10 Best Grease Guns 2023 [Battery and Manually Operated]

A grease gun is a lubricating tool that one can use to grease machine parts. Just like blood flows through our veins, in a machine, grease flows in between the machine parts to help its operation become better and smooth. Greasing also helps in increasing the lifespan and decreasing the damage to these parts from extra vibrations and jerks. There are many methods to have these vehicle parts greased from time to time. However, the most convenient way is using a grease gun for the purpose.

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The grease gun often has a hose so that one can reach even the tiniest spaces of machines without needing disassembly. Since these tools can be either operated manually or with a battery, a buyer can easily decide the method that they will be the most convenient with. Grease guns are generally used in big factories and industries for the enormous machines. But you can have them at your home (in the garage) to grease the engine of vehicles such as cars, trucks and even motorbikes.

In the descriptive list given below, we have described the facts and features of ten different grease guns. Other than that, we have also mentioned the pros and cons of each tool separately. You might want to go through the buying guide at the end as well when you pick a particular product.

Best Buy Grease Guns For Car Reviews

Let us start describing the details on each grease gun now –

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Grease Gun

DEWALT 20V MAX Grease Gun

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This cordless Grease Gun has a potent motor so that it delivers a psi of 10000. Its pump is also voluminous, and all its applications are high flow. It is so good that it pushes to a maximum of 5.0 ounces per minute. Many of its buyers have also claimed that its run time is exceptionally extended and does not give up easily. You will be able to reach the hardest to reach fittings with this product, which is truly exclusive to this grease gun. One more factor to appreciate in this product is its enhanced visibility. That provision is offered with the help of LED lighting on it. The lighting helps the user find fittings that need grease in even the lowest settings of surrounding lights. Additionally, it has a pump on it, which helps in entirely preventing contamination as well as dirt. Dirt can clog the pumping mechanism of the motor; hence it must be avoided at all situations so that the gun runs well and smooth in all types of cases and conditions. Since it is cordless, it is easy to use and move around. You won’t have to think about the cord getting stuck in the way while you are greasing machine fittings.


  • The product does not have cords and is hence more comfortable to move around and use.
  • It has LED lightings in its designs for enhanced vision and visibility.
  • The motor has a very high volume pump, which helps deliver 5 ounces of grease per minute.


  • The battery of the product needs to be charged well before use.

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2. Lumax Grease Gun

Lumax Grease Gun

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The Lumax Grease Gun comes with a flex hose and a deluxe pistol. The hose is 18 inches long so that you can put it at the tiniest fittings very quickly. Its overall design comprises black and steel parts, which make it look exquisite. Elegance is not something that we have noticed in many grease guns, but this product proves that a grease gun can look lovely and be functional at the same time. Lumax is known to be the best manufacturer of fluid and lubrication management products. This grease gun by them has reached the expectations of many mechanics without fail. It has the industrial-grade quality and is innovative as well. It will surely help in efficiently developing a PSI of 7000. Additionally, the tool has an air blender valve in it. This valve is beneficial in releasing trapped air inside the gun. Hence, grease flows continuously through it without getting stuck in the way. You can fill grease in it with suction, bulk fill, or even cartridges. It is a complete grease gun that will serve in your garage for many years.


  • It gives an output of 4 ounces of grease in every 100 strokes.
  • Its hose is very long and reachable to tiny motor spaces.
  • The jaws of the gun are incredibly hardened, and the gun also has a ball check and hydraulic coupler.


  • Some buyers found little leaks in their grease guns.

3. Lincoln Grease Gun

Lincoln Grease Gun

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Lincoln Grease Gun is one of the most famous grease guns that has ever hit the markets. From its grease filling capacity to grease delivering ability, everything is adored by its customers and many mechanics across America. What we liked the most about it is the price of the gun. Many grease guns these days are so costly that people cannot afford them for domestic use. Hence, this product helps in solving such problems as it is available at a very economical rate. Be it a construction site, farm, industrial plant, or automobile repair shop; this gun is there to deliver grease with the utmost feasibility. It will help buyers maintain their pieces of equipment and motor parts so that they keep working, and their jobs are never half done. Lubrication surely enhances the life of machines. If you want an affordable grease gun for that, simply go with the Lumax grease gun. Its hose has very high pressure so that the gun operates continuously. You can also control the speed of grease delivery as the gun can be operated at variable speeds per user’s needs.


