The Best Car Air Fresheners 2022 [Keep Your Car Smell Fresh]

A combination of odor is pretty common to find if you usually travel a lot through your car. Most people love the comfort of the car, and the use is definitely way better from traveling on Bus, Train, or Airplane. There is always some sort of odor in all other mediums of transport, which is why you like car way more than

Usually, you can find the smell of food, sweat, gym clothes, and it might be the cigarette that you smoked a couple of hours ago. The most effective way to deal with such bad odor is to keep windows open while driving, and it can help but not effectively. You might end up dealing with road pollution.

So, what are the perfect choices? Well, there are two things that you can do. First of all, you can get your car dry-cleaned properly. You can install a car air freshener, which will reduce the odor several times, and you can better. It doesn’t matter that if you travel with your pet or gym clothes, the bad smell will be negligible, and you can feel better.

Learning about the advantage clicks the first question in mind that which car freshener is better and why? If you haven’t bought any car freshener before, you might have a question about which one to prefer. Due to this, we are here to help you with a list of some great car air freshener.

Best Buy Car Air Freshener For The Money

This list is based on several important factors, but instead of putting all the factors, we added a buying guide at the end of this list. You can check out our buying guide and understand how we come up with an arrangement. Till then, let’s jump to the list of top 10 best car air freshness –

1. LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener

LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener

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It is one of the best smelling car air fresheners in our list. All those who want a masculine fragrance with a sandalwood fusion can consider the purchase of LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener. It is a value for money deal, and it feels reliable for the price.

The mystery fragrance offers the perfect odor, and it is also helpful in killing bad odor effectively. The most important thing that everyone wants to know is the lasting period, and it is perfectly fulfilling the need. It lasts for more than a usual time period, and it starts fading after it is completed used.

Adding more into the same, this is a versatile car freshener that can be used in the laundry room, bathrooms, garage, and pet area.  The best part is, it is an easy to use car air freshener which doesn’t require any kind of refill or anything else.


  • It is one of the easy to use a car air freshener.
  • There are 24 packs included in the one purchase.
  • You are getting four impressive fragrances, and each one has six-packs.
  • You can choose between a number of fragrance options.


  • There are no cons reported about it.

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2. MEGUIAR’S G16402 Whole Car Air Freshener

MEGUIARS G16402 Whole Car Air Freshener

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A liquid-vapor with an amazing quality is offered by MEGUIAR’S G16402 Whole Car Air freshener, which not only works effectively but also provides reliable usability so far. This air freshener fulfills the need in a highly effective manner.

These are some of the great qualities which can attract you toward the purchase of the same. However, we love the odor eliminator mist, which makes it highly impressive and unique as compared to the other ones. One-time use can last for hours, and it is one of the easy to use the option at the same time.

These qualities, along with the smart working, ensure better value for money deal. This one is the new scent, and there are other options also available in the same size. The flesh point in this air freshener is 14.00 Degrees Celsius.


  • It is highly effective in eliminating the bad odor from your car.
  • It is easy to use a car air freshener.
  • The price seems affordable as you compare it with others.
  • It has received a huge number of positive reviews about the fragrance.


  • A small number of people with sensitive skin might have a problem using it.

3. Yankee Candle Car Jar Hanging Air Freshener

Yankee Candle Car Jar Hanging Air Freshener

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Hanging car air-freshener is not only cheap, but they are so easy to use and enhances the overall convenience. If you are looking after something affordable, easy to use, and long-lasting, Yankee Candle Car Jar air freshener is good to choose.

It is made in the USA product, and it is easily available. It can provide great use for a month, but the manufacturer claims 2.4 weeks lasting power. It can remove bad odor at the same time, which will be leading to better usability over time. The feedbacks are positive about this product which can convenience you.

The fragrance is loved by most of the buyers, and you can find plenty of scent options to feel positive about the purchase. The only issue is, the effectiveness of this air-freshener starts going down after the very first week of use.


  • It is a long-lasting air freshener that lasts for 2.4 weeks easily.
  • There are three different fragrances packs included in the kit.
  • The fragrance is light, and it doesn’t feel irritating in any manner.
  • It is very compact, and it feels affordable at the same time.


  • Few people don’t like it because of the dull fragrance.

