10 Best Car Tire Shine Spray 2022 [Car Tire Shine Products]

If you are on this page, then we assume that you love your car. You must be spending a lot of money on the maintenance of the vehicle. Many people want their cars to appear shiny all the time. You need to wash and wax your car regularly, but there is one aspect that we all ignore a lot. Yes, we are talking about tires. With time, the tires may look old, and they can also develop cracks if you do not take care of it. Cracks reduce the overall life of the tires. The easy way to maintain the tires is by giving them some time during the regular maintenance schedules.

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You can use tire shine spray and such products to maintain the tires of your shiny car. These sprays can even help you in restoring the old tires. It can make your tires look like new. Many brands offer tire shine spray & products. With such variety, the choice can also become difficult. You need to pick the right tire shine products that can help you in restoring the tires.

We know that there is no rule book that you can follow to buy such products. In the absence of such extensive information, we decided to help you in choosing the tire shine products. We have researched the top 10 best rated tire shine spray & products available on the market.

Best Buy Car Tire Shine Spray & Products

The analysis will help you make a judgment about the best product to make car tires shine, and you can buy the one you like. Let us now look at what we have on the list for you.

1. Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Shine Gel

Meguiar's G7516 Endurance Tire Gel

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Tire gel works the best. These gel-based tire shiners are slightly tricky to apply, but they are very long-lasting. You can check out this offering from Meguiar’s Store. Since this is a gel, you can go ahead and apply the gel evenly on the tires. There is no way that it will drip or run down since it is a consistent gel. This endurance tire gel also offers UV protection to protect the tires from browning or damage. The gel has an advanced polymer that also gives a glossy look to your tires. This can be a part of your routine car maintenance, and you will see a significant improvement in the tires.

Overall, the products from Meguiar’s Store are very reliable, and you can trust this one without issues. It is affordable, and applying it is also easy. You just need one or two wipes for a practical application of the gel on the tires of your car. The shine and the finish are long lasting.


  • This product is available in a gel formula that offers a shiny look to the tires.
  • The formula is long-lasting, and you would not have to apply this to the tires regularly.
  • It is easier to control while you are applying it as it needs to be used by hands.


  • Nothing that we could notice about this tire gel.

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2. CarGuys StoreTire Shine Spray 1 Gallon Bulk Refill

CarGuys StoreTire Shine Spray 1 Gallon Bulk Refill

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Do you own a workshop, or do you need a lot of tire shine spray? How about buying it in bulk and saving some money? This is a 1 gallon pack of the tire shine spray, and this is also one of the best products in the market. The spray is easy to apply, and it also offers UV protection to you after the application. There is a nano polymer additive in the spray that improves the spray’s performance by multiple folds. You do not have to worry about the application as well. Simply pour it in the sprayer and spray it on the tires.

This shiner is also long-lasting as it forms a bond with the tire. It doesn’t wash away on the high speed, and it offers a perfect shiny look to your tires. The product is also environment friendly, so you will not harm the environment while you are using this tire shine spray. Overall, this tire shine spray from CarGuys Store is an excellent option to consider.


  • It is available in a 1 gallon pack, and it is quite an affordable option.
  • The brand offers a satisfaction guarantee to all the buyers.
  • It is easy to apply, and it is also environment friendly


  • You would need a sprayer with this bulk refill pack.

3. TriNova Tire Shine Gallon Size

TriNova Tire Shine Gallon Size

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The third listing on our list of best Car Tire Shine Products is from TriNova, and this is also a 1 gallon pack. This is a water-based spray tire shiner that can easily be sprayed on the tires. It gives them a shiny look, and it also repels dust. This is one of the reasons why this spray lasts for a long time. You will notice that this spray’s coating lasts for a long time. In addition to this, the spray also guards the tires from fading away. After coating your tires with this spray, you will not have to worry about the grime or dirt either.

The spray provides an optimal shine level, and it also helps in restoring the tires with time. This tire shine is also going to offer UV protection to you. A lot of professionals choose this. You can even buy this for personal use, and it will serve you for a few months since this is a gallon pack.


  • It is available in bulk pack, and you can get this at a very affordable price.
  • The shine is long lasting, and the spray bonds well with the tires.
  • Thespray helps in restoring the color of the tire.It also protects the tire from dust as well as dirt.


  • Nothing that we could notice

4. Carfidant Ultimate Tire Shine Spray

Carfidant Ultimate Tire Shine Spray

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If you are looking for something that can offer you the best shine, then you must go ahead and consider this tire spray from Cafidant. This spray will give your tires a dark and wet look. The tires do not look greasy, but they look clean. The beauty of the tire spray from Carfidant is that it is highly effective. It also features a nano formula to bond with the tires and helps you in getting the wet look for a long time. Apart from all the details mentioned above, the spray will protect the tires from UV rays, which means that they will not crack because of the heat. This UV protection increases the life of the tires.