  • The product’s check valve is highly accessible and lets you clean the gun and remove contaminated grease.
  • The maximum grease pressure reachable by this gun is the market at 6000 PSI.
  • The hose of the product is 30 inches long.


  • This grease gun will last years, but it cannot last generations.

4. Bravex Grease Gun

Bravex Grease Gun

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This is a very heavy duty grease gun, which is meant to be used for professional purposes. But you can also buy it to use it in your garage for your cars and trucks. It has a flex hose, which is 18 inches long, and its pistol offers an extreme grip. The gun’s working pressure reaches up to a maximum of 6000 PSI, which is enough for lubrication purposes. Grease can be loaded in it with various methods that too very quickly. The piston of the gun is sealed with an O-Ring. Due to this reason, you will never notice any grease leakage from the tool. It weighs only 3.34 pounds, and the dimensions of its packaging are – 14.6 X 5.3 X 2.6 inches. Additionally, the hose in this gun is the most qualitative and strengthened hose we have ever witnessed. It is reinforced with a coupler and spring guard for better delivery to grease. This hose also has a metal extension tube that comes with a very sharp and efficient nozzle. All in all, you are going to adore this grease gun very much.


  • The gun has many applications in industrial as well as the automobile sector.
  • It has a rubber grip on it that you can hold for better functioning of the grease gun.
  • Its canister is made from a steel tube that is cold drawn and has high durability.


  • Few buyers got defected grease guns. If you have such problems, you can easily return or replace the gun with a valid claim.

5. Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 Grease Gun

Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 Grease Gun

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This red and black grease gun is here at number five of our grease guns list. It is a bare tool better known for its excellent and smooth grease delivery. You would be surprised that its operating pressure is 10000 PSI. You would generally not come along such high operating pressure in many grease guns. But this one has secured a place in many garages because of this reason. One of the most loved and liked features of this grease gun is its grease counter dial. With this dial, any user will be able to precisely set grease outputs very easily. Hence, you won’t have to make the gun function at variable pressures instead of flowing grease in a continuous and advanced flow. With constant flow, the product will also not develop any air bubbles in it. However, for quick priming, you can also use the air bleeder provided in the tool. The hose of this grease gun is the longest till now. It measures 48 inches. Can you imagine? Furthermore, you can also take the help of the on and off lock feature for better convenience and usability.


  • This tool has two-speed design, and you can choose the settings you are convenient with.
  • There is also the availability of an on-board light on this grease gun.
  • The grease counter is patent and can be preset as per your greasing requirements.


  • The battery is compatible with many tool systems, but it needs a good amount of charging for better operation and working.

6. REXBETI Grease Gun

REXBETI Grease Gun

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We shall now discuss the features and facts of the REXBETI Grease Gun that comes with an 18-inch flexible hose. Its barrel for grease is made using steel that can be filled with high convenience at any time. With the grease gun, you will also get a pair of highly reinforced couplers. The product design is exceptionally upgraded, and it allows one to have better grease delivery to all types of machine parts. Additionally, the handle of this product is effortless to grab. It never slips as it has finger-gripping ridges on it. It is truly one of the most ergonomic handles we have ever seen on a grease gun. The gun is straightforward to operate and load with grease. Since its price is highly economical, this can be the gun that you are looking for. It creates good leverage and is also equipped with a heavy-duty plunger. Many grease guns have springs in them for better movement. But these spring are sometimes not thick enough. However, with the REXBETTI grease gun, such problems never arise. Its spring is thickened so that the tool can be operated at super intense pressure with ease.


