10 Best Fuel Injector Cleaners 2022 – Trusted Reviews & Guide

It may have happened with you when you drive your vehicle that sometimes you feel a noticeable decrease in the mileage of your car or any other vehicle. There are many factors present that can affect the mileage of your vehicle, such as the type of fuel you are using, pressure in the tires, lack of regular engine maintenance, etc. But in case if you notice a significant change in the mileage of 3 to 4 gallons/liters of fuel, then this might be a clogging problem in your engine or the fuel injectors. The clogging problem mostly occurs because of the carbon waste that fuel produces after combustion.

With time, the fuel system has a lot of carbon deposits. These carbon deposits can lower the car’s performance, and carbon deposits can lead to poor fuel efficiency as well. If you go to the workshop, the mechanic will charge you hundreds of dollars to clean the fuel system, but you can do it yourself and save a lot of money. There are two types of fuel system cleaners available on the market. The first one is the additive types you can add to the fuel pump and run the car. The additive agent cleans the fuel system, and the second one is the aerosol type which needs to be sprayed at specific points. Many reliable auto brands manufacture fuel system cleaners.

If you feel that your vehicle’s fuel injector clogged-up, then it is a recommendation for you to take it to the service center, but it will cost you too high. Instead, you can easily do this task on your own with the help of a fuel injector cleaner. If you have used the fuel injector cleaner before but are looking for the best one, this post is all about you. In the market, there are too many types of fuel injector cleaners present, and these varieties can easily distract any average person. Some bad fuel injector cleaner quality can cause severe corrosion problems in your whole fuel injecting system as well. It was the main reason why we have decided to help you out in this situation by listing ten best fuel injector cleaners for the money.

Best Buy Car Fuel Injector Cleaner Reviews

Below you will get those best rated injector cleaners that are offering more value to the customers as compared to the price point.

1. Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner

Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner

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Currently, the best seller on the online stores in the fuel system cleaner field, the Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner, took the first spot. You can easily take an idea of its useability by just taking a look at its user ratings. On online stores, it got high star ratings from over two thousand people; it’s just insane. It is the 20 fluid ounce capacity of the pack, but there is one smaller pack that is also present. It not only cleans the fuel injector but also can clean up the carbon deposits from your vehicle’s fuel system. But the thing to remember is that it’s a type of fuel additive, not a dedicated injector cleaner. So, you can simply pour it into the fuel tank of your vehicle, and the rest will do it on its own while you are driving your car.

Basically, this fuel system cleaner from Chevron works on the molecule by molecule basis. In other words, it can easily dissolve the carbon deposits to pump them out of your vehicle. The base formula of this cleaner contains the light petroleum distillates and some other proprietary additives to lubricate parts of your vehicle’s fuel system. Ultimately this helps to increase the efficiency of your vehicle.


  • It can work best with both modern and old technologies of engines, so you don’t need to worry about its compatibility.
  • The best thing about this additive cleaner is that it can easily remove the microscopic amount of carbon deposits.


  • None so far

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2. LUCAS LUC10013 10013 Fuel Treatment

LUCAS LUC10013 10013 Fuel Treatment

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Another very famous fuel system treatment solution we have added on this list, this time it is the LUCAS LUC10013 10013 Fuel Treatment. It’s one gallon of cleaner for the whole fuel system of a vehicle that can easily last up to 500 gallons of fuel consumption. According to the LUCAS, they have provided a higher detergent action of cleaning solution here, and this can easily wipe or clean the carbon deposits from your fuel system. Some low-quality fuel injector cleaners can cause severe damages to the rubber and metal part of your vehicle’s fuel system. Thankfully, this is not the case with this LUCAS’s fuel treatment solution.

It’s a guarantee that it won’t be going to cause any damages like corrosion on the metal parts and rupturing the rubber elements. Instead, this cleaner can also help to lubricate the essential parts of the fuel system. The carbon deposits can cause blockage issues inside the fuel injector, which is how the engine fuel efficiency goes to its lowest point. But this cleaner helps to flush out the carbon waste by dissolving them. Some users wrote about it that after using this fuel system cleaner, they had noticed a bump of 1 to 3 MPGs of their vehicle.


  • If you want the peak performance every time from your engine, then use it for every fuel fill-up, and you will get a dramatic increase in performance.
  • You can also use it to resolve the low sulfur diesel fuel problem because it can be a perfect choice in this case.


