10 Best Car Seat Covers 2022 [Keep Car Seat Clean]

Everyone wants to get a comfortable car driving experience, and when it comes to a long ride, your car seat is playing an important role in keeping you at ease. It is a critical part of every car as if the material is breathable; then, you can find a sweat-free driving experience. The seat cover also enhances the durability of existing seats, which will definitely come in handy.

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The range of manufacturers is offering great quality car seat covers, which can enhance the look of your car, better the design, and provide easy to clean the property at the same time. Most car owners look after the use of car seat covers, and you can prefer the same and get impressive results without any problem.

The key factor is, you have to look after something reliable for comfort and durability. The intense variety might be consuming and misleading. Due to this, looking at some of the well-liked products might be a better option. We took this matter into consideration and look after some of the best car seat covers.

After checking reviews of more than twenty most liked car seat covers on amazon, we narrowed down the list to ten best rated car seat covers. These ten products are well-liked by buyers, provide value for money deal, and great comfort at the same time. You have to be selective with the need to figure out the best one for your specific need.

Best Buy Car Seat Covers Reviews

Let’s begin by learning about top car seat cover options and figuring out all the good quality deals –

1. FH Group Universal Fit Flat Cloth Pair Bucket Seat Cover

FH Group Universal Fit Flat Cloth Pair Bucket Seat Cover

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A universal fit option from FH Group packs all the essential features that you might be looking for. FH Group is quite a known manufacturer of seat covers, and they are offering higher built quality. First thing first, this cover set of two seats comes in thirteen colors, which will suit your need in an effective manner.

There are two buckets and two headset covers to protect from dirt. The quality is impressive protect from any sort of damage from scratches and more. The fitting is perfect, and it can be used for cars, trucks, SUVs, and Vans. The versatility during the use ensures a better purchase over the other products; that’s why you can rely on it.

Coming to the comfort factor, the material is flat, breathable, and cozy at the same time. It not only keeps your back sweat-free, but it also enhances the satisfaction rate. Most other products are offering such features, but this one is quite impressive. On the other hand, it is available for an affordable price point.


  • It is one of the most affordable seat cover set for cars, SUVs, Vans, and trucks.
  • The built quality is sturdy, reliable, and up to the mark, which ensures better use.
  • This cover helps to protect your seat and providing better usability so far.
  • The material of the cover is breathable, and it keeps you relaxed as well as satisfied.
  • You can find thirteen impressive color options available in this particular design.


  • No cons reported about this product.

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2. Gorla Premium Universal Fit Waterproof Car Seat Cover

Gorla Premium Universal Fit Waterproof Car Seat Cover

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In case you want a premium-looking design that seems good to go for most cars, then you can consider Gorla Premium Universal Fit Waterproof Car Seat Cover. The very first thing is, you can find that it is available in three standard color options, which are black, white, and grey. Each color option is genuine and feels reliable for most of the cars.

The design factor is eye-catchy here because you can install this cover directly on your car’s seats just by placing it on it. The design is simple, and it doesn’t take much time to use. It is a waterproof car seat cover so you can find it easy to use. It can protect your original car seats from sweat, oil, and any other kind of stains for sure.

The build of the seat cover is sturdy, and it keeps your car in perfect condition without any problem. There is nothing to worry about slip-backing because this cover fits perfectly and provides better usability. The manufacturer is offering a 100% lifetime money-back warranty to ensure a better deal over the other options available in the market.


  • This car seat cover is available in three standard color choices – Black, Grey, and White.
  • The build is marvelous, and it can last years without any problem, so durability is not a concern.
  • It is easy to install and remove the car seat cover, which takes less than a minute.
  • There is nothing to worry about slip-backing due to tight strap and effective placement.
  • The manufacturer is offering a 100% lifetime money-back warranty for a safe purchase.


  • The material might seem less comfortable sometimes because it can make your back sweat after hours of driving.

