10 Best Car Windshield Sunshades 2023 – Trusted Reviews & Guide

How do you feel when you get into your car on a hot summer day? The seats and the steering well get extremely hot, and you feel a sudden discomfort because of that. The problem with the glass is that it traps the infrared inside the car. The trapped infrared causes the temperature of the car to rise. The heat can make it difficult for the children to be comfortable in the car at least at the start of the journey. You would need to run your Air Conditioner at full power to reduce the temperature. One thing that can make your travel more comfortable is the Windshield Sunshades. They are easy to install, and they can help you in blocking the sun from the front windshield and the rear glass as well.

These Windshield Sunshades can keep the car’s temperature low, which is why they can add comfort for you just from the start of the journey. There are multiple options available on the market, and you can explore through the range of Windshield Sunshades. Most of these windshield sunshades work very efficiently as they reflect the heat outside. They are available in different style, design and sizes.

With summers approaching, this is the right time to purchase the windshield sunshades for your car. This is a worthy investment that you can make, and it will save you from any discomfort that you might experience because of hot days ahead.

In this section, we have listed the top ten high quality rated Windshield Sunshades that value for the money. We have compiled this list after reviewing hundreds of Windshield Sunshades. As per our opinion, these Windshield Sunshades are the best ones that you can purchase.

Best Buy Car Windshield Sunshades Reviews

You can also scroll through the listing and check out the reviews to assure you that you are buying the good Windshield Sunshades.

1. EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

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Our list begins with the windshield sunshades from EcoNour. These are versatile windshield sunshades that can fit perfectly almost every car. You can choose between the six sizes available. The brand also has a size chart listed in the product description that can help you in selecting the correct size. This sunshade not only blocks the sunrays, but it also prevents the majority of UV rays from entering the car. This keeps the car’s temperature much cooler, and it also eliminates any odor that is generated because of the UV rays. Installing the sunshade is easy, as it takes just about a second to pop it up and install it.

The fabric used here is 230T polyester, and there is the extra fabric between the two circles to ensure complete protection. The connectors are robust, and the steel rings hold the sunshades in the original shape. Lastly, the brand also offers a small pouch with these sunshades. When you do not need them, you can fold them and store them neatly inside the bag.


  • It is available in Extra Small, Classic, Large, Standard, Extra Large & XXL Size.
  • EcoNour offers 1-year warranty on these windshield sunshades.
  • The brand also offers a money-back guarantee to the people who are not happy with the quality of windshield sunshades.


  • Nothing that we could notice about these windshield sunshades.

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2. EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade

EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade

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The second windshield sunshade on our list is from EzyShade. This one is available in three sizes, which are small, medium, and large. You can refer to the size chart to find the best fit for your car. Please note that these are two separate rectangular shades that overlap each other when you install them on your vehicle. These sunshades also block 99% of UV rays, and they are capable of 82% if heat reduction in the car. It is easy to fold them and store them as well. The brand offers a small pouch to you, which is useful while storing the Sun Shades.

The material is ultra-reflective, and the manufacturer uses polyester to make these sunshades. These sunshades can not only protect the electronics in your car but also protect the dashboard from fading out. Overall, we like the quality of these windshield sunshades.


  • These sunshades from EzyShade offers 99% protection from UV rays.
  • It keeps car cool
  • EzyShade also provides a storage pouch with these sunshades.
  • The brand offers a free non-slip dashboard mat with these sunshades.


  • You need to use these sunshades carefully; otherwise, you can scratch your dashboard.

3. Magnelex Windshield Sun Shade for SUVs

Magnelex Windshield Sun Shade

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It is always better to buy the sunshades that are available in a single piece. These sunshades are easy to use, and they offer better protection as well. If you are also looking for a similar sunshade, then check out this option from Magnelex. Along with this windshield sunshades, you get a steering wheel cover and even a pouch to store everything in it. You can visit the Amazon page to check the size of the sunshades and the brand also assures you a replacement if the size doesn’t fit your vehicle.

The quality of this windshield sunshade is outstanding, and it offers complete coverage if you choose the right size. The storage bag makes it easy to store as well. Overall, this is a reliable product, and it offers all the possible advantages to you after you install it. Do not worry about the installation as well; it takes just about 10 seconds to install it and about 15 seconds to fold it back.