  • None so far

3. Red Line (60103) Fuel System Cleaner

Red Line (60103) Fuel System Cleaner

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Red Line is a very famous manufacturing company that is making the essential products to help you in the routine maintenance of your vehicle. On the third spot of this list, we have the Red Line (60103) Fuel System Cleaner; it can be a game-changer to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. You can use this cleaner to clean up the carbon deposits from the fuel system parts like fuel injectors, carburetors, valves, and combustion chambers too. The best part is that you can use this cleaner in any season, no matter if it is winter or summer. It’s because the Red Line manufacturers claim that it can work and maintain its viscosity in the lowest and higher temperatures.

The compatibility part is also quite impressive because you can use it with any fuel engine of modern and old technologies, without facing a single issue. The cleaner has already contained some lubricative properties of elements, which actually help you to ensure proper lubrication of your vehicle’s fuel system. The surprising thing about this particular fuel system cleaner is that it can work perfectly with the oxygenated fuel. However, the compatibility with other fuels such as low quality of gasoline and other fuels is already higher.


  • It is a very effective detergent formula to flush out all the deposits inside the engine, and as per Red Line’s recommendation, you can use it with every fuel fill-up.
  • It can be a perfect solution to prevent corrosion problems inside the engine because of low-quality fuels.


  • The price and capacity ratio of this cleaner is a bit higher than others.

4. Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel Injector Cleaner

Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel Injector Cleaner

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It’s simple science that the vehicle engines work on the combustion and piston pumping system. Right? But the powerful combustion requires a proper combination of air and fuel to generate high power. Sometimes, when the fuel injector helps to inject the fuel inside the combustion chamber, it starts getting clogged because of some corrosion or waste disposition problems. If your vehicle’s engine faces the same problem, you can use this additive fuel injector cleaner by Royal Purple. So going down the fourth spot of this list, and here we have got the Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel Injector Cleaner for all the readers of this post.

The Royal Purple manufacturers have offered a higher detergent action power in the base formula of this additive fuel injector cleaner. Mostly the experts recommend that you should use the additive fuel injector cleaner after every three to five thousand miles. But you can use this particular cleaner after every 10,000 miles, which is fantastic plus budget-friendly. According to some users, after using this cleaner, 87% of them have noticed an incredible bump in the horsepower of their vehicle’s engines, and also it makes the fuel system more efficient for fuel consumption.


  • The quantity of this fuel injector cleaner is justifying with the price point that you are getting it on.
  • It helps to prevent or reduce the hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide emissions inside the engine.


  • None so far

5. Liqui Moly 2007 Fuel Injection Cleaner

Liqui Moly 2007 Fuel Injection Cleaner

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The lower fuel efficiency of a vehicle not only causes because of the fuel injector clogging but sometimes it happens when the valves for fuel supply also get jammed because of corrosion. If your vehicle has the same valve jam problem, then you should try this Liqui Moly 2007 Fuel Injection Cleaner. You can simply add this Liqui Moly’s cleaner into the fuel tank; it means it doesn’t require any other dedicated cleaning process. It’s a 300ml of packaging, and you can use the whole capacity of 300ml with the one full fill-up of our vehicle’s fuel tank.

Talking about the functionalities that this cleaner offers, firstly, we want to talk about the emissions-reducing properties. It can reduce the harmful emission gasses from the combustion area of an engine; ultimately, it improves the overall stability of a fuel system. The manufacturers claimed that they had used some lubrication properties of compounds in the base formula of this cleaner. In simple words, you can use this fuel injection cleaner as a lubrication solution because of its base formula structure. The Liqui Moly company has mentioned that it can be beneficial to lubricate several components of the fuel system of an engine.


  • The main goal of the manufacturers of this cleaner is to restore your vehicle’s overall performance and drivability.
  • By using this fuel injector cleaner, you can ensure to clean the fuel intake valve clean every time.


  • Some of the users found it a bit less compatible with many engines.

6. STP Fuel Injector Cleaner

STP Fuel Injector Cleaner

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In case if you are seeking a fuel injector cleaner that can work with more gallons/liters of fuel with less quantity, so you should give a try to this particular cleaner. The STP’s Fuel Injector Clear comes with a highly concentrated solution, in simple words, the one packaging of 5.25 fluid ounce of cleaner can efficiently perform pretty well, even if you want to use it with a full tank of fuel. The STP manufacturer says that it can easily restore the lost performance of a piston engine by cleaning every single impurity.