How to Choose the Best Car Air Freshener?

It doesn’t matter that if you are looking for a room freshener or a car air freshness, there are so many common things, but when it comes to size and usability, you have to be serious. A huge number of factors play an important role in choosing the fragrance as if you have a problem with any specific type. From floral to a strong chemical made fragrances, you can choose between an intense variety. The below mentioned are some important aspects that you must consider during the purchase –

→ 1. Type

Car air freshness comes in several formats where you can choose an air freshness spray, small cards to hang on the mirror, and many more. Consider the best type is all about your car and the insider space. If your car is too spacious, then choosing an air freshener can seem adequate.

You can also consider installing a small unit in your car’s AC area and getting a similar number of advantages. Most people feel confused about the type, but there is no doubt that all the types are reliable, as you can cop up with the cost.

Each one comes for a different price point, and you have to figure out which one is better for the price you are paying so far. All the types are reliable as if you like the fragrance offered by a manufacturer.

→ 2. Easy to Use

Some air freshness doesn’t require any kind of procedure to use, you just install the air freshness, and you are good to go. If you choose an air freshness that has controls like timer and when to spray factor, then you may have to read manual.

Easy to use factor as important as if you will be considering a good quality air freshener. Everyone wants to use the car air freshener on a daily basis and don’t want to pay much attention. So, it would be a better choice to find an easy to use the product.

An air freshener with less or no controls seems adequate to fulfill most of the basic needs. A bonus tip for the first-time buyer is to start with the widely preferred options, and then you can start exploring other types.

→ 3. Fragrance and Effectiveness

Once you install an air freshener, you are free of any issue related to bad odor, but if the air-freshener is not capable of killing the bad odor, then you might get mixed smell out of the car.

Most of the air-freshener manufacturers consider coming up with advanced formulas, so that poor odor neutralizes with the good odor. The second thing is effectiveness because if there is much bad odor, then a good air freshener should be working effectively for hours or days.

There should be no need for spraying again, which seems a better and highly reliable choice. Once in a while, you might feel that air freshener is not working effectively; in such cases, you have to replace the old unit with a new one.

You have to determine how well the freshener works and how many times you are getting the intense advantages. After determining the effectiveness, you can feel free and get rid of all the issues with ease.

→ 4. Placement of Air Freshener

This factor is already covered in the “Type” category; however, several other types might require a little attention. As you can find that there is a limited number of places to install an air-freshener, so you have to be selective.

You can place air-freshener behind the car seat, near head-rest, hang it on the rear-view mirror, in the cupholder, or in front of AC. All these places have a different type of air-fresheners. When you are selecting the right one, you can check the pros and cons of each type.

As we have discussed most of the traits while reviewing the above-given ten products, you can feel ease and learn plenty of additional factors. Placement is an important factor as if you have a specific need.

→ 5. Lasting Power

One might say that lasting power depends upon several factors like how much you use your car, what type of air-freshener it is, and more. But, if you check the description of every car air-freshener, there is a particular number mentioned by the manufacturer.

This will help you know how much durability to expect. A good quality car-air freshener can last you more than a month, and the effectiveness reduces when it is about to over.

There are some large size air-freshener available which provide higher lasting power, or you can replace the refill unit and get more time. This will be a better and effective choice during the first purchase.

→ 6. Fragrance and Reviews

The fragrance of an air-freshener is a totally subjective thing because everyone has a different taste. You might like floral, but someone else might not. So, you can find the extraction or kind of fragrance before buying it.

There are chemically originated fragrances as well as some natural fragrances to choose from. In case you are not sure that which one to consider, you can check out reviews that will let you learn about the quality and type of fragrance.

Learning about the pros and cons of a particular air-freshener seems easier; that’s why it is a widely preferred method for a long time. Make sure that you check reviews and compare some of the best products to ensure the right one.

How to Make Car Air Freshener Last Longer?

It can add extra cost to your pocket if you need to change the air freshener in your car frequently. But these tips will help you to make your car air freshener long-lasting.

  • Open the Air Freshener Halfway:

One of the simplest and efficient methods to increase the life of your air freshener is to open the air freshener half. If you open the air freshener completely, then all the fragrances will get faded in a few weeks. Instead, you can remove the air freshener halfway and hang it in your car. After a few weeks, when the smell fades, you can remove it from the package completely and enjoy the rest fragrance. This will again last for a few weeks like a new air freshener.