  • The air valve in this grease gun works very well in removing air after grease application.
  • Anyone can easily understand the instructions of the use of the gun.
  • The construction of the product is excellent, and its working pressure can reach up to 6000 PSI.


  • The life span of the product will be reduced if you use it for extended intervals.

7. Carbyne Grease Gun

Carbyne Grease Gun

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The coupler of this grease gun is made from high and heavy-duty material. One of the best things about the Carbyne grease gun is that it also comes with a protective cap so that grease doesn’t drop to the floor or on any unwanted place and spots. It has a T-shaped handle which gives a firm grip at all times. This handle is also why you will be able to use the grease gun without having it slip from your hands. You can also have one-hand-operation with the amount of grip it offers. Its hose is 12 inches long and also has a spring guard. The working pressure that this gun develops can reach a maximum of 4500 PSI. Like many of the grease guns here, this tool also has an air valve to release extra air. Extra air can block the grease flow, and hence it must be removed in all types of situations. You will also get an extension with this gun, which measures 6 inches long and has high rigidity. Also, the barrel of this product is made from anodized aluminum, which is why it is very light and remains free of rust always.


  • You will get two applicators with this grease gun to decide the type of grease application you want.
  • Air pockets are never formed once you use the air valve.
  • The handle of the grease gun offers a rubber grip for a better hold.


  • The working pressure of this grease gun is a little lower than other grease guns on this list.

8. Lnchett Grease Gun

Lnchett Grease Gun

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The highest working pressure for grease flow offered by this grease gun is marked at 7000 PSI. The overall build of this gun is very sleek, and it can be handled very well even when you are a beginner. There are plenty of accessories that come with this tool. These accessories include – special nozzle, metal pipes, double couplers, etc. the tool is extremely workable. Still, please make sure to read even the tiniest instructions that come included with the grease gun. Its barrel is heavy-duty as it is made from durable steel parts. The handle has a rubber grip, and it does not slip from the handle as it fits there like a sleeve. The nozzle is also of the easy-release type, which will help you have a smooth and continuous flow of grease whenever you need it. The problem of inconsistent grease flow can be genuinely and wholly avoided once you start using the Lnchett reinforced grease gun. It weighs only 3.22 pounds, and its stretch and craftsmanship are rated very well by mechanics all over the country.


  • The attachments that come with the tool make the job of greasing very simple.
  • You can use it very easily once you understand the easy instructions that come with the tool.
  • The maximum working pressure for this grease gun is 7000 PSI.
  • The hose is long enough to grease hard to reach machine parts.


  • The bend ability of the hose must be more enhanced.

9. Plews and Edelmann Grease Gun

Plews and Edelmann Grease Gun

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This is a standard duty tool that has a black design. You can use the 14 ounces cartridges to allow better grease flow. The flex hoses come in multiple numbers and measurements with this grease gun. Hence, you can easily decide the length you require for the parts in your engines and other machines. At least one ounce of grease can be delivered with 40 strokes of this gun. If you are someone who likes doing do-it-yourself automobile projects, this tool will be ideal for you. The overall metal construction is very rigid, and you can always depend on its performance. It is suitable for domestic purposes, and you are going to like it more than any other grease guns lying in your garage. Its applications can be found in all types of industries. The company Plews and Edelmann has been at the front and leading for the past 40 years. It is also a lightweight grease gun as it only weighs 2 pounds. It also comes with a warranty period of 2 years.


  • The overall black design of the grease gun is highly updated and active.
  • You can use standard cartridges in this grease gun for proper grease flow.
  • Its performance is highly dependable.
  • You can use it as a greasing source in small as well as large projects.


  • The working pressure of this grease gun can only reach up to 6000 PSI.

