The Best Engine Cleaner Degreasers

The engine compartment is one of the dirtiest areas in the car. There is a lot of build-up on the car’s engine. A lot of gunk, grease, and dust sticks to the engine compartment. It is crucial to clean the engine bay every three months. It helps you in preventing any kind of build-up, which may result in corrosion. The advantage of having a clean engine bay is that you can spot the problems and leaks easily. It also becomes easy to repair in case of any issue. Degreasing the agent is simple, and they even add cosmetic appeal to the car.

What is Engine Degreaser used for?

A degreaser can help you in cleaning the engine from the outside. It eliminates the need to use scrubber on the engine, which reduced the chance of any damage. The principal constituent of these degreasers is hydrocarbon solvents, which quickly dissolve the grease and other oily residues in it. You can use these degreasing agents on different surfaces like tiles, floors, and other metallic surfaces. Using these cleaning agents is also easy.

When you plan to degrease the engine, you need to clean the debris with the help of a compressed engine and spray the engine degreaser on the engine. Let the degreaser work for some time and then wipe it with a clean cloth or wash it as per the instructions. You can use the degreaser yourself at home, and it is worth purchasing the degreaser for your car.

Best Buy Engine Bay Degreaser Reviews

In this section, you will find the top rated engine bay degreaser that are easily available online. These can help you in degreasing the engine. Some multi-purpose products are available on the USA market, and we have added some of those degreasers on the list.

1. KRUD KUTTER KK32 Concentrated Degreaser

KRUD KUTTER KK32 Concentrated Degreaser

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Let us start our list with the most popular option. Yes, we have a product from Krud Kutter at number 1, and it is one of the best degreasers that you will find in the market. It is available in a 32 ounce pack, and you can choose between a pack of 1, 2, 6, or 12. If you need a more quantity, then you can opt for the single 5 gallon pack. It is a highly concentrated formula. Apart from cleaning the engine, you can use it to clean the building material, tiles, ladders, and other such places.

Apart from being a multi-purpose cleaner, this engine degreaser is non-flammable. You can use it safely in the chimney and the engine bay. The formula is water based, and it is also biodegradable. This degreaser is free from xylene, and that makes it safe for use at home. The degreaser is effective in cleaning smoke damage, tree sap, bird droppings, drink stains, adhesive marks, and other such ugly looking spots.


  • It is a water based formula that is biodegradable and non-flammable.
  • It is a highly concentrated formula, but at the same time, it is not corrosive.
  • The engine degreaser is available in various pack sizes.


  • Nothing that we could find.

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2. Gunk FEB1 Foamy Engine Brite Engine Cleaner

Gunk FEB1 Foamy Engine Brite Engine Cleaner

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You can rely on the engine degreaser from gunk if you are looking for a product that is specially designed to clean the engine. This product is available as a foam. You just need to spray this on the foam on the engine bay and rinse it after 15 minutes. It is also available in an original form, and it is also available in a gel form. You can use the gel-based engine degreaser if you have baked dust on the engine. This engine degreaser is a safe option, and you can be sure that it would not damage any components in the engine bay.

Gunk is one of the most reliable brands, and it quickly removes the dirt, grime, and even grease from the engine. If you like shiny metal, then you can buy an engine shiner from gunk. The engine shiner will make your engine look like a new one.


  • There is no scrubbing needed when you are using this foamy engine degreaser.
  • This product is available in three variants for varying levels of build-up.
  • It is safe to use, and it takes just about 15 minutes to clean all the build-up.


  • This degreaser should not be used on other surfaces.

3. Chemical Guys CLD_201_16 Signature Series Orange Degreaser

Chemical Guys CLD

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Are you looking for an engine degreaser that smells good? Have a look at this option from Chemical Guys. It is a citrus-based formula that is known to cut through the hardened grease easily. You can easily clean the grime, debris, and dirt from the engine bay using this engine degreaser. It loosens the build-up within minutes. You can rinse the engine after you have left the degreaser for 10 to 15 minutes. It is a highly concentrated formula, and you can also dilute it as per your needs.