In cold weather conditions, the air helps to circulate the good smell in your car even if the air freshener is not fully open. On special occasions when there is a bad odor in your car, you can open the air freshener fully to spread the good smell in your car.

  • Re-Use Your Car Air Freshener:

Yes, you can re-use your air freshener by adding a liquid air freshener to the cardboard air freshener. It is a very simple and effective method to increase the life of your air freshener.

You can take your favorite essential oil and put few drops of it onto your cardboard air freshener. Then let the oil get absorbed into the air freshener. Once the oil is absorbed, the air freshener is ready to use, and you can enjoy fresh air in your car again. However, you will need to make sure that the essential oil is not affecting the original smell of your air freshener.This is a cost-effective method and improves the air freshener life five times.

  • Make Use of Home Air Fresheners in Your Car:

It is another unique way to enhance the life of your air freshener. Compared to car air fresheners, home air fresheners are long-lasting, cost-effective, and easy to refresh. So, you can consider using your home air freshener in your car for better air. The only challenge of doing this is that you will need to locate a good place for it. However, you can secure the home air freshener under your car seat. Once you find an appropriate place to place your home air freshener, you can use it efficiently in your car.

Car Air Freshener Frequently Asked Question

  1. Where the car freshener should be placed for the best results?

The car fresheners are available in different types and most of them are efficient enough to get better results than ever before. However, if you are looking to get the best benefits and better fragrance, you should keep the freshener near your AC vents. This is the perfect place to get the fragrance throughout the vehicle with the least efforts.

And in case you have an air freshener spray, then we will suggest you spray it in your trunk and near the dash to get the best results and longer results.

  1. How long the fragrance lasts?

This depends on the intensity of the fragrance and brand reliability. Normally the fragrance can last for 4-5 hours easily. So, if you are planning for a journey, and want to have a perfectly fragrant vehicle that freshens up your mood and makes you feel more concentrated and fresh through the journey. Just choose the right fragrance for yourself and get the best results.

  1. Can I go with the customized fragrances?

The customized fragrances are the best ones to go with. There are numerous brands that provide you with a unique fragrance that are great for long journeys and you can go with a perfect one according to your preferences. These unique fresheners are great to go with if you are looking for a perfect and unique fragrance.

  1. Are they worth buying?

A perfectly fragrant car makes it an ideal place to be at if you are looking for a long drive and if you look for a calm and relaxing drive, you should try finding the perfect fragrance for yourself. There are plenty of options available in the market and you can easily find a perfect one for yourself without getting too much time to select one. Also, the perfect fragrance makes you feel more focused and get the most comfortable journey.

  1. Are they safe for health?

Yes, they are perfectly safe for health. Even ifyou are using them for a longer period, you won’t feel irritated. Just make sure that you are choosing the more natural fragrance instead of going with the harsh scent. Also, if you are looking to buy an air freshener to be used for a long, make sure to have a look at the ingredients. Be sure that you are not allergic to the fragrance, and you are ready to go with a perfect air freshener.

  1. How to choose the best car air freshener?

There are two main points to look for while purchasing a new car air freshener. And these two points are the fragrance and life expectancy. Make sure that you are choosing a reliable and more natural fragrance that is easier to be with and help you stay fresh throughout the journey. Also, make sure to choose a product that lasts better than many other products in the market. This way, you can get the best deal and the best value for your money without making any compromises.

The Final Verdict

Figuring out the best car air freshener depends upon three factors, mainly, which are type, fragrance, and lasting power. The additional factors also matter, but they are all about your convenience and selecting a specific type of air freshener.

After going through our list, you can feel ease during the selection and make your car better in terms of odor. No one would like to ask a girl for a ride as if the car isn’t smelling good. There are so many things which matter a lot when you are asking your partner for a ride, asking your boss for a lift, or planning a family trip.

Finally, we hope that our curated products and buying guide will help you figure out the most reliable and good smelling car air freshener. Make sure that you don’t go with cheap quality air-fresheners, which are good in smell but can’t kill the bad odor.

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