10 Best Car Trash Cans 2022 – Mini & Small Trash Can For Car

It’s a guarantee that you rarely find a car owner who loves to keep the car messy from inside. It is evident that you might have to deal with trash problems if you routinely drive your car. Most of the time, the garbage or trash clutter problem occurs when you are going on a long trip by driving your car. Even if you use your car to regularly drop your kids to school, you take them for some after-school activities. In both scenarios, you may have to deal with trash clutter issues, and sometimes the garbage clutter can cause hard strains on the car’s interior.

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Most of the time, people just prefer to throw the trash out of the car while driving. But we want to tell you that it is the most unethical and harmful way for the environment. Instead of throwing the trash out of the car, you can try out one of the most useful car accessories. Here we are talking about the car trash can, and a car trash can/bin can be a great but effective way to deal with this kind of situation. You can store the garbage inside the trash can, and when you have time, then you can dump out that trash.

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In this way, you can keep your car clean as well as protect mother nature too. And now if you are wondering about buying a trash can, then don’t worry, this post will help you to find the best one. On this list, we have picked ten best selling car trash cans of the year after testing and filtering hundreds of different options. Also check the list of best cup holder for cars.

1. Drive Auto Products Trash Can

Car Trash Can By Drive Auto Products

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Talking about the best car trash can then firstly, we want to introduce this one to all readers of this post. Drive Auto Products manufacturers have offered a high-quality trash can that is actually the most selling trash can in the market right now. Up to four thousand people’s higher star rating will help you to get a firm idea about the value that this particular product is offering to you. If we talk about the material you are getting here, then we want to say that the Drive Auto Products company has provided an excellent quality of the durable fabric. It not only keeps your car clean but also it will going to last longer than you think.

The design of this trash can is pretty simple; actually, there is nothing so complicated about the design part. However, here you will get a roomy space, but the best part is that it looks very compact from outside. If you want to install it in your car, then don’t worry because you don’t even need to spend a lot of time finding the way of installation. We are saying this because you can simply hand it on the backside of the car’s front seats with the help of inbuilt straps.


  • Twenty starter bags are present inside the box, making it easy for you while dumping the trash.
  • According to the manufacturers, it is a fully waterproof type of trash cans for the car, which means you won’t get the stains on your car’s interior.


  • None so far

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2. High Road Car Trash Bag

High Road Car Trash Bag

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Versatility takes a significant role while choosing a particular product according to your needs. So, to offer you some sort of versatility while selecting a perfect trash can for your car, we want to introduce the High Road Car Trash Bag to all the readers of this post. The first thing that we want to tell you that there is no such significant difference present in the price of this trash can and the previous trash can of this list. If you have decided to invest money in a good product, you should check out this one.

Now let’s take a look at some amazing features of this High Road’s car trash can. First thing first, this comes with a fantastic plus huge capacity. If you are going on a long drive but can’t stop the car every time your car’s trash can become full. In this situation, you can try this massive garbage holding capacity of the trash bin. The design part is pretty similar to the last place of the trash can, but still, there are some areas where from it shows differences. Looks-wise this trash bin looks very simple and elegant, and it can provide you excellent value during a long trip with your car.


  • With this trash bag, you don’t need to mess up with its cleaning process; in short, it is very easy to use as well as easy to clean trash can for cars.
  • Polyester material plus the outer metal frame makes it very durable for long term uses.


  • You can’t collapse it when you are not using it.

3. Yolu Car Mini Garbage Can

Yolu Car Mini Garbage Can

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If you have used the cup holding type of trash cans before and now you are wondering for a better kind of garbage can, then this one seems a perfect fit for you. Yolu Car Mini Garbage Can is a plastic build-up product. According to many regular users and experts, this can be an ideal replacement for the cup holding trash bins. The design of this mini trash can looks very similar to the normal size of trash bins. Here also the manufacturers have provided the lid opening and closing design. In simple words, this is a fully functional mini version of the normal-sized trash bins.

Many people prefer to buy this garbage can only for its higher portability. The main reason behind its higher portability is its compact design, not only this, but it offers considerable storage space as well. The Yolu manufacturers have offered mixed plastic material as the core material for this trash can. So, it is like a portable mini trash can that you can easily use for a longer life span. It comes with the 17cm by 12.5 cm and 22.5 cm depth dimension, which means you can easily install or keep it just below the front seat of your car.