You can also use this degreaser on machinery and other things like tires, rims, and wheels. You can even clean the floor using this engine degreaser. Overall, it is easy to use, and it leaves behind a pleasant citrusy smell that enables you to use the degreaser inside the home as well. If you do not mind spending a little extra, we would recommend you to buy this engine degreaser which is also very versatile.


  • This engine degreaser has a citrus-based formula, and it smells very pleasant.
  • The cleaner is available in an easy to spray bottle. You can even buy a gallon pack.
  • This engine degreaser can be used to clean machinery, tires, tools, rims, and even undercarriages.


  • This engine degreaser is slightly more expensive than the other engine degreasers available in the market.

4. Spray Nine 22732 Grez-Off Heavy Duty Degreaser

Spray Nine 22732 Grez-Off Heavy Duty Degreaser

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At number 4, we have an engine degreaser from Spray nine. Spray Nine is a famous brand popular for robust cleaning solutions. It can quickly remove the grease and grime on the engine, which has accumulated over the period. It is a water based formula, and it is non-flammable. It is also biodegradable, so you can use it without worrying about the environment. This cleaning formula is also non-acidic, so the advantage is that it would not destroy the parts in the engine bay. The USDA approves this degreaser, and it is also compliant with all the VOC regulations.

This engine degreaser can help you in restoring the original shine of the engine or the machinery since this degreaser can be used on asphalt so you can clean your driveway with the help of this engine degreaser. Overall, this degreaser is reliable, and you can buy it without concerns about the cleaning abilities.


  • It is a water based engine degreaser that is non-acidic, non-flammable & biodegradable.
  • It is compliant with VOC regulations, and it is approved by USDA as well.
  • You can use this engine degreaser on other things like floor, exhaust, vents, grills, farm equipment, chrome, asphalt, and even on plastic.


  • Nothing as such.

5. MEGUIAR’S D10801 Super Degreaser

MEGUIAR'S D10801 Super Degreaser

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If you are looking for a professional quality degreaser, then you must go ahead and considerengine degreaser from Meguiar’s. It is an engine detailer that offers a residue-free performance. It acts fast on the hardened build-up, and it is also powerful. A lot of other engine degreaser leaves a residue on the engine. You can wipe it or rinse the solution quickly. You can pour the liquid in the spray bottle, and it will help you in spraying the engine degreaser efficiently. You will notice that it instantly acts on the grease and baked dust.

This super degreaser has an herbal fragrance, so after you wash the engine, you will notice a pleasant smell. You can also use this degreaser from Meguiar’s in different places, which includes floor, chimney, chrome, stainless steel, and plastic. It helps you in getting a cleaner surface with every swipe. You can use this solution to clean your engine every 3 months, and you will notice the difference.


  • This degreaser has an herbal fragrance, and it is very pleasant.
  • It is easy to apply, and it is also safe to use this degreaser.
  • The degreaser doesn’t leave any stains or residue on the surface. It is easy to wipe or rinse the degreaser from any surface.


  • This degreaser can cause irritation in eyes and on skin.

6. Purple Power (4320P) Industrial Strength Degreaser

Purple Power

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Safety should be the primary concern when you are buying the engine degreasers. If you are looking for a product that has an industrial-grade strength, but that is also safe to use, then you should have a look at this engine degreaser from Purple Power. It is a concentrated formula that efficiently removes oil, grease, and dirty. After cleaning the surface, it also creates a barrier between the surface and the stain, which helps you in retaining the shiny finish for a long time. Toughest stain and baked dust is not a problem for this engine degreaser from Purple Power.

It is also better to invest your money in an engine degreaser that can be used on multiple surfaces. The advantage of buying this engine degreaser is that you can use it in home, farm, marine, and shop as well. The solutions is phosphate-free, non-abrasive, and non-flammable. With all these advantages, it is worth buying this 1 gallon pack from Purple Power.


  • It is a safe option as the solutions is phosphate-free, non-abrasive, and non-flammable.
  • It is available in a 1 gallon pack, and it is also available at an affordable price.
  • This engine degreaser is tough on stains, but it is mild on the engine.


  • Nothing as such.

