The Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets 2022 [For Better Experience]

Stay in contact with other riders, answer calls, and obtain turn-by-turn navigation instructions are all possible with the best helmets.

A Bluetooth-enabled helmet may be a very useful piece of bike safety equipment, whether you’re communicating with your group or getting turn-by-turn instructions from a paired phone, among other things. However, the phrase “Bluetooth helmet” is a misnomer in terms of its technical meaning. Bluetooth is responsible for smartphone connection in a Bluetooth bike helmet; communication with other riders is accomplished by proprietary networks with unique radio bandwidths, similar to walkie-talkies in their design.

The most distinguishing feature of Bluetooth-enabled headgear is that they come with a built-in area for miniature speakers to be placed next to the wearer’s ears. The strain from cramming the loudspeakers into helmets with no further space can cause your ear to hurt. It could also have an impact on the fitting of the helmet, making it riskier in the event of a crash.

Designed with deep ear pockets, the modular helmet is compatible with both Cardo and Sena systems. It’s also quite light for a modular helmet, weighing in at just less than four pounds. It also comes with a drop-down solar visor and an extra-wide view field.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

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