose what you like the best by considering the pros and cons of the bulb. Also, try reading the buying guide at the bottom for a better purchase. Check our another review for best led headlight bulbs for your vehicle.

1. Philips Halogen Headlight Bulb

Philips Halogen Headlight Bulb

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Philips is one of the most trusted brand across the world. The Philips X-treme glow halogen light bulb is on the first position of this list of halogen bulbs. It gives 130% plus vision and comes in a pack that contains two of these light bulbs. Each bulb only weighs 0.7 ounces and is imported from Europe. When compared to the regular headlight bulb, these bulbs give better light that glows by multiple times. The lifespan of this bulb is never compromised; hence they can be used on the headlights for long years without having any damages or problems with the working of these bulbs.

The beam that these bulbs offer is 147 feet long, and their reaction times are also lower. Hence, these bulbs are faster in operation in many different ways. You will also find a precision coating over the product so that the light is always spread in the right direction. Other than this, the bulbs are created using Quartz glass, which is known to be one of the most sturdy glasses ever. However, you should not touch the surface of these headlight bulbs; otherwise, their life will get shortened. You will also like the brightness and night vision these bulbs offer.


  • These headlight bulbs are light in weight and spread light very well.
  • These bulbs offer X-treme vision no matter what the light situation is.
  • They can be installed in the headlight socket very easily.
  • The wattage of the product is 55 watts.


  • The longevity of these bulbs needs to be enhanced.

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2. SYLVANIA Halogen Headlight Bulb

SYLVANIA Halogen Headlight Bulb

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When it comes to Headlight Bulbs, SYLVANIA is a reputed brand name. When you search this product on e-commercial sites, you will find more than a thousand buyers. All of these buyers have rated these very well and have claimed it to be the best of best. These ultra-high performance headlight halogen bulbs offer low as well as high beam. They can also be used as capable fog replacing bulbs in areas that develop high fog during winter mornings. You will get 2 of these bulbs in a pack.

What we like the most about these bulbs is their style and safety. These automotive lighting bulbs are a part of a range of bulbs that are known well to be the most reliable headlight bulbs in the market. You can refer to the bulb replacement guide by SYLVANIA to check the compatibility of these bulbs in your car. These bulbs never increase unwanted glare and can be used on the headlights of many different versions of cars. If one bulb goes bad, we suggest you change both of them. This practice will help you have an equal light amount when you drive at night.


  • These halogen light bulbs are entirely street legal.
  • The filament of the pair of bulbs is highly engineered.
  • These bulbs have the correct mixture of halogen gas in them.
  • They offer you to have a beam of bright white light at night.


  • The night vision of the bulbs can still be improved a little.

3. HELLA Halogen Headlight Bulb

HELLA Halogen Headlight Bulb

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Let us now move on to the HELLA 24V H7 Halogen Headlight Bulbs. It consumes a power of only 70 Watts and can be easily installed as the car headlight bulb. The light output of this bulb is powerful, and it will provide a high amount of lights in the time of need. Other than this, this bulb also remains safe even when there are high road vibrations. As you may know already, vibrations can damage parts of cars, including the light bulbs. Therefore, it is crucial to install light bulbs that can resist that in every way.

Additionally, the equipment quality is very original, and you will find great value for your money once you buy this bulb. You can also choose these halogen bulbs from a different base and overall design so that it fits in all the sockets of your car. For every application, these bulbs will be sufficient in your vehicle. You will always have a safe and relaxed drive once you have these bulbs as headlights. These bulbs are highly convincing when it comes to their quality and performance-price ratio. We are positive that you will like these bulbs in your car a lot.


  • The output of these halogen headlight bulbs is three times more than the ordinary light bulbs.
  • The color temperature of the bulb is 4300 Kelvin.
  • The company guarantees the optimum fit and long life of the product.


  • For a symmetric beam of light, you will need to replace both the bulbs if one stops working.