7. Simple Green 19128 Crystal Industrial Degreaser

Simple Green 19128 Crystal Industrial Degreaser

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While repairing a car, you might need to clean the spare parts. It can be challenging to wash the parts with just soap and water. You would need a fragrance free solution when you are looking for a degreaser for such use. This engine degreasers from Simple Green can prove to be very handy in such a case. It is a concentrated solution that is highly effective. In terms of safety, this engine degreaser is non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, and biodegradable. The best part about this engine degreaser is that it has no added color and fragrance.

You can go ahead and invest in this engine degreaser, and it will prove to be of great help. This pack is available in 1 gallon pack. The cleaner is also VOC compliant, and it has a non-caustic formula that would not cause any type of corrosion. You would not have to scrub the spare parts after using this cleaning solution. If you own a workshop, it is best to buy this engine degreaser.


  • This engine degreaser is manufactured without the use of fragrance or color.
  • It is an excellent degreasing solution for engine parts and other spare parts.
  • It is a non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous and biodegradable


  • Nothing that we could notice.

8. Aero Cosmetics Wash Degreaser for Car

Aero Cosmetics Wash Degreaser

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Moving on to number 8, we have a product from Aero Cosmetics. You can use this engine degreaser to clean your car, boat, RV, home, motorcycle, and even airplane. You can use this engine degreaser on tires, and you would not have to worry about damage to the tires. To use this engine degreaser in waterless mode, you can simply spray it on a surface and wipe the surface with the table. If you wish to use it in the water mode, then you can apply the degreaser on the surface, and you can rinse the area after scrubbing it.

This engine degreaser is one of the most versatile options available in our list, and it is a water based formula. There is no presence of alcohol or ammonia in this engine degreaser, so it becomes safe to use the degreaser without water. You will notice that this product from Aero Cosmetics is available at an affordable price, and it works the best on all types of surfaces.


  • It is a multi-purpose engine degreaser that can be used on anything without worries of damage.
  • It can be used in waterless mode and wet wash mode.
  • The solution is biodegradable, and it also meets the cleaning requirements as per the Airbus and Boeing.


  • It is quite a fantastic engine degreaser, and we couldn’t notice any shortcomings.

9. Griot’s Garage 11235 Engine Detailing Kit

Griots Garage 11235 Engine Detailing Kit

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You can’t just expect a clean engine with the engine degreaser only. You must also use a shiner to get the right finish. Here is a combo pack from Griot’s that can help you in restoring the finish of your engine. You can first use the engine cleaner to degrease the engine bay. In the next step, you can use the engine bay dressing to restore the shiny finish for your engine. If you need a satin finish, then you must only spray one coat of dressing, but if you want a glossy finish, then you must spray multiple layers of the dressing.

The kit has everything that you would need to maintain the shiny engine of your car. Since these products are available in aerosol cans, it is straightforward to spray and use them. This product from Griot’s Garage is worth looking at, and we are sure that you are going to love this degreaser and shiner.


  • It is a complete kit that includes the shine as well as a degreaser. It helps you in restoring the shine to the engine.
  • You can customize the level of the shine that you need for your engine by altering the number of sprays.
  • The aerosol can make it very easy to spray the product.


  • The shiner can be extremely flammable, so you need to exercise precaution while using the kit.

10. Permatex 80043 Eliminator II Engine Degreaser

Permatex 80043 Eliminator II Engine Degreaser

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Aerosol cans are easiest to use as you will be able to spray them without any pumping action. Here is one such product from Permatex that is available in aerosol cans. It has a 20ounce packing, and it can be used on any surface or equipment. The solution can clean the steel, iron, aluminum, copper, and magnesium surfaces. You can even use it on plastic and concrete. Be assured that this solution will not harm the surface or destroy it. After spraying the degreaser, you need to rinse it with the water, and you will notice a shiny surface back to life.

If you are looking for something easy to use, then you can invest in this engine degreaser, and you will be happy with the performance. It is robust yet non-corrosive.