The nano polymer coating makes a lot of difference. Another USP of this tire shine spray is that it can let you control the shine. The instructions are available on the label, and hence you can choose between a matte finish or glossy finish while you are spraying the liquid on the tires.


  • This is a non-toxic&eco-friendly offering from Carfidant.
  • The contents are available in a spray bottle that makes it quite easy to spray it on.
  • The brand also offers a satisfaction guarantee, and if you are not satisfied, the brand will provide a 100% refund.


  • Nothing at all. The product offers excellent results.

5. Black Magic BM23 Tire Wet

Black Magic BM23 Tire Wet,

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Another reliable brand available in the market is Black Magic. This tire shine spray is available in a shower friendly bottle, and it is one of the best formulae that you will find in the market. After just one time spray, the tire looks shiny and glossy. The look lasts for up to 4 weeks. The tires start repelling the dirt as well as dust after you spray it on the tires. This formula not only contains polymers, but it also has a high molecular weight silicone that can give a long lasting finish to the tires.

A lot of people do not like spray based tire shines because they can drip until they are completely dried. The beautiful thing about this product is that it dries off very quickly, and hence it doesn’t drip. You can apply it on the fenders as well. There are many other products available from Black Magic, and you can check them out all. They come with different shine levels, so you will get the results that you are looking for.


  • It is available in a single pack and a pack of 4.
  • The spray can last for about four weeks from a single application on wards. This means you will not have to apply it frequently.
  • The spray dries up quickly, so it doesn’t drip.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

6. Griot’s Garage Black Shine Tire & Trim Coating

Griots Garage 10938 Black Shine Tire & Trim Coating

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Moving on to the next product, we have another spray on the list. This spray is water-resistant, and it offers excellent spray control as well. It is available in an aerosol can that you can use very quickly. The coverage is also good, and it gives your tires a back and glossy finish. Since it dries up quickly, there is no way that the coating would run down. You will never experience any kind of streaks while using this coating. This is a premium product from Griot’s Garage, and you can undoubtedly rely on it.

The coating is always smooth, and it gives you a smooth finish. Because of the aerosol design, you will not have to press the plunger again and again. The spray also lasts very long after the application. If you are really looking for a tire shine spray that is easy to use, then buy it today, and you will be loyal to this brand for the rest of your life.


  • It is a weather and water resistant coating available for your car tires.
  • It is available in a spray can, and hence there is no way that you will end up over spraying it.
  • You can also use it on trim and wheel wells. It is a multi-purpose coating.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

7. 303 Products Automotive Tire Balm and Protectant

303 (30387) Products Automotive Tire Balm

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We have talked about the sprays, gels, and even aerosols for protecting your tire. Here is another type of tire shiner that is available in the market. This one is a Tire Balm from 3030 Products Store. It helps you get protection from the UV light, and it also helps you ensure that there is no dry rotting of the tire. You can even control the type of shine that you want with the help of this balm. A single coat is enough for a matte finish, whereas you can go for twolayers for a glossy finish. Each application is good for three weeks.

With the help of this balm, you will never notice any kind of residue, and it is also a sling free formula. It will never make a mess while you are driving your car. Overall, it is easy to use, and you just need to use a clean applicator pad and spread it evenly on the surface without worrying about the drips.


  • This is a tire balm which also helps you in controlling the finish. You can choose between a matte and a glossy finish.
  • It is long lasting, and after every application, it lasts for three weeks.
  • The balm is water-based, so after it washes out, you will not have to worry about any kind of residue.


  • Nothing as such.

8. Armor All Extreme Tire Shine

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine

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At number 8, we have a tire shine spray from Armor All Store. This spray is available in a pack of 2, and it certainly helps you save a lot of money. This tire shine is for the people who are looking for something that offers them the best shine. This spray has an extra gloss enhancer, and it gives your tires a mirror-like shine. Apart from adding shine to your tires, this spray will also nourish them and preserve them. It protects the tires from developing cracks, which can really be dangerous for high-speed drives.

Apart from protecting the tires from the cracks, this tire shine spray also protects them from fading. It is certainly required to ensure a pleasant drive quality. The liquid comes in a spray friendly bottle so you would not need to purchase an additional sprayer with this tire shine spray. It is an excellent product if you like really shiny tires on your car.


  • It is available at an affordable price, and it comes in spray friendly bottles
  • It is easy to use, and it offers a high gloss finish.
  • After spraying, you will not need to respray it for a couple of weeks.


  • Some people reported that it took multiple sprays to get the desired finish.

