10 Best Car Emergency Kits 2022 [Roadside Safety Kit]

We always try to be very careful while we are driving, but the fact is that we can still get into an emergency. It can be any type of emergency. You never forecast it, but while you are driving, there are chances of a car break down. There are also chances of an accident, which can be a medical emergency. You can be a witness to a bad crash where the victims might need some help. Providing them first aid on time can help them in surviving the crash. In addition to this, in case of a battery failure, you can use the jumpers to start the car. All these things can prove to be handy while you are driving around.

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For such needs, there are many car emergency kits available on the USA market. You can use purchase one such kit and keep them in your car’s boot. We hope you may never have to use these emergency kits but there can be a time when you might need one. Yes, we are talking about the worst-case scenario. A simple search will show you hundreds of car emergency kits available on the shop. It can be difficult to choose the one which can make a difference for you. The easy solution is to check out the reviews below. We have compiled a list of good quality car emergency kits that are available online and we have also listed a review of them. Let us move on to the next section and take you through the list that we have for you.

Best Buy Emergency Kit For Car

You must carefully analyze the kit’s contents and ensure that you are only buying the kit with the equipment you know how to use. There is no point in buying something that you will not be able to use. Alternatively, you can also look out for kits with a variety of tools and you can learn about the use of each of the tool in the kit. Let us now take you through the list of top rated emergency kits for car that value for the money.

1. First Secure Car Emergency Kit First Aid Kit

First Secure Car Emergency Kit First Aid Kit

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Here is the first car emergency kit on our list and this product offering is from First Secure.  The kit includes 12 types of items, which are air compressor, tow rope, tire repair kit, window crasher and seat belt cutter, tire pressure gauge, multi-tool, warning triangle, flashlight, tape, bungee cords, cable ties, and gloves. This way, you can deal with a breakdown, flat tire and any other thing. When required, you will even be able to tow the car. The jumper cables included in this kit ensures that you can jump-start your car when the battery dies out. There is a first aid kit offered with this car emergency kit as well.

In total, the kit has 90 piece emergency kit plus a 48 piece first aid kit. It is enough to deal with any kind of emergency while you are traveling. The brand also offers a satisfaction guarantee where the brand offers a refund if you are not happy with the kit.


  • The kit includes an air compressor, tire puncture kit, and even bungee cords.
  • There is a 48 piece medical kit offered along with this kit.
  • A single handy bag has all of these emergency items stuffed in it.


  • Nothing that we could notice about this particular kit.

2. Lianxin Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit

Lianxin Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit

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Moving on to the second product on the list, we have an offering from Lianxin and this is also a very versatile kit that everything you need. The kit comes with a durable 2.5 meter jumper cable, a tool kit with a hammer, traction ropes, working gloves, and other important things. A total of 142 pieces in the kit can prove to be very useful when you need it. You can be ready for any kind of emergency if you have this kit. The best part is that the kit also includes a snow shovel, a raincoat and a compass.

All these things can help you in dealing with a harsh climate. You will be able to check the car even in the rain. This kit also has an emergency blanket that can help you in spending a night in the car in an emergency. Overall, there is everything included in this kit that can help you deal with a roadside emergency.


  • It comes with an emergency blanket, raincoat and a snow shovel.
  • This is a comprehensive 142 piece kit that includes all the required items.
  • The kit can deal with any kind of emergency and you can take it for camping and hiking as well.


  • The first aid kit is limited and you might want to purchase a separate first aid kit.

3. HAIPHAIK Emergency Roadside Toolkit

HAIPHAIK Emergency Roadside Toolkit

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Here is another great value car emergency kit and this one is available from Haiphaik. The kit includes a tool kit, jump cables, towing belt, mask, multi-tool, torch, snow shovel, and other important things. Most of the tools in the kit are coating with an anti-rust coating. In total, the kit has 124 pieces neatly packed inside a bag. The jumper cable’s length is 11.8 feet and can prove to be of great help in starting your car. The kit is compact and it is also lightweight so it is easy to store and carry it.

The brand also offers a satisfaction guarantee and if you are not satisfied with the quality of the kit then you can return and get a 100% refund. The shovel included in the car emergency kit is very versatile. You can use it as a saw or you can use it to knock and pry something. You can certainly check out this car emergency kit and you will find it useful.


  • The shovel in this kit is made of steel and it is also very versatile.
  • The kit has 124 pieces that come with a portable bag.
  • There is a first-aid kit included in this car emergency kit.