  • This degreaser is available in an aerosol can, and hence it is easy to spray the degreaser.
  • The spray can be used on a variety of surfaces, including copper, magnesium, iron, aluminum, concrete, plastic, and steel.
  • It is a professional grade engine degreaser that is tough on stains.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

How To Choose The Best Engine Degreaser

If you are still not able to shortlist the engine degreaser for yourself, then we are going to help you. We have listed a short buying guide for you that will help you in identifying the factors that will impact the purchase of the engine degreaser. You can go through the points listed below to get a fair idea of all these factors. So, let us now have a look at all these details that will make the purchase easy for you.

1. Type of Degreaser

In general, there are two types of degreasers available in the market. One of them is petroleum based, and the second one is water based. The petroleum based is a lot more affordable than the water based, and they are also a lot more effective. Some of the petroleum based degreasers can be harmful to the plastic, so just ensure that if you are buying a petroleum based degreaser, it is safe to use. Talking about the water based degreaser, it is a milder option, and it won’t harm any surface. These are usually more environmental friend options. In addition to this, you will find these degreasers in the form of liquid or foam. You can buy what you find convenient to use.

2. Multi-Purpose Use

Why buy a degreaser that only works on the engine? Why not choose a product that can help you in degreasing many other types of surface. Our recommendation is to buy a multi-purpose degreaser that will make it easy for you to clean a lot of different places. These types of degreasers will enable you to clean the oven, cooktop, countertop, chimney, and similar places where it can get very oily.

3. Safe to Use

No matter what type of degreaser you buy, ensure that it is safe to use. You must also ensure that the degreaser is not harming the gaskets, rubber hose, and other such things in your engine bay. If you have a painted engine, then ensure that the engine degreaser is not harming the paint in any way. You may also look out for the eco-friendly option. The cleanliness should not come at the cost of harming Mother Nature.

4. Smell

The next thing to look at while buying an engine degreaser is the smell. Avoid buying a product with a scent that irritates your nose. Those are usually full of chemicals. The fact is that the usage of the degreaser might not be restricted to the car. You might use the degreaser at other places as well. In such a scenario, it becomes quite essential to consider the smell of the degreaser and ensure that it is pleasant

5. Easy to Use

While the engine degreaser should be safe to use, at the same time, engine degreaser should also be easy to use. You do not want a product that would force you to scrub the surface. You also do not want a product that creates a mess while you are using it. Prefer spray bottles or aerated spray foams that are very easy to use. If you have a spray bottle at home, then you can also consider buying the bulk packs of the engine degreaser.

6. Quantity

Look at the quantity available in the engine degreaser. Looking at the amount will help you in ensuring that you do not run out of engine degreaser very frequently. The smaller packs may not be a perfect option for the value for money. Instead, you can buy engine degreaser is bulk quantity, especially if they are multi-purpose products. It will help you in maintaining a clean home and a decent car.

7. Brand

Pay some attention to the brand of the engine degreaser as well. Ensure that you buy products from a reliable brand. It is not worth purchasing the non-branded products because they always come with a certain level of risk. These engine degreasers may harm the material if they are very corrosive. It is best to buy the brands that have a good reputation in the market.

8. Price

The last thing that we want you to consider is the price of the engine degreaser. Ensure whatever you are buying has a reasonable price point. You can compare the cost per gallon of the cleaner, and it will help you in establishing the comparison quickly.

How to Use an Engine Degreaser to Clean Engine Bay?

Cleaning your engine bay is important to ensure proper performance and a smoother driving experience. Here are some steps to help you clean your engine bay using an engine degreaser.

  • Clean Your Car Engine:

First, you need to clean your engine to make it ready for applying the engine degreaser. If the engine is dusty or dirty, then you can’t use an engine degreaser spray in it.

  • Make the Engine Dirt Free

You should clean all the dirt from your engine bay,such as leaves, grass, paper, etc. This is an important step because this debris can affect your overall engine performance. So do this first before using the engine degreaser.

  • Ensure to Protect Your Car’s Electrical Components:

When cleaning your car engine, you need to ensure that the electrical parts are safe from water. This can damage your electrical parts and affect the overall performance of the electrical parts. To prevent this, you can remove the battery from your car’s engine and clean it carefully outside. Then you can cover the wirings and battery terminals of your car with plastic to prevent damage.

