10 Best Blind Spot Mirrors For Cars 2023 [For Safe Driving]

Driving is a complicated thing to learn. You must be careful and attentive at each second while you put your hands in the steering wheel. But even after a high amount of carefulness, you can still not avoid the small mistakes. One such problem that arises is a blind spot on the side view mirrors of cars. This spot can be the reason why you are not able to see the back parts of your vehicle while you are either reversing or parallel parking. This is the spot you wish to see but cannot even after bending and moving your body a lot.

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But did you know? This fault can be easily prevented. All a car owner got to do is buy a Blind Spot Mirror of the right size and dimensions. Many of these mirrors can be easily stuck on the primary flat mirror. It is crucial to have these spots looked up because it can also prevent accidents and impacts. When someone is crossing your car very closely, these mirrors can be used as a great aid. Hence, using them in your side-view mirrors will be a great thing to do. To have access to all the details of these Blind Spot Mirrors, simply keep moving and reading.

Best Buy Blind Spot Car Mirrors Reviews

Given below, I have listed ten best rated blind spot mirrors for you. All of them are of different shapes, sizes, and specifications. Hence, everyone is going to find something that they were looking for. Go through everything, and I am sure you will like at least more than two Blind Spot Mirrors from these ten options.

1. Ampper Blind Spot Mirror

Ampper Blind Spot Mirror

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Now, this is the best selling Blind Spot Mirror for the money that I have added here. You will get a pair of convex rearview glasses in one pack. It is a fit for SUVs, RVs, Trucks, Cars, and even Vans. However, you cannot use it for your motorcycle, so if you wish to do that, do not buy it. These mirrors are wide-angled and are ultra thin as well. You only have to spend a few seconds on their stick-on installation. They will help drivers maximize the view in all types of situations. Also, both of the mirrors are also swayed adjustable. Hence, even when they are fixed, you can still move them as per your driving needs. All of this is possible because the mirrors have a swivel pivot beneath them. Only the most durable and high-quality glasses are used to make these mirrors, and they are waterproof and HD at the same time. They are both frameless, and hence they look like original mirrors on the cars after they are being installed. You can head on too many instructional videos if you have problems with the installation of the product.


  • You can have an HD view while reversing your car.
  • You will get a pair of mirrors in the product.
  • The mirrors can be easily cleaned using alcohol.
  • These mirrors are sway adjustable as they have a swivel pivot.


  • You cannot put these mirrors as Blind Spot Mirrors in your motorcycle.

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2. Fit System Blind Spot Mirror

Fit System Blind Spot Mirror

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Like the previous pack, the pack of this product will also consist of a pair of Blind Spot Mirrors. Hence, they can be stuck on both the driver and passenger’s side-view mirror very conveniently. They can be mounted as Blind Spot Mirrors with the help of mounting tape. Both the mirrors are convex and significantly reduce the occurrence of blind spots in the mirrors while you are driving. But before you simply move on to stick them, make sure you check all different positions. Otherwise, you will simply end them sticking at the wrong place, which can be quite irritating. The dimensions of these Blind Spot Mirrors are – 5.75 X 5.25 X 0.25. if you ask me, this is a pretty good size for Blind Spot Mirrors. These mirrors will allow you to have the most customizable angle in the mirror that is also wide at the same time if you have accidentally placed them in the wrong position you can take them off with three simple steps that you can access in the instructions manual. The ratings of these mirrors are good. You won’t be disappointed buy these blind spot mirrors, that is for sure.


  • The mounting of these mirrors is exceptionally easy.
  • They have a frame around them, which helps protect them from cracks and also gives a distinct look.
  • The size of the mirrors is perfect for Blind Spot Mirrors.


  • Some people do not like framed Blind Spot Mirrors, so if you are one of them, you cannot go with these.

3. Utopicar Blind Spot Mirror

Utopicar Blind Spot Mirror

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Rather than being round or square like other Blind Spot Mirrors, these mirrors are longer in design. Hence they look stylish and help preserve the aesthetics of cars, especially when it is a sports car that you have used to mount them on. Once you install these mirrors in your car’s side-view mirrors, you will be able to move them up and down to get the view that you want. If you have a stylish car, then these are the pair of Blind Spot Mirrors that you were searching for all this while. These mirrors are also outdoor rated and come with one of the best industry adhesives so that the pair do not fall off when the weather is cold. Additionally, this adhesive also lets the mirror remain intact during car washes and exposure to salty water. The manufactures of this product were determined to produce Blind Spot Mirrors that were effective and stylish at the same time. If you trust me, I would only like to mention that they have not disappointed me even a bit. Hence, you must buy these mirrors now to conserve the stylish look of your car and still want to prevent blind spots; go for these.