  • The auto-closing plastic lid makes it very convenient for each user to use it without having any problems.
  • Manufacturers have already offered high-quality PP material as the primary construction material in this mini car trash can.


  • With this product, you will get less garbage holding capacity as compared to the price point.

4. Yolu Mini Car Trash Can

Yolu Car Trash Can Mini

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We have another mini trash can from the exact same manufacturers named Yolu. If you are especially looking for the portable and mini trash bins for your car, then you, this may be a perfect option for you. On the fourth spot of this list, we have added the Yolu Car Trash Can Mini. Yes, you got it right, this one is a cup holding type of mini trash can for cars. Sometimes it happens when you don’t want to change your car’s interior look by hanging hefty trash bags or can inside your car. Right? In this type of situation, you can try out the mini cup holding trash cans that you can simply put in the cupholder.

Now let’s talk about the features that this mini trash can offer to all the users. First thing first, it is not necessary that you only have to use it in your car; instead, you can also use it for home uses like while studying, on tabletops, etc. The overall shape of this mini trash bin looks very similar to a cone. It means you won’t going to get the issues related to putting it inside the cup holding space.


  • It’s a very small version of trash bins, but still, you will get the auto-closing lid with this trash can on our list.
  • The material quality of this trash bin is pretty impressive because it offers a good quality of plastic material.


  • None so far

5. Carbage Can Premium Car Trash Can

Carbage Can Premium Car Trash Can

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If you liked the third spot of the car trash can, then we are damn sure that this one is also going to be your favorite one. The Carbage Can manufacturers have offered amazing products this time. It is going to be a very useful accessory for people dealing with garbage problems inside their cars. Before going forward, we want to tell you that this one is again a portable car trash can. The best thing that we liked the most about this particular trash can is that it comes with premium material quality and premium looks.

Talking about some extra box content, then here you will get the floor mat out of the box with this car trash bin. Basically, the floor mat plays a significant role in the installation process. If you want to install this car trash can, then you don’t need to spend a lot of time in this process. Just simply attach the can clips with the floor mat, and now you are ready to go. After attaching the clips to the mat, then you just have to put the trash can in the right alignment. Overall, you can use this premium looking trash bin without making your car’s interior messy.


  • The Carbage Can manufacturers have provided the excellent quality of premium plastic material for long term uses.
  • Basically, the installation process is quite simple, and after installing it, you don’t need to worry about it’s sliding issues while driving.


  • This trash bin is a bit more expensive than the other options of this list.

6. MyTidyCar Car Trash Can

MyTidyCar Car Trash Can

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Coming back to the trash can in the shape of bags, then on the sixth spot of his list, we have added another similar car trash can and which is the MyTidyCar Car Trash Can. Every car owner has different needs in terms of choosing the best car trash can. So, if you are looking for a trash bin for handing on the backside of car seats, you should take a look at this option. The manufacturers have offered longer straps with this trash bag, which actually helps you to install this bag inside your car.

If you are afraid of spilling the food or drinks inside your car, then this trash bag can be a panacea for you. We are saying this because it comes with a plastic built design that has the waterproof lining all over the inside. Considering the design of this bag, you are getting the perfect dimension of the bag that is actually providing it with considerable capacity. Do you know that the best part about the design of this MyTidyCar Car Trash Can? It’s that it has massive garbage holding capacity, but it looks very compact from outside.


  • The manufacturers claim that it is a 100% waterproof trash bag, so you don’t need to worry about the water strains or drink stains on your car interior.
  • The garbage holding capacity of this trash can is actually pretty impressive.


  • The straps part should be a bit longer, but here you will get a short length of staples.

7. OUDEW Car Trash Can with Lid

OUDEW Car Trash Can

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If you want to buy an attractive looking trash can for your car, then you should give a try to this one. On the seventh spot, we have another cup holding type of trash can with a lid. So, if you have any interest in the cup holding trash cans, make sure to read this description until the end. The first thing that you will be going to notice after taking the first glance of this trash can and that will be the unique plus attractive design. If your car’s interior is modern plus elegant, then this can be an addon to your car’s interior.