9. Lucas Oil TIRE & Trim Shine

Lucas Oil TIRE & Trim Shine

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Moving towards the end of the list, we have a spray from Lucas Oil. You can go for an option of a single bottle or a six-bottle option while you are purchasing this. The brand has an excellent reputation in the market, and you can certainly buy these tire shine sprays from Lucas Oil. They work well with the tires, and they provide you with the right amount of shine. A single coating is enough to give the right amount of shine. The bottle holds 710 ml of content, and with just a minimal application, the container can last for a long time.

It is also available at an affordable price so you can check out this product. If you want a different level of shine, then you can also explore the range of products available from Lucas Oil. This will help you in ensuring that you get what you are expecting from the tire shiner products.


  • It is available in a sprayer bottle, and you can also opt for a pack of 1 or a pack of 6.
  • It is easy to apply, and it offers the right amount of glossy finish.
  • You can even use this on the rim and other rubber parts to get the shine.


  • There is no information available about the UV protection offered by this product.

10. Turtle Wax T217RA Wet’n Black Ultra Wet Tire Shine

Turtle Wax T217RA Wetn Black Ultra Wet Tire Shine

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Here is the last one on our list. This product is from Turtle Wax, and there are many different products available in the market.  This product is also available in the spray bottle, and it protects the tires very well. It comes with UV protection for your car, so it will protect you from fading or drying tires. With regular application, you will also be able to restore the tires. This spray is not a water-based shiner; instead, it is a silicone-based shiner that offers a long-lasting finish after every application. After every use, your tire looks like factory new.

You can even use this tire cleaner on the black bumper or vinyl trim. You can also check out the range of multi-purpose products available from the brand. There are many cleaners for a tire available, and there are aerosols also available from the brand. If required, you can opt for the tire shine kit that has a sponge and microfiber cloth available as well.


  • This is available in multiple options, and you can even buy a kit.
  • It offers UV protection to the tires, and it also helps you in restoring the tires.
  • This spray is a silicone-based liquid that stays on the tires for a longer time.


  • This is slightly more expensive than other available options.

How To Choose The Best Car Tire Shine Sprays

You have been through the list of the most reliable car tire shine sprays and products. We understand that there is still a little scope of confusion. Let us help you in kicking out this confusion you may encounter while buying the car tire shine products.

We have listed some of the factors that you would need to consider while purchasing these products.

Go ahead and check out these points below

⇒ 1. Type of Product

You can start by looking at the type of product you want. Are you looking for a gel or a spray? The gel-based tire shine products are difficult to apply, but they are a lot more effective. The spray-type products are more comfortable to use, but there are chances for you to use an excess of these products. In addition to this, you can also see if you want water-based products or solvent-based products. The solvent-based products are long lasting, and they produce a better finish as well.

2. Application process

The next thing to look at is the application process. You need to check out the instructions for that. Most of the sprays can be sprayed directly, and it will help you in easy application. The gel-based products need to be applied manually with hand, and the process is also very slow. If you need something easy to use, then you need to must buy spray based tire shine products.

3. Restoration of the Tires

You need to choose a shiny finish or want the product to restore the tires. There is always going to be a trade-off in this. You want something that can restore your tires; then, you will end up with a matte finish. They can also help in getting rid of the micro-cracks that can develop due to the heat and extensive usage.

4. UV Protection

UV light damages the rubber, and this is also applicable to the tires. In such a case, it makes sense to buy a tire shine spray that can protect your tires from the UV rays. Most of the products listed above offer UV protection to you, and they are going to increase the life of your tires substantially. UV Protection is something you must consider while purchasing the tire shine products.

5. Quantity

The next thing to consider is the quantity of product. If you are buying a liquid product, then it makes sense to opt for a bigger pack. You will maintain your car for the rest of your life, so you will use whatever quantity you purchase. If you own a workshop or a car wash, then you can even buy the bulk packs as they are going to an economical option.

6. Spray Bottle

This factor is somewhat related to the application process. Many of the products are available in a spray bottle, which eliminates the need to pour the product into the spraying system. You can directly spray the product on the tires of your car with the help of such containers. We would recommend purchasing the packs that are available in spray bottles. This is not true for bulk quantities. If you are buying a product in bulk, then you will also need your spraying apparatus.

7. Price

The last thing is the price of the product. You can calculate the cost per liter, as this will ease the calculations for you. For the gel-based products, it might not be easy to calculate the price for the standard quantity. Ensure that the spray is in your budget.

How to Make Homemade Tire Shine?

Keeping your car tire shining is important to make it long-lasting. Here are some simple ways to make your tire shining using some homemade solutions.

  • Make Use of Baby Oil:

Baby oil is made of natural ingredients and is free from hazardous chemicals. Further, it is cheap, simple, and easily available. It has many ingredients that help make your car tire shiny. For this process, you will need a cup of baby oil, half a cup of water, clean towels, and two to three drops of dish soap. The following steps will guide you to use baby oil effectively.