  • There are no shortcomings of this kit.

4. SlimK Road Flares – LED Emergency Flare

SlimK Road Flares

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We have talked about a lot of car emergency kit, but none of them includes Road Flares. These can be used for a hazard signal, and they can prevent any potential accident when your car is parked at the side of a road due to the breakdown. For such cases, even the reflective triangle may not be as useful as these road flares. The pack has 3 flares and these flares durable as well. These are made of ABS plastic and not only crush-resistant, but they are also water-resistant.

There is also a magnet attached in these flashers which helps you stick the flares to the car’s body. You just need 3 batteries to make then function and it has a one-button operation. The same button can be used to adjust different modes. The modes can be steady –on high, rotate mode, single blink, quad flash, 4 LED flash, top LED flashlight, SOS rescue and many other modes. Lastly, these are offered in a carrying case with a screwdriver and a pair of gloves.


  • The emergency flairs can work on multiple settings, and hence they can be used for signaling.
  • They are heavy duty, and they can even withstand the weight of water.
  • These are waterproof and they float on water.


  • This is not a complete car emergency kit

5. Always Prepared Premium 125 Piece Roadside Emergency Assistance, Kit

Always Prepared Premium 125 Piece Roadside Emergency Assistance

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At number 5, we have a car emergency kit from Always Prepared Store. As the name of the brand suggests, this store sells emergency gear that can be used to prepare for emergencies. This kit will not only offer you with the capabilities to deal with vehicle breakdown but it will also offer the capabilities to improve visibility safety and to offer first aid to anyone who needs it. There are 125 pieces in this kit and this includes bungee cord, jumpers, multi-tool, gloves, towing straps, rain ponchos, glow stick, torch, emergency blanket and a window breaker.

There are many other things included in the kit as well and they are all well-organized inside the carrying bag. The jumper cable has an 8 gauge copper wire so it would not melt while you are trying to start your car. If you are looking for a versatile kit that can deal with most of the emergencies, then this is going to be the best possible choice for you. It has almost everything and there is nothing that you might have to purchase in addition to this kit.


  • The kit includes tools to repair the car and it also includes tools to improve visual safety.
  • The car emergency kit has an emergency blanket and it also has an extensive first aid kit.
  • The kit is very compact and it can even be stored under the seat.


  • Nothing that we could notice about this car emergency kit.

6. STDY Car Roadside Emergency Kit

STDY Car Roadside Emergency Kit

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Here is another car emergency kit in our list and this is also an extension kit that can help you in dealing with the emergencies. To begin with, the kit has 7.6 feet jumper cables, first aid kit, tow ropes, safety gloves, emergency blanket, multi-tool and even a reflective triangle. The kit also includes a seat belt cutter and a window hammer that can help you in getting out of the car in an emergency. This kit also has a puncture repair kit and a raincoat.

The kit is quite extensive and it can help you in staying prepared for any kind of emergency. You can even go through the emergency kit list, and we assure you that you will find it very useful. The raincoat and the emergency blanket can prove to be very helpful during the weather conditions. Overall, you can rely on this car emergency kit.


  • The kit comes with things like a raincoat, blanket, puncture repair kit and other tools.
  • There is a tow rope offered with the kit and the kit also has a first aid kit.
  • The jumper cable is made of 8 gauge copper wire and hence it is safe to use.


  • Nothing as such.

7. Stonepoint Emergency LED Road Flare Kit

Stonepoint Emergency LED Road Flare Kit

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We have already talked about one road flare kit and here is another one in our list. These are very important in dealing with emergencies and sadly, you will not find them in the standard car emergency kit. This needs to be purchased additionally. This set of road flare kit has 3 lights integrated into them and they come with a carrying bag. These flare lights are very bright and they can run for 20 hours on a steady mode. They can also work for 50 hours in flash mode. Since the flares use LED lamps, the lifetime of the flare is also very good.

Overall, the quality of these roadside flares is good and they are crush resistant as well. Even a 6000-pound heavy vehicle can’t crush these lights. They are visible from a distance of 2 miles and hence the driver gets enough time to steer clear of you. Everyone must have these road flares in their car.


  • It can work for as much as 60 hours without replacing the battery.
  • These lights are crush resistant and they use 3 AAA batteries.
  • The lights also have a base magnet to ensure that it sticks to the body of the vehicle.


  • This is not a complete car emergency kit.