The OUDEW company has already mentioned that it is not necessary that you should only use this trash can inside your car. In other words, you can also use this trash bin for home uses because of its multi-purpose use of the mini trash can. Basically, this trash can comes with everything that you can expect from a proper or fully functional normal sized trash bin. Here you are getting the auto-closing lid on the top, which actually makes it very convenient to use. If you are wondering for a mini trash can with maximum possible durability, then this one can be a perfect fit for you.


  • Premium material is the only reason behind the high performance and durable design of this portable mini trash can.
  • The compact but futuristic design is the main attraction of this trash bin that most of the people prefer to buy it for.


  • None so far

8. High Road StashAway Console Car Trash Can

High Road StashAway Console Car Trash Can

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If you are a person who loves to buy products made with perfection, this particular car trash can only be for you. Here we want to address this trash can/bag comes with almost all features that you can expect from a good trash can. But to buy this trash can you have to spend a bit of extra money, and don’t worry, it is going to be worth spending your money on it. In other words, the price point of this trash can will fade away in front of the features that it is offering to each user. Yes, you got it right, here we have the car trash can from the High Road manufacturers again, but this time we have added the High Road StashAway Console Car Trash Can.

The design of this proper trash bag looks very classy, so if you are a person who loves classy designs, then this one is waiting for you. Other than the design here, you are getting the right amount of storage inside. Not only inside, but from on the outer side of this trash bag, you will get some extra pockets. These pockets are helpful to hold or keep the other stuff like mobile devices, magazines, water bottles, etc.


  • The upper lid of this trash can have a bit of different design, which actually helps to throw the garbage inside the bag easily.
  • Other than the compact size plus design, this bag comes with excellent and durable construction material too.


  • None so far

9. Meistar Car Trash Can With Lid

Meistar Car Trash Can

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Again we have another premium but very useful car trash can on this list. So, on the ninth spot of this list, we have decided to introduce the Meistar Car Trash Can With Lid to all the readers of this post. Like we mentioned that this is a premium car trash can, which means you have to invest a bit of extra money in bringing this particular product at home. At first glance, this bin looks like just a premium finishing of a box/container. Still, it offers a great value to all the users who want or are using this trash can in their car.

The installation process is straightforward for this particular Meistar Car trash can. You can just install it in the middle part of your car to make it accessible for each person sitting inside the car. So, in our view, this looks great, works great, and overall it offers excellent value.


  • The box-shaped trash can comes with a lid, which actually helps to keep the garbage as well as bad odor inside.
  • Other than its compact design, still, it comes with up to 3 liters of massive capacity.


  • This trash can is more expensive than any other can of this list.

10. Zone Tech Mini Vehicle Waste Bag

Zone Tech Mini Vehicle Waste Bag

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We know that sometimes it happens when you don’t want to use the garbage can inside of your car. In this situation, you should always go with a car trash can which you can fold and keep in the car’s trunk easily. If you are also looking for this type of waste collecting bag, then our list’s last spot of trash bag is only for you. So, on the tenth spot of this list, we have added the Zone Tech Mini Vehicle Waste Bag.

It is a collapsible waste-collecting bag option that you can easily carry inside your car while going on a long trip. No such hard installation process needed for this trash bag; it’s because it comes with a longer strap, which helps you to hang it anywhere in your car. You can hang it on the backside of seats, side door handle, or you can use it by just putting on the car’s floor as well.


  • After opening this collapsible waste-collecting bag, you can collect a higher amount of waste before dumping out.
  • The material quality seems quite superior, which actually supporting the long-lasting performance of this car trash bag.


  • None so far

How To Choose Best Car Trash Can

If you are unable to find a perfect car trash can according to your needs, then don’t worry because this in-detailed guild will help you in this case. Here we are going to talk about some considerable points that most people just ignore while choosing the best car trash can. So, make sure to check out and consider every single point of this buying guide to make a strong buying decision.