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3. Leader Accessories Waterproof Sweat Towel Front Bucket Seat Cover

Leader Accessories Waterproof Sweat Towel Front Bucket Seat Cover

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For all those people who are looking after the purchase of something comfortable and reliable, then going with Leader Accessories Waterproof Sweat Towel Front Bucket Seat Cover seems like the perfect choice. It is a well-designed waterproof and sweat-proof towel bucket which gives better comfort during a long ride.

The material has a premium in-hand feel, which will make you get better usability. The build quality is premium, and you can expect better durability from the product. Most reviews are positive about the durability of this product; that’s why it is a better option over the other cheap quality towel front bucket seat covers.

The key quality that might attract you is an easier storage option. You can pack this car seat cover into a small size and expect a better storage option without any problem. Everything seems positive here, and you can find impressive color choices, which make it better to prefer car seat cover over the other ones.


  • There are six color options available in this car seat cover.
  • It is easy to install and remove, which makes it better to use for a temporary purpose.
  • It is made up of fabric that is used in a towel, and it provides a premium comfort level.
  • You won’t be feeling sweat during the use of this car seat cover over other ones.


  • The price factor might be a major con here; It is slightly an expensive deal.

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4. BDK PolyPro Car Seat Covers For Full Car

BDK PolyPro Car Seat Covers

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If you want a car seat cover for the entire car which seems easy to use, highly reliable, and affordable at the same time, then BDK PolyPro Car Seat Covers for Full Car is a remarkable deal to secure. Eventually, this deal from BDK is quite impressive, and the primary reason is reasonable pricing. You are getting seat covers for the entire car, but you are paying way less.

The second reason is the color option because you can find five amazing color options, which will help you understand why this car seat cover is better to prefer over the other ones. The material is breathable, and you will get better use from this car seat cover for sure. Your back won’t sweat while using this car seat cover.

The stylish design and easier installation make it pretty easy to use. You can find that there is a little effort required to start using this car seat cover and you are good to go without any problem. The universal fit is an add-on that can make you understand why you should be considering the purchase.


  • It is an easy to use car seat cover over the other options available in the market.
  • You are getting quite an affordable deal for all car seats, which makes it impressive.
  • The material of the seat cover is breathable, so it provides better comfort during the use.
  • The fit from this car seat is universal and better to prefer for SUVs and Cars.
  • There are five unique color options that can help get the perfect product of need.


  • The durability of the product is a concern due to a few negative reviews about durability.

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5. AUTOYOUTH Car Seat Covers Universal Fit

AUTOYOUTH Car Seat Covers Universal Fit

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For all those people who want something classy and credible for long journeys, then AUTOYOUTH Car Seat Covers Universal Fit will offer you all the quirky features in one place. This one is a soft cover with a breathable property. The reason behind considering this product is easier usability that can’t expect from any other product.

The material passes air to your skin and maintains a flow that your backstay comfortable, and you can drive without any problem. This car seat cover is made for the entire car, and you can get a similar theme with ease. The convenience during the purchase is higher because you won’t have to go through so many aspects.

There are two simple color options – Grey and Blue. Both colors are based on a black theme, which makes it suitable for any car, and the usability also enhances for sure. The only problem is with the installation because it might require an expert to install covers perfectly. Otherwise, everything seems in favor of the product.


  • The material of the car seat cover is breathable and reliable for a long ride.
  • This manufacturer is offering an entire set that can help with better value.
  • The design is unique, and there are two basic color options – Blue and Grey.
  • There is a rear split function to enhance the overall use and feel ease with the installation.


  • The covers might require an expert to install perfectly.

6. Motor Trend AquaShield Car Seat Covers

Motor Trend AquaShield Car Seat Covers

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In case you are looking for a thick cover for your car seats to protect from anything like sweat, dirty hands, scratches, or water, then Motor Trend AquaShield Car Seat Covers is a great choice to look after. It has a premium design and great build quality, which can attract you toward the purchase. It is a waterproof cover that will prevent your car from any further issue.

The build quality is up to the mark, and it can be ensured from the thickness of the material. You can find that the cover is hard to scratch, and chances of facing issue decreases. This cover set includes two covers for front seats, and you can find headrest covers included in the kit. This thing enhances the quality of the deal.