Talking about the compatibility of this injector, so it shows higher compatibility with both older and new technology of engine systems. However, it is also a great option if you want to use it with the cap-less gas systems. The super-concentrated formula or this cleaner has included some awesome and useful compounds, such as petroleum and other additives, to make it a lubrication agent. The other active detergent properties and the elements are providing a high detergent action power to flush out the rigorously accumulated deposits. In our opinion, this can be a perfect option for almost all types of piston engine’s cleaning and conditioning.


  • It can improve fuel efficiency by making the change of fuel injectors spraying and fuel delivery ability.
  • Here you are getting two bottles of 5.25 ounce of cleaner, which is quite reasonable according to the price segment.


  • None so far

7. Marvel Mystery Oil 50665 Fuel Treatment

Marvel Mystery Oil 50665 Fuel Treatment

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If your vehicle has a new technology of direct fuel injection system, we want to let you know that most of the standard fuel injector cleaner will not work for your vehicle. Still, if you want the best fuel system cleaner that works best for the engine type of your vehicle, you should try this Marvel Mystery Oil 50665 Fuel Treatment. It is a 12 filled ounce of fuel system cleaner pack. According to the Marvel Mystery Oil manufacturing company, you can use this 12 ounce of the bottle for every 16 gallons of fuel.

The best part about this fuel treatment that we liked the most is that it shows excellent compatibility with almost all types of engines. The manufacturers claim that it can easily help to remove more than 99% of deposits, even hardly accumulated deposits. Sometimes because of the unstabilized fuel, the engine faces the start-up problem; in this case, you can try this treatment. It’s because it can work as an excellent fuel stabilizer too, and you won’t going to face the start-up issues in your vehicle, even after months. You can use it by pouring into the fuel tank of your vehicle, and it supports all the fuels you can use to run your vehicle.


  • It works great with almost all the engine or fuel systems; you won’t get any issue in this department.
  • The capacity and price ratio is pretty good for this fuel treatment solution’s bottle.


  • Some users complained that it doesn’t work in a correct manner with the microscopic level of carbon deposits.

8. Stanadyne Fuel Injector Cleaner

Stanadyne Fuel Injector Cleaner

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Stanadyne Fuel injector cleaner is offering an advanced formula to each buyer. This cleaning formula works as multi-purpose uses of the formula that helps in different tweaking things for a vehicle’s fuel injection system. But firstly, we want to talk about the best thing about this pack that we and other users like the most about it. Yes, you got it right, we are talking about the capacity value as compared to the price. This pack is offering a total of four bottles, and each of them has 8 ounces of concentrate-fuel injector cleaning solution/formula.

Now let’s move forward to the functionality section of this Stanadyne Fuel Injector Cleaner, so first of all, let’s talk about the cleaning performance of this cleaner. The manufacturing company says that you can use it after every 10,000 miles of the drive to clean up the whole fuel system. One bottle of 8 ounces can perform the whole cleaning task by pouring it into one full fuel tank. In short, you can use this highly concentrated formula of fuel injector cleaner for every 25 gallons of fuel. And if you drive your car on a regular basis, in this situation, this budget-friendly pack will be going to last more than one year without any issue.


  • It works as a cleaner and as a conditioner by lubricating the whole fuel system after every use.
  • You are getting four bottles of fuel injector cleaner, and each of them has 8 ounces of capacity, that’s why it seems a good deal at this price.


  • None so far

9. BG 44k PLATINUM Fuel System Cleaner

BG 44k PLATINUM Fuel System Cleaner

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On the ninth spot of this list, we have another BG 44k PLATINUM Fuel System Cleaner. If you had used any other fuel system cleaner, but now you are looking for a replacement, then you can take a look at this cleaner too. It’s a premium segment of fuel system cleaner, which means you have to invest a bit extra to buy this cleaner. In our view, your spending amount will be going to worth it because of its amazing ability to clean the hardly accumulated deposits inside the fuel system.

The BG manufacturers haven’t cleared in the main description section of this cleaner about its compatibility. When we scrolled the review section a bit, then we found out that many consumers are writing that it is working pretty fine with various vehicles and models. Even it can be a perfect option if you are looking for a fuel system cleaner for old models or hybrid models of engines. It’s a fuel additive type of cleaner, but according to the manufacturers, you don’t need to use it after every 5,000 miles of the drive. Instead, the recommended use for this cleaner is after every 10,000 miles or drive.