10. Alemite Grease Gun

Alemite Grease Gun

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Lastly, we have mentioned the features of the Alemite 500-E 10000 PSI grease gun. Grease can be loaded in this gun in three different ways. Hence, you can choose the suction, fast refill, or cartridge method. You can always have a standard grease output with this gun as it has a distinctive and smooth lever mechanism. No matter what the metal mechanical assembly is, you will be able to impart grease on each little part very easily on them. You will also be able to put the correct amount of grease on them whenever you hope to use the Alemite grease gun. It can be operated at extreme working pressure rated at 10000 PSI. Such high pressure is never witnessed easily in many grease guns. You can use it in aeronautics, industrial, and motor parts. This handheld tool will help in the smooth functioning of all the pieces. Other components that come with the product are rigid extension, loader fittings, and coupler. One ounce of grease flows with every 21 strokes of this grease gun.


  • The cylinder capacity of this grease gun is 16 ounces.
  • The head of the product is made from die-cast aluminum.
  • There is a vinyl cover on the product’s gripper so that you always enjoy enhanced grip.
  • Grease can be filled in it with three different methods.


  • This grease gun may feel a little heavier when compared to other grease guns.

How To Choose The Best Grease Gun

Let us mention five critical factors that you must keep in mind while you go on to buy a grease gun. These factors will help you choose the best grease gun from our list. You can also use it to select grease guns already in your mind but not on our list. These five factors are –

→ 1. Fittings

Generally, grease guns come with extra fittings. We have usually seen ball checks in grease gun heads. These balls help in preventing contaminants and dirt from entering the tool. This same piece helps in connecting the coupler to the grease gun. For meeting the specific needs, these fittings come in many different sizes. You can also choose the type of angle and bend you want. Hence look for the connections very carefully while you are looking and searching for a grease gun. If you are buying the gun for industrial applications, you must go with steel fittings as they are more long-lasting.

→ 2. Operation

The operation of a grease gun can be either manual or with the use of a battery. Compared to battery-operated grease guns, manual grease guns are slower and hence dispense grease at a prolonged rate. This slow speed is more comfortable to control and manage. On the other hand, the battery-operated grease guns require a lot of practice for lubrication. However, they are very helpful in reducing operator fatigue and are known to work very well when a large amount of greasing is required in the machine parts.

→ 3. Grease per stroke

Grease guns are well known to usually dispense at least one ounce of grease by more than 70 strokes. However, depending on the construction, this amount and number of strokes can vary. If you want high speed and a larger volume of grease to be dispensed, you must choose the lesser number of strokes required for each ounce of grease application. You can easily head on to the feature description of a particular grease gun to know details on this. But if you want a slower rate of grease application, you might look up for grease guns that require a high number of strokes for a per ounce of grease delivery.

→ 4. Grease Cylinder

The grease cylinder or container of the grease gun acts like a vessel when you wish to grease your machine parts. It is extremely important to know the capacity of this grease gun cylinder. It is generally mentioned in the description in terms of ounces. If you use the tool a lot in your garage, you might want to buy a grease gun with a cylinder with high capacity. Apart from this, one must also look for the ways by which this container or cylinder needs to be filled. In the market, some grease guns must be filled with cartridges; however, others only need manual filling. Additionally, there are grease guns that can be filled with grease using more than two methods. Hence, never forget to look up for that.

→ 5. Hose Length and Handle Grip

A length hose will allow you to reach the difficult-to-reach parts in a machine, engine, or motor. There can be many spaces where your hands cannot reach. In such situations, a long hose plays a very important role. These hoses can also bend according to the path so that they enter in depth. You must also look for a grease gun that comes with a grip sleeve on its handle. These sleeves are better known to offer better holding ability of the tool to the user. No one wishes to use a grease gun that cannot be handled well and keeps slipping. Look for these two factors very carefully in the grease gun of your choice.

How To Use A Grease Gun On A Car?

Using a Grease Gun is super easy and require a little knowledge of the basic things. If you are new to grease guns and willing to use them on your car, the below-given steps will come in handy to have perfect use every single time. Let’s get started –

Step 1 –Remove Cartridge

To begin, get your grease gun and remove the cartridge out of it. While removing the empty cartridge, you have to reset the spring also. Now put the end cap, and you have to retract the spring that you can do by pulling.