The key thing which might seem way more impressive about this product is a simpler design. There is a single color option offered, and it has a theme of black and grey. If you have a white or black color car, then this seat cover will directly fit into the need. Everything is great about the product to expect. It can make you sweat due to the thickness of the material.


  • This car seat cover is waterproof, and it protects from water or sweat stains.
  • The build is impressive because there is thick material used in manufacturing.
  • You can find two basic color options on the black theme, which are red and grey.
  • The design of the cover is modern, and it is absolutely easy to install for better use.
  • The price seems affordable as compared to most of the other options available in the market.


  • The thickness of the material might make you sweaty after a long ride.

7. Elantrip Waterproof Front Seat Covers

Elantrip Waterproof Front Seat Covers

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A completely water-resistant seat cover that prevents against stains from sweat or water is Elantrip Waterproof Front Seat Cover. It is a set of two covers that are protected with waterproof lining and impressive material. This set includes cover for bucket and headrest, which enhances the quality of the deal as compared to the other options available in the market.

The material is premium, and you can find that it gives a premium in-hand feel during the use. The most impressive thing about this deal is the color option. There are seven color and design options in the same kind. The best part is, there is not a significant difference in price, which ensures that you get a quality deal for a specific need.

The installation part is quick and faster. It takes less than a couple of minutes to install the cover, which makes it better. It is also water repellent over the other ones. The airbag compatibility enhances the reliability factor, and it can make you grab this deal. The only problem is, it is a slightly expensive option from the other options.


  • It is an airbag compatible seat cover, which means you won’t be compromising with safety.
  • It has breathable material, but it is waterproof at the same time for better comfort.
  • There is a universal fit offered by the manufacturer for quick time installation within seconds.
  • You are getting two front seat covers, headrest covers, and a small bag to store it easily.


  • The price of the seat cover seems slightly expensive from the other options.

8. Auto 2 Leather Black Car Seat Covers

Auto 2 Leather Black Car Seat Covers

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A universal design that might seem easy to prefer is leather seat covers, and there is no debate about the use. Most people like it, but few people have a negative thought about discomfort due to the heating of leather after hours of sitting. Leaving such reviews aside, Auto 2 Leather Black Car Seat Covers is quite a popular option to look after.

The leather seat covers are available in eight different shades of grey and black, which make them perfect for any car. The fitting is universal, and you are getting bucket cover as well as headrest cover for better usability. The build quality is sturdy, and it ensures better usability over the other options available in the market.

If you have this doubt of the un-breathability of material, then don’t worry because it is made up of Very Soft Perforated faux leather. It is capable of passing air and keeping you sweat-free for long hours. The build quality is sturdy, and there is double stitching to increase the durability of this product.


  • It has a premium build quality, and it provides better comfort over other ones.
  • The material is completely breathable and made up of Very Soft Perforated faux leather.
  • The design is unique, and there are eight color options in the same design.
  • The manufacturer is offering double stitching to protect from durability issues.


  • It could have a slightly affordable price point considering the quantity.

9. AULLY PARK Universal Car Seat Cover Protector

AULLY PARK Universal Car Seat Cover

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With two different color shades, black and white, AULLY PARK protector will save your car seats from various things like stains, spills, sweat, and the smell. This seat protector is designed for athletes to drive their car even they are in sweat.

The protector wicks away the sweat and moisture to keep it odor-free. The size of the cover protector is so comfortable, and you can also wash it in a machine. On the other hand, durable polyester terry makes it more comfortable yet compact.

It also has anti-skid protection, which is suitable for people who travel with dogs. You can easily install the cover with the help of clips in less than ten seconds. you can also store it quickly as this is easily foldable and take less storage in your car. The brand also ensures a one hundred percent money-back guarantee about the quality of this product.


  • It is easy to install in SUV, Van, and Truck, which ensure a better purchase.
  • It also allows the side airbag deployment for safety.
  • It is offering non-slip back, which will not slide down or in any direction.
  • The build quality of the cover is quite impressive and seems legit for the price point.