8. Adakiit Car Emergency Kit

Adakiit Car Emergency Kit

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Moving on to number 8, we have a car emergency kit from Adakiit. On a high level, this kit includes a compact carrying case, jumper cables, warning triangle, tow rope, gloves, safety vest, LED Flash Light, Rain Poncho, Safety Hammer, Belt Cutter, Screw Driver and Tire Pressure Gauge. The kit also has a first aid kit along with the multi-tool and an emergency blanket. The jumper cable in this car emergency kit is of a high gauge to sustain high temperatures. All these things are offered in a very compact bag that can be easily stored.

This car emergency kit can be very useful in dealing with emergency and it can also be a perfect gift for your kid who just purchased his first car. The shape of the carrying bag is rectangular so it also helps you in saving the space. It is even possible to store the bag under your car’s seat so that it is quickly accessible in an emergency.


  • it comes with a variety of tools including tow ropes, rain poncho and a blanket.
  • Jumper cable is of 8 gauge copper wire.
  • It also has a first aid kid included in the bag.


  • Tire puncture kit is not included in this.

9. LRMI Multipurpose Roadside Emergency Assistance Kit

LRMI Multipurpose Roadside Emergency Assistance Kit

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There is always a chance of getting trapped on a highway and this kit is well equipped to deal with such emergencies. This car emergency kit includes an 8 feet jumper cable, a 10 feet tow rope,  a warning triangle, snow shovel, blanket, raincoat, fuse set, tester and a safety hammer. All these things are neatly packed inside a small carrying kit that can be stored in your car. It is quite a thoughtful gift for anyone who drives. You can even buy this kit for yourself and this way, you will be able to prepare yourself for emergencies.

It should be noted that there is no first aid kit offered in this car emergency kit. You would need to purchase it separately. Apart from this, there is everything in this car emergency kit that you will ever need.


  • The brand offers a satisfaction guarantee for the buyers and it offers a 100% refund.
  • The kit is easy to store and the bag also has reflective material on it so that you can find it easily.
  • This kit also has a fuse set in it, and this can be very handy.


  • There is no first aid kit offered with this car emergency kit.

10. Lifeline AAA Premium Road Kit

Lifeline AAA Premium Road Kit

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Here is the last product on our list, and this car emergency kit is from Lifeline. This has a flashlight, 8 gauge booster cable, storage bag and even an extensive tool kit. There is a rain poncho to deal with the situations when you have to get out in rain. The screwdriver included in the kit has two tips. The LED flashlight is also very bright and it has 9 LED to give it high lumens. The bag also has a first aid kit included in it which is very much required. The kit meets the requirements laid by AAA safety standards and hence the tools also have good quality.

This brand offers many other kits, including executive road kit, destination road kit, winter safety kit, and many others. You can certainly check out the whole range and buy the kit that is the most useful for you.


  • Thecar emergency kit is as per AAA standards and hence it is one of the best available in the market.
  • There is a rain poncho and first aid kit included in the kit.
  • There are many other safety kits available from the brand.


  • Some people didn’t like the quality of the kit.

How To Choose The Best Car Emergency Kit

We have already shared the list of best car emergency kits available in the market but are you still confused about which one to buy? The fact is that many other factors can define the choice of your emergency kit. Let us take you through these factors in our buying guide and it will surely help you in choosing the right car emergency kit. Check out the points below and make notes so that you can use them while shortlisting the car emergency kit that you can use when needed.

→ 1. First-Aid

First and the most important thing in the car emergency kit is the first aid kit. You need to have one in your car as it can prove to be very helpful. Ensure that the emergency kit that you are buying also has an extensive first aid kit. It can be lifesaving and the first aid kit can also help you in restricting the blood loss. This gives you enough time while you are on the way to an emergency unit. You must also look for the things included in the first aid kit and ensure that it has everything you might need.

→ 2. Quality

The second consideration that you must make here is the quality of the car emergency kits. Some people complain about having cheap quality tools in the car emergency kits. You do not want such a kit. Invest in a good quality car emergency kit as you would not want to buy tools that are of no use in case of an emergency. You can very well judge the quality of the tools just by looking at them. You can even look at the reviews to judge the quality of the emergency kit available in the market

→ 3. Tools Included

Look at the list of tools available in the kit. It should have all types of tools. To begin with, the kit must have jumper cables, shovel, wrench, fastener, torch, LED flashers, screwdriver, insulation tape and towing straps. These are some of the basic items that you must have in your car emergency kits. You can purchase extra items as well but you need to ensure that the kit meets the purpose. You must be able to use it in any kind of emergency. Some of the people also prefer carrying a compressor and a tire pressure gauge to deal with emergencies.

