The Best Dash Covers For Cars 2023 [Keep Dashboard Clean]

Are you looking for the right dash covers? If yes, this article can help you get the good quality dashboard cover from the market today. As you already know, if you check the market, you will find a diverse number of products. Most of them could be from a generic brand and few of them from reputed brands. The diversity of the dashboard cover market is not just limited to brand, but also in quality, price, features, and material. Hence, it has become very difficult for any customer to pick the best dashboard cover for the money.

Over the past few years, the quality of the dashboard has decreased and the design and style have been limited to few. We are talking about daily commuter vehicles; however, full-option cars and high-end cars might not have a limit to the dashboard design, so most of the customers would be satisfied. Nevertheless, people who dislike the ugly dashboard design can redo the dashboard using dashboard covers.

To make things easier for you and to help you get the top quality dashboard cover, we have carefully reviewed more than two dozen dashboard covers and have shortlisted and selected 10 best dashboard covers with a better price, overall quality, top-rated brand, and higher positive customer reviews.

Best Car Dash Covers For The Money

Here is the list:

1. WOLF, dashboard cover, 1424-0025

WOLF, dashboard cover

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Most of the people are not familiar with the brands that manufacture and market dashboard covers because most of these brands deal with only one product. The brand Wolf is one of the top-rated dashboard cover brands on the market today. if you need the best product, you should not neglect this product.

This dashboard cover is designed and manufactured for “select new generation” cars that have three defrost vents on the dashboard. This product is made of fiber carpet that makes it resistant to unraveling and fraying. One of the best things about this product is that it is designed to be UV-ray and shrink resistant. Unlike most of the products available on the market, this dashboard cover comes with precut openings that will allow the user to access dashboard appliances. Yet another thing that makes this product unique is that it is designed in such a way that it does not disrupt the deployment of airbags. The hook and loop fasteners that come incorporated into this dashboard cover makes it easy to install and uninstall.


  • Hook and loop fastener incorporated
  • Easy to install
  • Pre-cut openings for all dashboard appliances
  • Heat and UV resistant design
  • Does not disrupt the functioning of airbags


  • Nothing as such

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2. Covercraft, dashboard cover, 1541-00-25

Covercraft, dashboard cover

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Covercraft is one of the leading brands on the market today that manufactures and markets top-quality car protection accessories. This dashboard cover comes from the same brand and has gained positive reviews from almost every customer it has. If you are a Dodge Ram owner and if you need a dashboard cover, then, 1541-00-25 is the best option for you.

This fiber carpet material made dashboard cover comes designed to resist fray and unraveling once installed. The product is shrinking and UV-ray resistant, which will protect the dashboard from sunlight and heat. One of the best things about this product is that it comes incorporated with a hook and loop fastener that will enable the user to install and uninstall it with ease. This product comes designed in such a way that the airbag deployment will not be disrupted and at the same time, the precut opening on the product will allow the user to access all factory accessories on the dashboard.


  • Carpet material
  • Non-shrink and UV resistant product
  • Precut opening for easy dashboard accessory access
  • Hook and loop fastener for easy installation and uninstalling
  • Suitable for Dodge Ram


  • Few of the customers have reviewed the product to come with visible stitches that makes it awkward.

3. Angry Elephant Dashboard Cover

Angry Elephant, dashboard cover

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Are you looking for a dashboard cover for your 2008-2013 models of GMC Sierra or Chevrolet Silverado? Then, this dashboard cover from the brand Angry Elephant is the best option for you.

This dashboard cover comes custom-designed to fit your GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado, the custom design here refers to the unique laser-cut dimension. One of the best things about this product is the laser-cut corners and the openings that allow the user to access the inbuilt accessories mounted on the dashboard. The design of this product is patterned to prevent it from disrupting the airbag deployment. Yet another thing about this product is that it comes with a lifetime warranty against fading and fraying. The product can also withstand UV rays and heat without unraveling and shrinking. The Velcro’s incorporated into this product are placed away from the airbag areas to avoid any risk of disruption.


  • Made in the United States of America
  • Laser-cut corners and openings
  • Patented design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • UV and heat resistant


  • Does not come with anti shirk and anti-unravel feature

4. JIAKANUO, Dashboard Dash Board Cover

JIAKANUO, Dashboard Dash Board

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I bet most of the people reading this article might not have heard the brand name Jiakanuo, because this brand does not deal with other accessories. The brand deals with dashboard covers and over the years, the brand has gained good reviews. It is the reason; this product is on this list.

This dashboard cover comes explicitly designed for Toyota Camry 2007 to 2011 models. The product is designed in such a way that installing it can conform to the contours on your car dashboard to ease. The best thing about this product is that it comes with good precision patterns that ensure the airbag deployment is not disrupted. The hand finish detail of this dashboard cover makes it extra attractive and the best option for your Camry. One of the notable features of this product is that it comes designed to resist cracking while exposed to heat. The product comes guaranteed not to lose its color and glare after a few years of use. Yet another thing about this product is that it comes designed to withstand UV rays and protect the existing dashboard from fading and deformation.