  • Heat the Engine to Remove the Grease:

To remove the grease from your car engine bay, you can keep the engine in running condition for five to ten minutes. This will heat the engine so that the grease can be removed easily.

  • Use Degreasing Spray

Now you can apply the engine degreaser to degrease your engine. You should always take proper protection while degreasing your car engine so that there will be no damage to your car parts or injury to you.

Once you have cleaned the car engine, you can opt for applying the degreaser on your engine. You should purchase a good quality degreaser spray for this step. The degreaser spray can remove the grease and dirt from your engine, making it completely clean. This will enhance the life of your car engine and ensure smooth running.

When using a degreaser spray, you need to make sure that you are not applying it on any painted part of your car. This way, you can prevent damaging your car’s paint. Also, you should follow the guidelines of the manufacturer for proper usability.

  • Clean the Car Components:

Once you have applied the degreaser spray to your engine, you should clean the parts of your car. This will keep your car engine in good condition and ensure proper performance.

Engine Degreaser Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the ingredients present in the engine degreaser?

The engine degreaser usually consists of various ingredients, such as a mixture of aliphatic and aromatic solvents. Organic solvents, emulsifiers, and water altogether act in the process of degreasing. However, the sodium carbonate remains the principal active ingredient of an engine degreaser. They help in removing the dirt and grease along with protection against the rust.

2. Why do I need to use a degreaser in the engine?

Yes, when you do not give proper servicing to the car’s engine for a long time, it’s performance starts deteriorating. However, the addition of simple elements such as an engine degreaser and its timely use can keep your car’s engine ever ready and new. It has a potent action in dissolving the stubborn dirt with the help of its emulsifying action.

3. What happens if I don’t use an engine degreaser?

You will slowly notice a fall in the working of the engine. It will heat up readily and slow down the function. Spraying the engine degreaser takes care of the car’s engine just in the right amount.

4. How is a contact cleaner different from a degreaser?

Engine degreasers are exclusively designed for removing particles like grease, dirt, and other stubborn build-ups from the engine surface. These dirt particles interfere with the engine’s performance. On the other hand, a contact cleaner is used primarily for electrical elements, such as switch, conductive surfaces, and other electrical components.

5. Do I need to take safety precautions while using it?

Yes, you need to be careful while using the engine degreasers as they are flammable. Make sure to use it in an open and well-ventilated region. Avoid smoking or any other fire-related activity that can readily catch fire with the spray. Do not inhale or contact with skin. If it irritates your skin, wash it with loads of water.

6. Is it true that the degreasers are inflammable? How to ensure safety?

Yes, degreasers are inflammable. You can ensure safety by following the instructions mentioned above. You can also opt for degreasers that are non-inflammable. However, those are quite costly and considered more toxic than standard ones.

7. What is the dielectric strength? How is it related to the degreaser?

The degreaser with higher dielectric strength is much better and safe than the lower ones. The higher is the dielectric strength, the lesser is the risk.

8. Does it require shutting off the engine before using it?

To use the engine degreaser, it is better if you turn on the engine for 2 to 5 minutes and then let it cool down. The degreaser works more efficiently in dissolving the grease when it is warm.

9. Are the degreasers a danger to the environment?

Usually, oil-based degreasers are more harmful to the environment in contrast to the water-based ones. It can readily dissolve in the soil or contribute to ozone formation. It can cause environmental pollution.

10. How is a manual degreaser different from an automated one?

Automated degreasers are more popular because of their effective cleaning and easy handling.


These were the top ten engine degreasers available in USA the market. We hope that the review of the degreasers will help you in shortlisting the product. If you are confused, it is better to check out the buying guide. That will help you in understanding which product to buy. If you want more information about any of the engine degreasers in the list, then you can click on the product link associated with them. The link will redirect you to the Amazon Product Page, where you will not only find all the information, but you will also find the details of the deals available on these engine degreasers.

Ensure that you buy the right quality product and ensure that the engine degreaser that you are buying is easy to use. For any questions about degreasing the engine, you can leave a comment in the comments section. We will try and answer the question at the earliest. You can also share this website with your friends and family,who are often looking for recommendations for the products related to automobiles. This website is a one-stop solution for the people seeking recommendations and reviews of auto products.

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