4. Piaa Halogen Headlight Bulb

Piaa Halogen Headlight Bulb

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On number four, we have placed the PIAA H11 15211 White Plus Halogen Headlight Bulb. Like many of the halogen headlight bulbs, this bulb comes for purchase in a set of two. Once you have these in your car headlight, it will have improved light contrast and better brightness recognition. You will also be able to recognize the color of objects in front of you very well, even when you are out with you at night. You will also be able to view street signs and road hazards in an enhanced way with the provision of these bulbs.

The better visibility and safety features of the bulbs are why the product has a lot of buyers in America. With these bulbs, the dark spots in the light compartment are also reduced. Drivers will hence have more significant and better visibility. Since they are made with Quartz, the bulbs are heat resistant and throw white light of 4000k brightness. They also have filaments in them, which are made up of aerospace alloy. These filaments are the best in dispersing heat when compared with the regular metal filaments.


  • The bulbs perform at the higher output that, too, for a longer time.
  • Their bases are poly blended and made from cold-pressed aluminum.
  • These bulbs will never have a premature burn ever.
  • The company has an award-winning customer support service.


  • The low beam’s light output is very low.

LED Vs. Halogen Headlights: Comparison

LED and Halogen headlights are widely popular around the globe for their specific reasons. During the purchase of a headline or replacing the existing one, most people have this doubt that which one to consider. Well, if you look at the three key aspects, you can shortlist the right one for your specific needs. Let’s have a look –

View and Clarity

LED lights produce white and bright light which can offer you a clear vision up to 50 meters ahead. The white light is easily visible and the lighting is good enough to have a clear view of the road.

If you compare the LED light to a halogen bulb, you can find a certain difference in the colour. Halogen lights are yellowish and in almost the same range. You can view the road effectively.

However, if you consider both lights during the foggy seasons, halogen is a clear winner. You can have a better view of the road in the fog and the yellow light provide you with better visibility over the LED lights.

Cost-Efficient Option

LED headlights come for a wide range of price points, but if you look after the purchase of a genuine option, you might have to spend around $10 per bulb. The cost might vary based on the car model.

Comparing the same to a halogen bulb, you are spending three-time lesser amounts on the halogen bulb. You can easily buy a quality halogen headlight under a price point of $3. It is easy to say that halogen is going to work perfectly also.

The cost might be different, but, you are getting better clarity with the use of halogen light in all seasons.


An LED light comes with a minimum warranty of three years, whereas a halogen headlight bulb comes with a warranty period of 6 months in most cases. If you compare both in terms of reliable durability, LED is better.

A good quality LED bulb can easily last up to three decades whereas a halogen bulb durability is rated for 3 to 4 years. So, there is ten times the difference and LED is the winner in this particular criteria.

Overall, if you look forward to both types and consider the peak brightness, clarity, cost efficiency and durability factor, you can say that the Halogen headlight is a clear winner for the most uses.

How To Select The Best Halogen Headlight Bulb

To choose the best halogen headlight bulb, you must go through the factors that decide its overall life and quality. To know all of these factors in one place, please try going through everything listed below. We have tried to mention everything in pointers so that you can understand everything easily. Do not merely start skimming through the description, or you will get confused once you start choosing your halogen headlight bulb.

Let us begin –

1. Cost

To know the value of the bulb before purchasing it, you can try searching its name on the online site or simply click the link in the article. This way, you will get the idea of the product’s price point and adjust your budget. You do not need to adjust your budget too much because our list only has the most economical options. But if you still find anything very expensive, you should try looking for other bulbs. Buying expensive bulbs is only useful if their quality is over the roofs. Otherwise, you will be merely wasting your money on this shopping.

2. Buyer Reviews

To have access to all the buyer reviews of a particular bulb, try logging in to a well known e-commercial platform of the country. When you lookup for the product there, you will find its numerous reviews at the bottom review section. Try reading everything as it is all free and does not cost any money. Instead, it will only help you have more information about the features of the product. You will also never feel cheated with your purchase as these reviews also have details on any fake or counterfeit halogen bulbs in the market.