  • It comes with a simple design and fewer color options.
  • The quality of the belts could be better for more safety.

10. PIC AUTO High Back Car Seat Cover

PIC AUTO High Back Car Seat Cover

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This seat cover comes with sports carbon and meshes panel’s design, which looks more attractive and makes the car look sportier. It also has airbags compatibility, which can be a more significant positive point for any good seat cover. Heavy-duty polyester makes it more breathable and good-looking than any other product.

It has high-quality elastic, which covers the vehicle’s seats, like SUVs, Van’s, trucks, and other cars. The three-panel design is good for the backsliding problems, as many of the other products have only two panels. On the other side, the advanced stitching on this cover will allow you more safety as this is also compatible with side airbags.

With long-lasting durability and tear-free design, this is a stylish and compatible product that can easily attract the buyers. This product includes two front seat covers and two headrest covers. Everything is in favor of the product, which ensures better purchase over the other options available in the market.


  • It offers the perfect protection to prevent wear and tear also.
  • You can clean this cover with just a wipe of wet cloth.
  • The material is soft and comfortable for long rides.
  • There are impressive color options offered by the manufacturer.


  • You cannot wash it in the washing machine.
  • The weight of the cover is slightly higher, which makes it hard to install.

How To Choose The Right Car Seat Cover

During the selection time, all car seat cover might feel appealing and reliable, but there are a few important aspects that require to be considered. When we started making this list, we were not sure which factor should be considered as most important. Due to this, we arranged this list based on the affordability and comfort factor. If you want to find a reliable deal for your specific need, then you can have a look at the below mentioned important aspects –

→ 1. Design

A number of impressive designs are offered by the manufacturer, which can easily provide better usability over the other options. The first thing is, there are two designs available in the market mainly. You can check out all the designs and choose a reliable option.

2. Comfort

The material of the car seat cover should be breathable so that you feel the comfort. The overall usability enhances, which will be a better option, and you can go on long rides without any problem. This is the major reason that you can rely on it over the other ones.

3. Color Options

No doubt that the color option is important as if you want something matching with your car. The color scheme should be matching so that you get a better look. Your car will look better, that’s why you can prefer it without any problem. This is the major reason that color plays an important role.

4. Installation

The car seat cover seems reliable if it is easy to install and remove. Most companies are providing a quick time installation feature where you take the cover and place it on the seat and use straps. It takes less than a couple minutes in the whole installation for sure.

5. Compatibility

All car seats are not the same, and the same goes for seat covers. During the purchase, you have to ensure that if the car seat cover is compatible with your car model or not. You can check out the shape, dimension, and fitting factor to finalize the right product.

6. A number of Seat Covers

Most companies provide seat cover for front seats only, but you can look for the entire set. The best part is, such products are affordable, and they fulfill the need in an effective manner. The usability also enhances during the purchase, that’s why you can rely on them.

7. Customer Feedback

By checking plenty of reviews about a product, you can feel ensure whether a product is reliable or not. Reviews will help you learn about durability, comfort, durability, and a few more important aspects. So, you can consider a review to clear all doubts.

These are some necessary factors that you should be considering to finalize an impressive deal for your specific need.

How to Install Car Seat Covers Properly?

Installing the car seat cover might be a difficult job for all those people who haven’t done any DIY jobs. However, if you look closely, there are only a few easy steps to follow. If you have bought the right sized car seat covers and not sure that how to installing, then reading the included manual should be your priority. After learning a little from the manuals, you can begin following the given steps for an adequate installation of car seat covers.

Step 1 –Begin with Headrest

Removing the headrest of your car seat is easy and doesn’t require the use of any tool. If you look closely near between the headrest and the seat, two metal roads are connecting it. There is a small locking mechanism. As you press the small button, the headrest will be free to move up and down. You can pull up the headrest now.

Step 2 – Put Seat cover on the seatback

After you have removed the headrest, get the seat’s back cover, and install it. Well, this is a one-person job but having someone to assist will be an adequate choice. As you are pulling the cover down, it will start getting harder. So, you should keep on installing the cover on the top side and then pulling it down.