  • This is a single piece sunshade that offers adequate protection from heat and UV rays.
  • It is made of highly reflective polyester material to block the heat.
  • The brand offers a money-back guarantee and replacement guarantee.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

4. mAuto Car Windshield Sunshade

mAuto Car Windshield Sunshade

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Until now, we have talked about sunshades with no design. These sunshades, without any pattern, can be quite dull. Imagine if you can give eyes to your car. Have a look at this sunshade, and they are available in some cool eye designs. There are a total of 5 models available in these sunshades, and they look stunning.These sunshades also have double layer coating that blocks the heat effectively. You can fold it back to store the sunshades, and there are Velcro straps that aid the storage.

The design of these sunshades is also reversible. One side has the eye design, and the other side is plain. You can use the side that you like and it offers you the required versatility as well. These sunshades also have three layers. The first layer is the UV protection layer, the second layer is bubble Aluminum Foil, and then the third layer is also bubble aluminum foil.


  • These windshield sunshades are available in different patterns which look very cool.
  • They are very useful in blocking the heat and UV rays.
  • These sunshades can also be used reversibly, and the reverse side has a silver color.


  • These windshield sunshades have suction cups for the attachment.

5. BDK AS-764 USA Patriotic American Eagle Flag Front Windshield Sunshades

BDK AS-764 USA Patriotic American Eagle

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The next product on our list is from BDK, and this one is also available in printed design. This product is available in 6 designs, and they are quite attractive. To install these windshieldSunshades, you need to take the support of the rearview mirror. The tapered edges offer a good fit. These sunshades can block the heat as well as UV rays. With the help of these sunshades, you can improve the life of your electronics.

The design of these sunshades is also very compact. It can easily be folded, and you can use Velcro closure to keep it in the position. These sunshades can also be used in a reversible position. Overall, the quality of these sunshades is satisfactory, and they offer optimal protection from heat and UV rays. You can visit the product page and check out the different designs and size compatibility for your car.


  • These windshield sunshades have a dual-layer design which is made of bubble aluminum.
  • These windshield sunshades are very compact, and it is also easy to fold them.
  • They are available in 6 different designs.


  • Some people do not like the quality of these sunshades.

6. Coveted Shades Car Windshield Sunshade


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At number 6, there is a windshield sunshade from Coveted Shade. This is a perfect sunshade for the SUVs, and it is available in a single piece. You can opt between the Standard, Jumbo, and Extra Jump sizes for this sunshade as per the windshield’s dimensions. The size guide chart is also available on the product link that we have shared with you. These sunshades are highly effective in stopping the heat from entering the car. In addition to this, the material used here is 210T polyester. This also prevents UV rays from entering the vehicle.

Storing these windshield sunshades is easy, and the pouch offered by the brand for storage proves to be handy. You also get a 1 year satisfaction guarantee from the brand. This sunshade covers the maximum area on the windshield to offer sufficient protection from the heat and UV rays. It is undoubtedly one of the most premium windshield sunshades available in the market.


  • Coveted Shades offers 1-year satisfaction guarantee on thesewindshield sunshades.
  • You also get a pouch to store the windshield sunshade.
  • It is available in three sizes, and it is perfect for big SUVs as well.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

7. Road Charm Windshield Sun Shade

Road Charm Windshield Sun Shade

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It can be a real pain to find the windshield sunshade from big SUVs. We found a product that will be compatible with your car, and the next product on our list is from Road Charm. These are Jumbo XL windshields for the big cars.  And they have dimensions of 70 Inches (L) x 35 inches (W). The brand uses 190 T nylon material to manufacture these sunshades, and this material has a very long life. The metallic inserts in this sunshade ensure that it pops-up immediately. You can fold it back quickly, and it works like magic.

Road Charm also provides a pouch for the storage of this sunshade. Please note that this car windshield sunshade is made for big vans, SUVs and trucks. The quality of the material is good,and it gives enough protection from the heat. There is nothing that should concern you about these windshield sunshades.


  • This is the largest possible sunshade available in the market. It is designed for big cars.
  • Road Charm also provides a pouch to store the windshield sunshade.
  • The brand provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • There is no option for a smaller size.

8. Ohuhu Windshield Sun Shade

Ohuhu Windshield Sun Shade

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Ohuhu is another reputed brand available in the United States. This brand is known for its top-quality products. Fortunately, we found sunshades from this brand that are available in the standard sizes. You have two size options, and these are fit for most of the cars. These sunshades can protect the interiors and the electronics inside the vehicle from any kind of damage due to the heat. You get a pouch with this windshield sunshade from Ohuhu, and hence you can store it easily as well.

The reflection quality is excellent, and this windshield sunshade keeps the car cool. It also stops the UV rays from entering the car.