Step 2 – Install a New Cartridge

Start by unscrewing the grease gun body, remove all the plastic caps and put a new cartridge here. Insert the empty end first and twist this cartridge so that it perfectly fits into the place. Remove the seal, and then you can focus on greasing the car.

Step  3 – Ensure the Grease Specification

While greasing your car, it is important to know that what type of grease you are using. Manufacturers of cars specify the type NLGI #1 or NLGI #2. Both types are different even the functionality is similar. The key difference between both types is regarding the use type in specific weather and region.

Step 4 – Clean the Surrounding

Before getting started with the greasing work, it would be an excellent choice to maintain a clean surrounding area. If you are greasing the wheels, barring and such other areas, make sure that there is no dirt or debris which can mix into the grease during this job. It doesn’t matter that if you greasing a car, bike or tractor, you have to ensure a clean environment.

Step 5 – Open the Cap

You can find small holes with a cap in every car for greasing purposes. To begin, remove the cap, and place the grease gun over it. The grease gun with perfectly fit into place and make sure that you have made a perfect contact so that no grease leak outside while using the grease gun.

Step 6 –Press the Trigger

If you are using a pressurised grease gun, then you should know that such type of grease gun can produce pressure up to 1500 psi. Chances of over greasing are higher in such situations. To avoid over greasing, you should know that how much you much is enough for the specific part. After that, install the cap again, and everything is done.

Grease Gun Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Do I Store A Grease Gun Properly?

Storing a grease gun properly is essential to maintain it for a long time effectively. Usually, grease guns should be stored horizontally for proper functioning. By storing it at this position, you can avoid overexerting the spring and plunger. Also, this will help you prevent bleeding of base oil out of the tube. While storing the gun, make sure it is depressurized and properly cleaned for appropriate usability.

  1. Which Lubricant Is Best For Grease Guns?

You can use any lubricant in a grease gun if you buy the best quality lubricants for your machinery. By using high-quality lubricants, you can ensure that it will flow smoothly and not get blocked in the nozzle. Also, you should avoid mixing lubricants to prevent your machine from damage. So, you can use different guns for different lubricants or clean the gun before using a new lubricant.

  1. How to Calibrate a Grease Gun?

Calibrating the grease gun is essential to ensure that it is performing well. To do this, you have to divide the weight of the grease into 10 parts and pump the trigger 10 times. Now, you can check the average volume of grease per stroke. Therefore, you can level your gun to a specific amount of grease per stroke and continue to work. This way, you can release the right amount of grease per stroke.

  1. How Do I Know If I Am Over Greasing Or Under Greasing?

Although greasing your machinery is important to maintain them, over greasing or under greasing can damage your machinery in the long run.

If you do over grease the machine, the machine parts may get damaged due to clogging. To avoid this, you should check the parts where you want to lubricate and ensure that there is no debris or other particles that can clog the machine. While lubricating the machine, you can pump the gun by taking little intervals instead of pumping it continuously to allow the lubricant flow properly.

If the machine is under greased, it will fail. Moreover, an under greased machine will produce noise and cause friction. Therefore, you can easily know when you are under greasing if you notice these signs. In that case, you should perform maintenance of the machine to prevent it from failure.

  1. What Are Different Types Of Grease Guns?

According to the power supply used, grease guns are divided into three types, namely manual, pneumatic, and battery. Manual grease guns are usually operated by a lever or pistol grip. Also, these are the most common grease guns to use. Manual grease guns usually use hand pumps to let you apply force to operate it.

Unlike manual grease guns, pneumatic grease guns use compressed air for operation. They usually have a hose connected to the pneumatic system, which activates them to trigger the lubricant.

Battery-powered grease guns offer maximum convenience to operate because of the wireless design. It works like pneumatic grease guns and consumes low voltage to perform. Moreover, these grease guns are easy to use.


Grease guns are very useful tools, and they find their applications in many mechanical industries, however, with the rise in the number of options, you have to be very careful with what you pick. If you do not, you will get a grease gun that will not reach all of your expectations.

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