  1. Take a jar and add a cup of baby oil, half a cup of water, and three drops of dish soap into it.
  2. Now, mix this solution properly. Pour this mix into a spray bottle and shake it well.
  3. Then spray this solution onto your car tire and, after that, clean the tire with a towel.

Now, your car tire will shine like new. This can also last for a few months.

  • Make A Solution from Alcohol and Castor Oil:

When castor oil is mixed with alcohol, it becomes an excellent thing and can make your car tire shiny. If you apply this mixture to your tire, it will shine naturally. Although it sounds like a new thing, it is very effective and provides better results.

For this process, you will need 25ml castor oil, two gallons of water, a little amount of dish soap, and 75ml rubbing alcohol.

  1. First, wash your car completely. Then you can wash the tire with alcohol.
  2. Now, make a mixture of warm water and dish soap, and then clean the tire using this solution.
  3. Then apply alcohol on the tire with a clean towel. After that, clean the tire with castor oil using a clean towel.

This is very effective and allows you to make your car tire shiny.

  • Use Dawn Dish Detergent Tire Shine:

It is another great homemade tire shine that you can use to enhance your tire’s look. This also helps improve the life of your tires. This solution is also effective for protecting your car tire from UV rays.To implement this process, you will need a bucket of warm water, a hand brush, rubbing alcohol, a spray bottle, dawn dish detergent, and a clean cloth.

  1. Take a bucket of warm water and add a few drops of dawn dish detergent into it. Then mix the solution well.
  2. Now, use a scrubber and scrub this mixture on the tires.
  3. Then allow it for 5 minutes to sit on the tire. After that, rinse the tire with clean water.
  4. Now spray some rubbing alcohol on the tires to remove dust and dirt. While doing this, use a clean cloth and wipe the alcohol.
  5. Once completed, allow the tire to dry for some time.
  6. Lastly, use a clean cloth and apply castor oil to the tire. This will make the tires shine naturally.

Car Tire Shine Spray & Products FAQs

  1. There is a rumor that car tire shine spray could damage the tire? Is it true, if yes, how?

Yes, do not be surprised. No brands or manufacturers would accept it. However, car tire shine spray could reduce the lifespan of a car tire. Most of the car tire shine sprays come made with petroleum solvents and other chemicals that will make the tire shine. However, the same chemicals and petroleum solvent could lead to premature cracking of the tires. Premature cracks are okay to an extent as they could be formed even if the car tire shine is not used. However, frequent use of car tire shine spray could worsen the cracking and eventually lead to tire popping while driving.

  1. Do car detailing shops use car tire shine spray?

No, tire detailing or dressing is a different process. First, they clean the tire very thoroughly and then use a water-based tire dressing solution. It is a slippery liquid that gives a coating to the car tires that would mimic satin or matt finishing. Some of these tire dressing solutions offer UV protection that would prevent the tire from developing dry cracks.

  1. On average how long does a car tire shine spray last on the tires? Is it a good investment?

As far as we know, on an average, car tire shine spray could last up to 4-weeks and some premium products might last longer than this period. We will not recommend using car tire shine spray unless you are using a water-based tire shine spray. Remember, a tire shine spray is a good investment only if it does not do you any harm. According to experts, purchasing a car tire shine spray with no petroleum content is a good investment.

  1. Car tire shine spray could destroy the car paint if used carelessly?

Yes, some of the car tire shine sprays come with harsh chemicals in it, which could destroy the car paint. However, half of the products on the market do not have such harsh chemicals. But, it is best recommended that you resort to using car tire shine spray carefully.

  1. Is there a way to keep my car tires clean for a very long time?

Yes, if you want to maintain the stylish appearance that a car tire shine spray gave to your tire, then you need to wash the car tire every day after use. Yes, you heard it right, if you use your car, then there ought to be some dust and dirt sticking on the tires. Over time, the dust and sediments accumulate to give the tires a dirty look, if you clean the tires at the end of the day after your travels, then such accumulation could be avoided and the style could be maintained.


We have tried to cover each and everything on this list. We have listed the products, buying guide, and all other important things to know before you purchase tire shine spray. If you are interested in any of these tire shine products and are looking for more details, you can click on the product link. The link will redirect you to the Amazon page, and you will get all the possible information on the page. You can even check out for the deals available on these tire shine products.

If you are still confused about what products to buy, you can even look at the buying guide. The buying guide will educate you about the factors to be considered while making the purchase. With all this, we are going to conclude this review of tire shine spray.

If you still have any questions, then you can reach out to us in the comment sections. We will be happy to assist you so that you can maintain an essential part of your vehicle.

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