  • This premium segment of fuel system cleaner has higher capability plus the detergent action ability to clean the whole fuel system with one 11 oz of the bottle.
  • Because it is a fuel additive type of cleaner, so you don’t need to go through the dedicated cleaning process, just pour it inside the fuel tank, and you are ready to go.


  • None so far

10. STP Super Concentrated Cleaner

STP Super Concentrated Cleaner

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Did you like the sixth spot of this super-concentrated cleaner of this post? If yes, then it is going to be a similar experience for you with this spot of fuel injector cleaner. On the last spot of this list, we have the STP Super Concentrated Cleaner. The thing to remember is that it is a pack of fuel system cleaner with up to 12 bottles included in a single pack. Each of them has a similar capacity of 5.25 fluid ounces.

This super concentrate cleaning formula has very similar properties to the sixth number of the cleaner of this post. This one again shows higher compatibility with the cap-less gas-consuming systems. However, the overall performance of this cleaner is very effective with most of the fuels like gasoline, petroleum fuel, diesel fuel, etc.


  • It works as a great cleaning agent to restore the real power of an engine by increasing fuel efficiency.
  • Some users reported that it also works pretty well with the microscopic carbon waste deposits.


  • None so far

How To Choose The Best Fuel Injector Cleaner

There are many factors present that you have to consider before buying a fuel injector cleaner for your vehicle if you are seriously looking for the best one. We can understand how hard it is for an average person who does not know much about this field. It is the main reason why we have decided to help you out by listing some considerable points that every buyer should look at before making any purchase related to the fuel injector cleaners.

  • Should Increase Fuel Efficiency

The improved and excellent fuel efficiency is an indication that your vehicle’s fuel system doesn’t have too much blockage or clogging issues. Before making any purchase related to the fuel injector cleaners, you should always give higher preferences to the fuel efficiency point. You can get an idea about your desired cleaner’s fuel efficiency and increasing properties by reading some reviews about it. Most of the time, you will get a slight bump or increase in fuel efficiency with the standard cleaners.

But on this post, we have already added some options that can dramatically increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle’s engine. You can choose a perfect fit or choice of cleaner by going through each option that we have listed on this post.

  • Dissolving The Hard And Microscopic Deposits

It is the main reason why you are buying a fuel injector cleaner for. The fuel injector got jammed because of the carbon waste that occurs after each combustion. And this carbon waste start accumulates inside the various parts of the fuel system of the engine. Ultimately, this causes severe clogging and jamming issues inside your vehicle’s engine. And a clogged fuel system of an engine can’t provide you better fuel efficiency to you. Therefore, you need to buy the right type of cleaner to dissolve the accumulated carbon waste and flush it out from the primary fuel system.

In this post, we have already listed some options that offer strong detergent actions to solve your vehicle’s fuel system clogging problem. In our opinion, you should choose a cleaner alternative that can easily help to dissolve the microscopic level of deposits too.

  • Lubrication Property

If you own a vehicle for a very long time, then you may know that the low quality of fuel can cause the corrosion problems inside your vehicle’s whole fuel supplying system. Not only this but sometimes the bad quality of fuel injector cleaners can also cause corrosion problems. To deal with this kind of problem, you should always choose a cleaner that comes with some additives elements that have the lubrication properties. This is how your chosen cleaner can work not only to clean but also lubricate valves, rubber kits, and other metal parts of the system.

If you are wondering about this type of lubrication properties of cleaner, then don’t worry because here on this list, we have already listed some of them in this post. You can go through all of this post’s options related to fuel injector cleaner to choose the best one according to your needs.

  • Cost

Some of the readers of our post might have problems such as the low budget to buy the best out of the best fuel injector cleaner. If you are also dealing with a strict budget to buy a good quality cleaner, then this post can work as a stress buster for you. We are very confident because here on this post; we have listed the fuel system cleaners or fuel injector cleaner after keeping every budget into consideration.

How To Use Fuel Injector Cleaner?

Using a fuel injector cleaner surely helps in achieving the same performance out of your car that you availed when the car was new. However, if you use the fuel injector cleaner in the wrong manner, you can end up reducing the effectiveness. Most manufacturers of cars specify the right method in the user manual. The simplest method to use a fuel injector cleaner is as follow –

Step 1 – Choose the right type

The market has a range of fuel injector cleaners available in the market and finding the right one might be an exhausting job. The easy method to find a perfect option is by looking at a fuel injector cleaner which can make your car run smoothly and help in boosting the engine power.