  • Best for left-hand drive cars
  • Will efficiently cover all the damages to your existing dashboard
  • Hand-finished details
  • Precision patterns
  • Resistant that UV rays and shrinking
  • Protects the dashboard from cracking under high temperature


  • Fits only for Toyota Camry 2007 to 2011 models, precision pattern and precut openings makes it difficult for any custom changes.

How To Choose The Best Dash Covers For Your Car

Finding the best dashboard cover for your car is not an easy task, if you have checked the market then you would have already understood that fact. Dashboard covers are available for vehicles ranging from trucks to cars and most of them come from the same brands. Apart from the style, the basic purpose of a dashboard is the degree of protection it offers. It is very important that you pick a dashboard cover that can serve all the requirements of a user and at the same time offer better benefits than inbuilt dashboards. In this section, we have compiled a list of factors that you need to consider if you want to enjoy the overall benefits offered by a dashboard cover. Each of these factors was handpicked from a list of factors, based on each factor’s importance.

→ 1. Type of material 

Dashboard covers could come made of different materials; each type of material offers different features and benefits, finishing, and style. Here are the best materials that you could consider purchasing today.

  1. Carpet – dashboard covers made of carpet are one of the most popular and commonly sold on the market today. This type of material comes designed in such a way that it will deliver a warm and attractive touch to any vehicle dashboard. One of the best things about a carpet dashboard cover is that it could come in any color; you need a dashboard cover in your favorite color, Voila, check the market and you will find it.
  2. Velour – there was a time when people craved for modern dashboard covers only, however, today, things have changed. The demand for old-school car interiors has increased tremendously. Velour dashboard cover offers a soft, plush, warm, and comforting feel, as well as, old-fashioned looks. Unlike other materials, this type of dashboard material is durable and can withstand high-temperature without deforming or degrading.
  3. Suede – this type of dashboard cover will make the car interior look posh. Yes, suede offers the looks similar to a high-end car interior. They are smooth and have a fine sheen. The feel offered by this type of material is long-lasting and it makes the car look attractive. When it comes to durability, suede has high durability and it is easy to clean.
  4. Molded dash cover – a molded dashboard cover is one of the easy to use type materials. As the name itself suggests, this type of dashboard material comes molded in an exact shape as that of a dashboard, all you have to do is simply put the cover on the dashboard and you are done. One of the best things about molded dash cover is that it can cover all the existing damages perfectly.

Now, you know everything about the material used to manufacture a dashboard cover. Based on the facts you acquired from above, you should consider purchasing an appropriate dashboard cover.

→ 2. The vehicle type 

as you know, there are more than a thousand different models of cars available on the market today. Each car with a different interior and exterior dimension, therefore, the dimension of the dashboard also changes. This is why it is very important to select a dashboard cover based on the type of vehicle. There are universal dashboard covers available on the market, which could suit any car dashboards; however, such dashboard covers require lot of time to tailor it to suit your requirement. Therefore, our advice would be to select the type of material first and then check if the product is available for your car model.

→ 3. The style you need 

as already mentioned above, there are different types of material used to make dashboard covers. Each type of dashboard cover material delivers a different style and different finishing, this is why; it is important that you first decide the style and then select an appropriate dashboard cover. Here is a piece of advice, if the interior of your car is black, then, dark dashboard cover is the best option. On the other hand, if you need a fresh color with some contrast, then go for lighter dashboard covers.

→ 4. Features 

dashboard covers could be made of different types of materials, you have already read above the type and the features offered. However, when it comes to dashboard cover, it should offer these benefits

→ 5. UV protection 

a dashboard is one of the most common parts of a car that fade or deform under powerful sunlight. If you have owned a car for more than five or 6-years, you will know exactly what sunlight or UV rays could do to your dashboard. Therefore, it is very important that you purchase a dashboard cover that comes designed to withstand UV-rays/sunlight.

→ 6. Heat protection 

a dashboard is one of the parts of a car that is more exposed to heat than other parts like seats, mattresses, etc. This is why; it is very important that your dashboard cover is resistant to high temperature and it should keep the deck protected from sunlight and, therefore heat.

→ 7. Dust and scratch-free 

one of the most awkward and irritating things in a car is the dust, dirt, and scratches on the dashboard. A dashboard cover should be able to avoid dust, dirt, and scratch at the same time. However, not all products come with this feature; therefore, it is very important that you check the product specifications and purchase a dashboard that is resistant to dust, dirt, and scratches.

→ 8. The brand, price, and customer reviews 

a dashboard cover could come from any brand; there are more than two dozen brands on the market today, that manufactures and markets dashboard covers. This makes selecting the best dashboard cover difficult, therefore, the best way to select and purchase the best product based on the customer reviews. When it comes to price, diversity makes competition high, as the competition increases, the product’s price gets better. If you know the type of dashboard material, the style, and vehicle model, and then you should dig deep into the market, you will find a suitable dashboard cover with a suitable price. This is what diversity gets you.