→ 4. Versatility

Ensure that your car emergency kit is versatile enough to deal with all kind of emergencies. It must not just be restricted to a specific type of emergency. You must be able to deal with a medical emergency, an accident, a car break down and all other emergencies that you would not anticipate. This will prepare you well and you will always feel confident during the long road trips. It would be a great way to be prepared; hence, you can choose the car emergency kits with all types of tool. Spare a little time in learning the usage of the tools.

→ 5. Portability

You do not want to block a lot of luggage space in the boot. Ensure that you are not blocking the luggage space in the boot to ensure that you are buying something very portable. The brand should supply a carrying bag with a car emergency kit. It is certainly beneficial to have a bag as it will ensure that you are not losing the things. Overall, the kit should be portable, and at the same time, you must not compromise on the tools and equipment in the car emergency kit. You should be able to store it without any problem.

→ 6. Price

The last factor that you can consider is cost. The golden rule is that you will get what you pay for. Avoid buying cheap kits just for the sake of it as the quality of tools in these cheap emergency kits can be poor. They might end up being unusable in an emergency. As per our recommendation, go for a heavy-duty car emergency kit even if that means spending extra money on it. This kit will save you in the emergency and your life can even depend on these car emergency kits.

Car Emergency Kit Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the accessories that should be included in a car emergency kit?

The accessories included in a car emergency kit would differ based on the model of the emergency kit. However, based on the top brands and experts.  The maximum number of accessories mentioned below should be included in your car emergency kit.

  • Transmission fluids and brake fluid
  • Jack
  • Jumper cable for battery
  • Red lights
  • Tool kit
  • Gloves
  • Tube inflator
  • Torch
  • First aid kit

Apart from this, any number of accessories are acceptable. But do not consider purchasing a kit without the maximum number of above-mentioned accessories.

  1. Is it true that most of the car emergency kits come with poor quality accessories?

Yes, this is true; even today, if you select 5 random car emergency kit from the market, you will probably find 4 of them to have poor-quality accessories. Compare this ratio to hundreds of models of kits out there. If you are not an expert or if you do not have the right guidance, you could end up purchasing a cheap quality kit. However, our team of experts has selected the 10 best car emergency kit that you could consider purchasing today. Each of the kits mentioned is guaranteed to come with good quality accessories.

  1. The brand is important when it comes to selecting a car emergency kit?

No, the brand is not important. The most important thing is to find out if the product you are purchasing is previously bought by anyone and check the review. The only way to know the quality of the accessories in a car emergency kit is through customer reviews only. The majority of best car emergency kits are marketed by brands that are unknown to most people. Therefore, focus on the number of accessories and customer reviews.

  1. Which is better, purchasing emergency kit accessories separately or as a kit?

 Purchasing the accessories separately and purchasing as a kit are both okay. But, to be frank, we would recommend purchasing accessories and assembling them from a better kit. But, such an assembling might be expensive as each accessory could add to the cost. On the other hand, purchasing a car emergency kit is easy and they are comparatively cheap. However, the quality of accessories in a car emergency kit might be poor. So, it is up to you on what to purchase.

  1. A car emergency kit is the same for all cars? Or different for different cars?

Yes, a car emergency kit is the same for all the cars as they come with accessories that could suit almost any cars. When it comes to tools, they come as a kit and most tool kits have tools that could suit most cars. Other accessories like first aid kit, tube inflator, torch, etc. are common.

  1. Is there any safety standard organization that checks the quality of the car emergency kit?

As far as we know, there is no such organization. Most commonly, it is the ISO standard that should be followed.


No matter how careful you are on the road, an emergency can strike anytime. You can try and mitigate the risk by keeping such kits handy in your car. They can help you in a quick evacuation. Some of these kits also have a hook and belt that can help you in towing your car when the need arises. You can also lookout for the LED flashers so that you can make people aware of your presence in case of a breakdown. These flashers can dramatically reduce the risk of accidents in case of a breakdown. As per the statistics, many people end up in an accident as a car at high-speed rams into the stationary car during break-down incidents.

With this, we are going to conclude the page and if you have any questions, then you can leave a comment for us in the comments section. Thank You.

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