Step 3 – Use S-Hooks to Lock

In the end, you can find that there is S-hook in the cover which will help you secure the cover in its place. Keep on pulling the cover until it reaches the bottle side and then you can secure the car seat cover in its place with the small lock. Make sure to adjust the elastic strap length as to if the cover is too loose even after installation.

Step 4 – Headrest Holes

You can press down on the headrest holes area and find it. Make precise marks and use a sharp object to make holes. After making firm and finer holes, you can cut that specific area for the headrest lock and holes. You can install the headrest cover now and install it back.

Step 5 – Follow the Same for Bottom Seat

To install the bottom seat, you should start by putting the cover. You can find that installing the cover is easy here and it will not require much time also. The process will begin by getting the cover placed on the bottom seat and securing it properly with the s-hooks. It will be tough in the beginning but if you are applying the right pressure, then this thing won’t be taking much time.

Step 6 – Car’s User Manual

Airbags installed under the seat might get affected due to the seat cover. So, it would be an excellent choice to check your car’s user manual to ensure that nothing gets interrupted while installing the seat cover adequately. There are many other things you should consider like when you are making holes for the headrest, be precise and use the right tools instead of sharp nails to make holes.

Car Seat Covers Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are headrest covers also included in the package?

Getting an additional thing with what you are buying is a bonus. However, it is the subjective choice of the manufacturers. You have an option to explore different brands before picking up a seat cover. Therefore, make sure that you read about the inclusions of headrest cover and other things in the packet. Some brands also provide map pockets and folding console.

2. How much time does it require to install a seat cover?

Seat covers are usually an investment for years and years. Some people opt to change it while others prefer to clean their old seat covers. Make sure that you can afford to give a time of 5-10 hours, depending upon the car you own.

3. What are custom seat covers? Is it a good option?

You can pick a design to customize in your seat cover. These are ideal for people who love having fancy and funky accessories. Otherwise, most of the people prefer standard seat covers. However, you need to invest quite a bit more in the custom seat covers.

4. How to choose a seat cover according to the car?

You need to pick an appropriate seat cover for your car that will complement its look. Leather seat covers enhance the look of your car and make it look premium. However, people who desire more comfort can go for fabric covers too. It entirely depends on your point of view. You will also have to look for the kind of fitting you wish. These are a few points to consider before picking a seat cover for your car.

5. Will the seat cover affect my driving performance?

As such, you will not experience any interference while driving. Instead, it makes you more comfortable and protects the seat from spills, dirt, and dog hairs. However, if you are allergic to the material, it could be a problem. But, again that’s a rare case.

6. Are seat covers uncomfortable and tacky?

Leather seat covers could be tackier than the fabric ones. However, they are not at all uncomfortable, if you go for a high-quality cover.

7. Will I get installing accessories with the cover too?

Yes, some car seat cover manufacturers do provide a few accessories. However, you need to get a proper installation by the agency. It will make you more satisfied.

8. Will the seat cover enclose the cupholders?

Yes, seat covers are customized according to the car and its model number. Therefore, you will not have to compromise any features of your car seat. You can use the cupholder as before.

9. How should I clean and maintain the seat cover?

We recommend you clean the seat cover with warm soapy water and rinse it later. However, some seat covers are machine washable too. Make sure to read the cleaning instructions that came with the seat cover for more information.

10. Do seat cover interfere with the functioning of airbags?

If you purchase a seat cover exclusively made for your car, it will not interfere with the airbag. However, improper fitting and inappropriate ones can surely decrease its efficacy.

The Final Verdict

Car seat covers are important to prevent original seats from dirt, scratches, and any other damage. Most buyers instantly buy car seat covers, and you can do the same by considering our list. We did a hard job of arranging this list. Coming to this arrangement was typical, but we consulted with experts, people from forums, and many buyers.

If you are checking this list, then make sure that you figure out the need first. On the other hand, you have to look after the perfect fitting to avoid facing any problem in the future. We hope that this guidepost will come in handy to every buyer.

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