How To Put On A Car Dashboard Cover?

Even though a dashboard cover provides a range of quirky advantages, installing it might be a difficult job for a newbie. If you are unfamiliar with dashboard covers and haven’t installed them before, proper step by step guidance can eradicate this problem within minutes, and you can install the dashboard cover. Here is a step by step guide to install the dashboard cover quickly –

Tools Required For the Job

Before getting started, it would be an excellent choice to grab all the necessary tools and start the installation process. The required tools are –

  • Dashboard cover
  • Acetone
  • 80 and 100 Grit sandpaper
  • Clear silicone adhesive
  • Duct Tape
  • Something heavy to place on the dashboard.

You can find all these things in the local hardware store, and buying the dashboard cover itself would be great if you choose a genuine automobile store. There are many after-market dashboard covers, but going with a reputed one would be an excellent choice.

Step 1 – Ensuring Everything

Before removing the existing dashboard cover, it is better to measure the size of the new dashboard cover and ensure that it is alike the old one so it fits properly. You might have to make some cut-outs so you should also take those factors into account while cutting down the dashboard cover.

Step 2 – Adjust To Fit

In case the dashboard cover is not fitting properly, you can try to adjust a little by flexing the new dashboard and checking if it does fit or not. There are many times when you might end up thinking that the cover is not fitting properly. If the dashboard fits properly, then you can look forward to the next step.

Step 3 – Cleaning the Dashboard

Make sure to clean the existing dashboard adequately by using a cleaning agent. It might take a little time but a proper clean will help you get a smooth finish.

Step 4 – Use Sandpaper

You can use sandpaper in the areas where the new dashboard will be installed. Using the 100 grit sandpaper in the right area will make the surface perfect to install a new cover. It will require you to spend a couple of minutes but the adhesive will give you the best work done.

Step 5 – Underside of Dashboard

There is nothing more important than doing sandpaper at the underside. By using 80 grit sandpaper in the underside, you can install the cover properly and the adhesive will stick perfectly.

Step – 6 Position The cover

Apply adhesive properly and position the dashboard cover on it. If you are new to this job, then do not use quick-dry adhesive. Using a slow adhesive will give you enough time to adjust the cover and then placing the weight to keep the dashboard cover in place.

After following all the steps and letting the dashboard dry for a few hours, you can attain perfect results. If the dashboard cover isn’t installed perfectly, taking assistance from experts will be a reliable choice for most people.

Car Dashboard Cover Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should we opt for dashboard covers?

Dashboard covers are perfect for those car owners whose dashboards have started fading due to the hard sunrays and chemicals. The dashboard is one of the most common areas to get scratches and spots. And thus if you are looking to care for your car and want to have a dashboard look like new for a longer time, you should invest in a good quality car dashboard cover.

2. Will the dashboard cover a better buy for my car?

Dashboard covers are available in a wide range of customized fit and material. And you can easily find a perfect one according to your car model and budget. This also makes it an obvious and more efficient way to care for the dashboard. So, if you have invested a good amount in buying your dream car and want to take great care of it, the dashboard covers are the must-have for you.

3. Will they cover the vents and other outlets?

The perfectly chosen car dashboard covers are customized for a perfect fit. So, in order to choose a dashboard cover that not only looks great on your car, but also protects the dashboard from fading, you should find a customized product for your vehicle. Be sure to choose a dashboard cover that is compatible to your car and model.

4. Can they be easily removed?

Yes. Generally, the car dashboard covers can easily be removed. The covers are either installed on the dashboard with the help of Velcro or the removable glue tape. Both ways, the covers can be altered and reinstalled when needed. So, you won’t have to use the same dashboard cover for years. Have a look at the products available in the market and choose the perfect looking and practically designed dashboard cover for your car.

5. What are the qualities should I look for while purchasing a new dashboard cover?

Though the list of things to consider while purchasing a new dashboard cover is quite long, the two things that you shouldn’t ignore while purchasing the dashboard cover are material and ease of installation. By considering these two points, you can be sure of buying the best and most reliable dashboard cover for yourself.

6. Won’t it affect the normal working of car functionalities and features?

It depends. If you are choosing a suitable and compatible dashboard cover for yourself, you won’t have to worry about the fit and finish. So, instead of going with a universal dashboard cover for your car type, we will suggest you to go with a perfect car dashboard cover that is perfectly curated for your car model. BY this simple hack, you can install the dashboard cover without compromising with losing the functionality.

7. Are they washable?

IT depends on the material and brand you have chosen for your dashboard covers. If you have the fabric covers, you can wash them, and if you have leather or more sophisticated cover, then you should wipe and clean them often to maintain the shine and cleanliness.

Bottom line 

Whether you want a stylish car interior or not, using a dashboard cover should be one of the most important things that you should do as a car owner. There are different reasons to use a dashboard cover; however, these uses could be enjoyed only if the dashboard cover you purchase is the best.

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