You can fold it quickly, and it is also effortless to install this windshield sunshade. You can have a look at this windshield sunshade from Ohuhu, and we are sure that you are going to like these sunshades. They have good quality, and they are also very durable.


  • It is available in two sizes, which are 63 inches x 33.86 inches & 657 inches x 36.4 inches.
  • The windshield sunshade regulates the temperature of the car very effectively.
  • It is easy to store these windshield sunshades as it comes with a pouch.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

9. Plasticolor Windshield Sunshades

Plasticolor Windshield Sunshades

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We all love superheroes, and you can buy a windshield sunshade with some cool superhero prints on it. This windshield sunshade is available in three prints which are Batman vs Superman, Captain America & Deadpool. The first two designs are fabulous. These are designed for the front windshield with a cut-out for the rearview mirror. The size fits most of the vehicles, so you may not worry about choosing the standard size. It is also easy to fold this windshield sunshade, and after wrapping, you can store it the way you like it.

This windshield sunshade offers the right amount of protection from the heat, which in return saves your car from the sun damage. It not only protects the interiors, but it also protects the electronics inside the vehicle. The design is worth the consideration, and you must check out these windshield sunshades at least once to get an idea about the product quality.


  • These windshield sunshades are available in cool superhero designs, and you can choose from the three available options.
  • This windshield sunshade also has a fold tab to fold the windshield sunshade.
  • It is available in universal size with a cut-out for the rearview mirror.


  • Some people do not like the quality of these windshield sunshades.

10. Solar Eclipse Windshield Sun Shade

Solar Eclipse Windshield Sun Shade

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Here is the last windshield sunshade on our list, and this one is from Sun Via. If you are looking for something easy to install, then this is the one for you. It will take not more than a single second to unfold this windshield sunshade, and it will not take more than 30 seconds to fold it back. With such a user-friendly windshield sunshade, you will be able to protect your car’s interior from the heat.The design of this windshield sunshade is also compact.

The brand offers a dashboard mat free with this windshield sunshade, and it can be a handy accessory in the car. You also get a satisfaction guarantee when you are purchasing this windshield sunshade. The material used is ultra-reflective and durable. The dimensions of this windshield sunshade are 63 inches x 32 inches. You will also get a pouch from Sun Via, which will prove to be helpful in storing the windshield sunshade. After purchasing this windshield sunshade, you will never be worried about parking your car in the shade.


  • The brand offers a satisfaction guarantee to the buyers.
  • You get a pouch to store the windshield sunshade, and you also get a free dashboard mat to hold your cellphone and other gadgets on the dashboard.
  • It is available at an affordable price


  • Nothing as such.

How To Choose The Best Car Windshield Sunshades

With so many types of variants available in car windshield sunshades, it can get challenging to choose the best one for yourself. Moreover, the choice is also going to differ. What we like may not be an appropriate choice for you. In this situation, it is always better to look at the buying guide of the product that you are buying. So, here we present a detailed buying guide for purchasing windshield sunshades.

Check out the points listed below, and this will give you an idea about what you need to consider while buying windshield sunshades.

  • Material

You can start shortlisting the windshield sunshades by understanding the material that you would like to buy. Usually, the best choice would be a nylon or a polyester windshield sunshades. The windshield sunshades made of this material is not only long-lasting, but they are also lightweight. These are quite easy to install, and they are also available at an affordable price. These materials can be highly resistant to heat, so the first choice of fabric should be either nylon or polyester.

  • Size and Shape

The second consideration that you need to make is the size and shape of the windshield sunshades. You need to look at the size of your car’s windshield to get an idea, and depending on that you can buy a universal fit windshield sunshade. Even for the universal fit windshield sunshades, there are size options that you need to choose. The best ones as per us, are the windshield sunshades that have a specific cut-out. These windshield sunshades will be an exact fit for the windshield of your car, and many people prefer them.

  • Easy to Use

You must also consider how easy it is to install the windshield sunshades. There are some which come with the suction cups. These are easy to attach, but the suction cups lose strength over time. The second type available is the ones that use static to attach themselves to the windshield. You must also check how easy it is to remove the windshield sunshades. You must be able to remove it and fold it easily. It is an important consideration to make.

  • Type of Sunshade

Another thing that you must verify is the type of windshield sunshades that you are buying. Are you looking for something for the front and the rear windshield only? Are you looking for something even for the side windows? If you are looking for something for the side windows, then are you looking for a fixed design or something that can with a pulled-down design? You can buy the pull-down sunshades if you frequently visit the takeaway outlets.