→ 1. Different types

If you did some research to buy car trash can, then you may know that there are many types present in this particular field. Right? Now let’s talk about all of those different types of car trash can’s one by one. So, firstly, if you don’t want to give a messy or hefty feel to your car, then you should try out the mini cup holding type of trash cans. Instead, if you want slightly bigger capacity than the cup holding trash cans, then you can go with other options of mini trash cans. Most of them offer excellent capacity, design, higher durability, and closing lid.

Instead of all of these options of trash cans, if you want to buy a car trash can that can offer you maximum possible durability as well as capacity, then you should invest your money on the trash collecting bags. In this post, we have listed all of the major options that are present in the market, so you can go with any of them by just looking at your requirements.

2. Overall Size

Suppose if you have decided to buy a bigger size of the trash can for your car, but after that, you come to know that there is not enough space available inside your car to install a trash can. To avoid this kind of misunderstandings, you should always keep an eye on the size section of the car trash cans. If you don’t have enough space inside your car, but you still want to use garbage collecting can, you should use the cup holding cans instead of the heavy and massive trash bags.

3. Materials

The material type also depends upon the kind of car trash can that you are going with. If you are going with a mini or cup holding trash can, then you will find out that most manufacturers offer the plastic material in these trash cans. In our opinion, you always need to be sure about the quality of the material that you are getting.

Talking about the trash bags for cars the most of the time, you will get mixed polyester material, or maybe in some bags, you will find the clothing material. Actually, both materials are suitable for durability, and if you want a waterproof trash bag, then polyester material gets an extra plus point here.

4. With Lid or Without Lid?

If your desired trash can or bin has an auto-closing lid, then believe it or not, but your experience with that car trash bin/can is going to be very convenient. Not only this, but the lid is also a very useful part to lock the bad odor of garbage inside the container.

5. Price Point

It is an understandable thing that if you don’t want to invest too much of your money just to buy a single car, trash can. So, don’t worry because this post will also help you a lot in this situation because here we have added the car trash cans according to many price points. If you go through each option of this list, then we are sure that you will find out a perfect one according to your budget.

Car Trash Cans Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are car trash cans safe to use?

Yes, as far we know, if you consider purchasing a car trash can from a reputed brand and with maximum good customer reviews. However, if the car trash can that you use if of poor quality, it could be unsafe to use it in a car.

2. Is there any legal issue in using car trash cans?

No, there no legal issue in using a car trash car, it is totally up to the user to use one or not.

3. Which type of car trash can is the best? fabric made of plastic?

The answer to this question is not simple. The best would depend on the user’s requirement. If the user is a long-distance traveler, then a plastic can would be the best as it could hold fluid waste. On the other hand, if you want your dust bin to be versatile and easy to move, then a trash can made of fabric is the best. However, most of the fabric trash cannot hold fluids.

4. Like regular trash cans, do car trash cans smell?

Yes, car trash can have the same design as that of regular trash can itself, however, the size of the car trash can is small, and therefore, it needs to be cleaned after every trip to keep the waste from decaying or filling up. This simply reduces the chance of any strong foul smell.

5. Should I use garbage bags on my car trash can?

Yes, of course, let it be a fabric trash can or plastic trash, it is best recommended to use a garbage bag. Using a garbage bag in a trash can would help any user to empty the trash can with ease and you could also keep the trash can neat. You will not have to wash or clean the trash can.

6. Where the best spot for keeping a car trash is can?

You could keep car trash wherever you want based on the design. If you have gone through the market, you would already know that there are different types of trash cans based on where it could be mounted or put. Therefore, set it up based on the design. If you want our recommendation, then we would like to ask you to avoid placing it anywhere near the control pedals or in the driver’s cockpit. Apart from this spot, you could set it up wherever you find it easy to access.

7. Is it okay if I fix the trash can on my car floor permanently?

No, you should not do so, use the trash can like the manufacturer recommends. If you fix a trash can on the floor of a car, then it won’t be easy to clean the interior of the car and if you need to move the trash can to another spot, it won’t be possible. Therefore, never fix a car trash can in the car permanently. Mount it in such a way that it could be moved when required.


Car Trash cans are the useful plus must-have accessory that every car owner should use inside their car. But if you are feeling tired by spending hours of time on getting genuine suggestions related to the car trash cans, then this post was only about you.

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