Choosing a good fuel injector cleaner will be easy if you look forward to buying versatile products. The versatile ones can be used in diesel as well as petrol-powered engines. There will be no consequences, however, such types of cleaners come with a slightly expensive price tag.

Step 2 – Preparing the cleaner

While using the fuel injector cleaner, you might want to put it into the empty fuel tank, and it is one of the optimal methods. Remove the gas cap of your car, and ensure that the car fuel tank is almost empty. Now, you can put the labelled amount for the model of your car or SUV.

You can read out the user manual to ensure the adequate amount mentioned by the manufacturer. Remove the cap of cleaner and start pouring it into the car tank. Make sure that the liquid cleaner is going inside and it is not dripping at all. Now, place the fuel injector cleaner cap, and you are good to go now.

Step 3 – Fill your Gas Tank Adequately

After pouring the given amount of fuel injector cleaner, you can fill the gas tank. As we discussed before, using the cleaner with an empty gas tank is always better. But after that, you should fill the gas tank to an adequate amount instead of filling it to the top.

Once you have done following all the steps, you have cleaned the gas tank effectively, and you will be able to find performance gains after driving a few miles using the same. It usually takes less than an hour to clean the car’s gas tank effectively. For your help check the below video:

Car Fuel Injector Cleaner Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to Store Fuel Injectors Properly?

Fuel injectors are usually made of different types of steel materials. If they get exposed to the environment, then they can get rust easily. Therefore, they should be stored appropriately to prevent corrosion. When you want to store the fuel injector outside, you need to ensure that they are not prone to get rust. First, you can remove the dirt and other particles from inside and outside of the injector. Then lubricate it and put it in a sealed container or plastic bag. Now, you can keep it in a cool and dry place.

  1. Will It Increase My Vehicle’s Gas Mileage?

Yes, by using a fuel injector cleaner, you can increase the gas mileage of your vehicle. Fuel injector cleaners are used to clean all debris and dirt found in the fuel system. By doing this, you can allow your engine to work efficiently. This way, it will consume less fuel and increase mileage. 

  1. Will It Be Harmful to My Vehicle If I Switch The Brand Of Fuel Injector Cleaner?

No, it won’t harm your vehicle. You should follow the instructions for using the product to get your desired results. Thus you can use fuel injector cleaners of different brands in your vehicle effectively.

  1. What Are Different Types Of Fuel Injector Cleaners?

Fuel injector cleaners are usually two types, and those are dissolvent and detergent.

Dissolvent fuel injector cleaners are mostly used than detergent types. These cleaners use polyetheramine to provide better results. It breaks the impurities in the fuel system into small pieces so that they can be removed through the exhaust system easily.

Because many people doubt whether detergent fuel injector cleaners clean the fuel system, these are not as popular as dissolvent fuel injector cleaners. These cleaners perform some chemical reaction to let the carbon composites slide out to the exhaust system easily.

  1. Will Using Fuel Injector Cleaner Improve My Vehicle’s Performance?

Yes, it will improve performance. Usually, your engine struggles to perform well when there are impurities or dirt in the system. By cleaning the fuel system, you can let the engine work at its full potential. Moreover, this will also reduce the maintenance costs of your vehicle.

  1. Which Is The Right Frequency To Clean The Fuel Injectors?

Actually, there is no specific time frame to follow for cleaning your fuel injectors. This frequency can vary from vehicle to vehicle. You can check the manual of your car to find out the right time for cleaning the fuel injector. Moreover, you can follow the advice of the mechanic or consider the type of fuel you use to decide the right time for cleaning your fuel injector.

  1. Are Fuel Injector Cleaners Beneficial For Leaks?

No, these products can’t solve the leaking issue individually. However, they can help you find a leak. While cleaning the fuel system, you can locate a leak on your system once the pressure is built. If there is a leak, then you can consult a mechanic or fix it with a professional mechanic patch.                          


In any case, it makes sense financially to clean the fuel system yourself. These products are easy to use if you know which product you should use. To help you choose the right fuel system cleaner for your car, we have listed some of the best options available on the market. You can go ahead and check out the list of best-selling fuel system cleaners above, and you can use it on the car’s fuel system to get a better fuel economy and a better pick-up.

It seems understandable that choosing a fuel injector cleaner can be tough when you do not know much about these cleaners. If you don’t want to go through the research kind of stuff to get some relatable and useful recommendations related to fuel injector cleaner, then this post was all about you.

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