  • UV Protection

The primary purpose of installing the windshield sunshades is to protect yourself from the sunlight and the heat. In such a case, it is worth checking if the windshield sunshades you are buying can block the UV rays from entering the car. We would recommend you to buy a windshield sunshades that can protect you from the UV rays. You will easily find products that can block as much as 97% UV rays.

  • Opacity

Another factor to consider while purchasing the windshield sunshades is considering the opacity. Are you going to drive with the windshield sunshades installed? If so, you would need windshield sunshades that have excellent one-way visibility. It is especially true for the windshield sunshades that are made for the driver’s side window. We would highly recommend you to avoid using sunshade on the front windshield while driving the car

  • Design and Patterns

There are multiple designs and patterns also available in windshield sunshades. There are some fantastic prints that you can opt for while you are purchasing the windshield sunshades. Impressions on the sunshades can also a way to express your personality and match with your ideology. You can buy some fantastic designs for your car, and that can even offer a simple smile to the people passing by your vehicle.

  • Price

Look at the price of the windshield sunshades. We are sure that you would wish to restrict your choice to a specific budget. Limiting your budget is only possible when you have a budget decided before you start looking out for the windshield sunshades. You can also check out some of the online retailers as they offer good deals on windshield sunshades.

  • Warranty

The last consideration is the warranty. The warranty policy is also highly dependent on the brand you choose. Some brands offer a guarantee to you, and some brands do not provide any kind of assurance to you. You will also come across the brands that offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee to you while making the purchase. It is worth considering the windshield sunshades that have such type of warranty policy applies to them.

Windshield Sunshades Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does car windshield sunshade really work?

Yes, windshield sunshades were introduced on the market a very long time ago, since it has proven itself to be worthy, this car accessory is still available today. Do you think, if it does not really help keep your car interior cool, it would survive this long? With time windshield sun shades have improved in quality and efficiency. If you are planning on purchasing it, do not hesitate, it is useful to serve its purpose.

  1. Which side of the windshield sun shade should face out?

A windshield sun shade would have two sides, one side reflective and other side rough. The reflective side of the sun shade should face outwards, this reflective surface will reflect the light to keep it away from entering your car.

  1. What is the difference between a silver and golden windshield sun shade?

Both silver and golden windshield sun shades are designed for the same purpose and also made of the same material. However, the cosmetic touch would be different, while silver sun shade has a silver reflective surface and a white surface on the back, a golden sun shade will have a golden reflective surface and black on its back.

  1. My car windshield is tinted, could I still use a sun shade?

A tinted windshield would reduce the amount of light passing through it, however, this might not make a huge difference. However, if you use a sunshade with such a tinted windshield, the quantity of light that manages pass through the tinted window would be reflected. This, in turn, will slow down the rate at which the car interior heats.

  1. I searched the market for days, I cannot find a windshield sun shade for my car, what to do?

The simple answer to this question would be to contact your car showroom, dealer, or the manufacturer itself. Most commonly, they will recommend that brand and model of the sunshade to purchase for your car. If you cannot find a sun shade on the market, check with your car manufacturer, they might have the perfect sun shade for your car in their arsenal.

  1. How long does a sunshade last? The one that owns now lasted for only 6 months!!

All the windshield sunshades listed above are guaranteed to last at least 1 to 2 years. In general, a sun shade could last up to 5 to 6-years. The lifespan of a sun shade depends entirely on the brand, quality, and frequency of use. If your sun shade is from a reputed brand, it could last around 2 to 5-years.

  1. I own a black car, using a windshield sun shade in my car could reduce the heat?

Yes, to an extent the heating could be reduced. But, since the color of the car is black, most probably, you might not be able to feel the difference. It is a well-known fact that black objects heat up more quickly than other colors.


We have covered all the information about the Windshield Sunshades. Installing the Windshield Sunshades is also very easy. You just need to attach it between the edges of the windshield. The process of adding the windshields may vary from one product to another, so it is undoubtedly better to look at the instructions printed on the pack. It hardly takes a couple of minutes to install these Windshield Sunshades, but they can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping the car’s temperature low. These Windshield Sunshades can also make the air conditioner much more efficient.

Even if you have tinted glass installed on your car, the Windshield Sunshades would still make a difference because the tinted glass has certain limitations. Heat also causes damage to the interior, including the electronics. Over time, these Windshield Sunshades will also increase your interiors’ lives because the weather would not be able to damage the interiors. So, go ahead and order your favorite Windshield Sunshades today. For any queries or questions, you can reach out to us in the comment section. Stay tuned for more such reviews about the car accessories. Thank You.

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