3. Size

Generally, the size of the bulb is mentioned on sites. You can know the version that will fit the version of your car. Buying a wrong-sized light bulb is never a good idea as it will make you waste a lot of time in replacing and returning the product. Most of the time, manufacturers do not even offer a replacement or return option. Therefore it is a good practice to look for these services. If you have got the correct sized bulb, you can simply install the bulb in the socket of your car headlight compartment.

4. Light

Buying halogen light bulbs that light up at optimum temperature is always excellent. You must also try to look for highly luminous bulbs. If you buy such products, you will have a better vision of the objects in your way while you are driving your truck or car. White light bulbs are generally brighter than the yellow lights. They also create a highly bright beam whenever they are turned on. An intense beam of light is good when you are driving your car in bad weather. It will also help you safely drive when there is fog.

5. Number

Halogen headlight bulbs come in a pair so that they can be put in the high light as well as low light sockets. However, this is not always important. Sometimes these bulbs come in a single unit. Hence, you will need to buy them at a higher number. In turn, this will cause an increment in the money you spend. And that is never a good thing. Hence, try going for bulbs that come in pair as they are more cost-effective than the bulbs that come in a single unit.

Halogen Bulbs Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions answers people want to know while buying Halogen headlights bulbs:

  1. What are the major benefits of choosing the halogen bulbs for the headlights?

The halogen headlamps are primarily designed for the vehicles. If you are looking to have a perfect night vision while driving on the highways or in the city, the halogen bulbs are the perfect choice to make. Available in different lumens levels, these halogen headlight bulbs are the most efficient performer for all-season driving.

Additionally, they are not too harsh for the riders coming from the opposite side. So, if you were looking for a perfect headlight bulb that is both efficient and reliable, the halogen bulbs are worth considering option.

  1. Are they long-lasting?

Yes. They are. The halogens are relatively more affordable than other headlamp choices and if you are looking for more affordable and decent life, the halogen headlight lamps would the best option to go with. No matter what your driving conditions are, you can completely rely on the headlight lamps. Normally, the halogen bulbs can easily last for 2-3 years without any major issue, if you are using them with care. 

  1. Are they useful for daytime driving?

Halogens are not as efficient as the daytime running lights. Though they are affordable but for the daytime driving, they won’t be efficient. Due to the filaments used in the halogen bulbs,they may not withstand frequent switching on and off.Also, they may not be the best way to be noticed during the day time. So, if you are looking for the DRLs, you should look for the other options available in the market.

  1. My headlight bulbs are not working efficiently, what can be the reasons?

There are two major reasons why the halogen bulb may not be working properly. One reason can be animproper installation. This may be the case if you installed the bulb yourself or considered the novice mechanic for installation. Another reason may be filament failure. The main reason behind the halogen bulb failure is the filament. So, check for them, and get the issues solved as early as possible.

  1. Are they worth buying?

The halogens are the best choice for users who are looking for the best performance and reasonable rates. With the amazing performance and value for money, the halogen bulb would be an excellent choice for the users who are looking for a worthy bulb for their headlamp without making any compromise with the performance and road coverage during the night.

  1. Are they efficient enough to be chosen?

Yes, the halogen bulbs are extremely efficient, especially if you are looking for the best-in-class value. The perfect luminance and amazing value make these bulbs perfect for the buyers. So, regardless of the vehicle you are willing to install them in and your driving conditions, the halogen bulbs are going to be a perfect choice to make. The perfectly chosen halogen bulbs can be a worthy item to consider and will provide you the best-in-class value and performance. Try them and you are going to love the performance during the night.


Till now, we have described many halogen headlight bulbs that you can use as your car headlights. Hence, we are sure that you might have come across with the bulbs that suit all your needs. Before you purchase anything, read all the details very well.

But you need to consider the factors in the buying guide to make a smart and better purchase. We hope that you liked the products on our list.

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