  • These mirrors can be adjusted upwards and downwards.
  • These mirrors are long enough to look like actual side view mirrors; hence they blend better with the design.
  • The adhesive will never fail in any situation or condition.


  • They cannot be adjusted sideways.

4. Essential Contraptions Blind Spot Mirror

Essential Contraptions Blind Spot Mirror

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The Essential Contraptions offer you four Blind Spot Mirrors in a single pack. What more can one wish to have? These pairs of mirrors are rust-resistant as their housing is made using aluminum. They can be used on snowmobiles, trucks, cars as well as motorcycles. I also like how these mirrors are weatherproof. Heat and cold have no adverse effect on them, and they are always suitable to be used. They will help as great aid, especially for people who are new drivers and have recently learned how to drive. Blind spots may cause many severe damages to your car, and hence having them stuck on your side view mirrors is always a precautionary and preventive idea. If you accidentally damage the mirror by any means, you can simply stick the other pair or piece in the place. This will surely save some shopping time and waiting for you. Each mirror only weighs 2.4 ounces and has the dimensions of – 6.5 X 4 X 0.6 inches. This way, the mirror never falls from its size and weight once it is attached to the primary side view mirror.


  • You get four pieces of Blind Spot Mirrors in a single pack.
  • These mirrors are weatherproof and long-lasting.
  • The product has many high ratings on the internet.


  • Their adjustability is a little less when compared to other Blind Spot Mirrors.
  • They are not as functional on motorcycles as they are on cars.

5. Utipocar Blind Spot Mirror (Oval)

Utipocar Blind Spot Mirror

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Yes, these are the second type of Utipocar Blind Spot Mirrors on this list of mine. They have a frameless design and a high build. You will be forever pleased to use them as Blind Spot Mirrors in your car. They were designed while keeping conservative drivers in mind; hence, they are functional and unique at the same time. The best part is that the mirrors can be used in small cars and the cars that have small side view or door mirrors. They extend long to help make the door mirrors more efficient. The oval design was chosen so that the view is better as the mirror gets more extended than the traditional round shape. You can install them in a way that they are adjustable or simply fix them so that they do not move at all. The plastic bases of the mirrors are so strong and sturdy that they make installation easy and great. The dimensions are also ideal so that you won’t have to look again and again to get a better view of the spot that your mirror was missing.


  • They can be either fixed directly or installed in a way so that they are adjustable as per the driver’s needs.
  • They can be stuck on small mirrors on the side of cars.
  • They help the most when you are trying to parallel park your car.


  • The attachment to flat glass can be difficult if you do not find the right spot.

6. Custom Accessories Blind Spot Mirror

Custom Accessories Blind Spot Mirror

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In the twin pack of this product, you will get a pair of framed mirrors that are round and small. They can be used as Blind Spot Mirrors on cars as well as vans. All you have to do is install them on the right spot of the door mirrors of your vehicle. For this, you can use the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape that comes with the product. It will help keep the mirrors secure and stuck at all times on the flat mirrors. These pair of Blind Spot Mirrors can also be adjusted as they can be moved to 360 degrees. Hence, you will always get a clear view when you are having problems with reversing or parking your car. These affordable mirrors remain functional at all times. All you got to do is adjust them before you start driving. If you don’t, they will prove to do nothing and be no help for you. Also, keep checking their adhesion regularly to see if they are starting to detach or not. If you see any detachment, simply put some pressure with your palms, and they will be stuck again.


  • These mirrors are so strong and do not crack from minor busts and jerks on the road.
  • The adhesive tape than come with them is quite strong.
  • They are round and cover blind spots pretty well.


  • The mirrors are frame and can hence diminish the style of your car.

7. Ampper Blind Spot Mirror (Rectangular)

Ampper Blind Spot Mirror (Rectangular)

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These mirrors come in a pair like many other Blind Spot Mirrors and are rectangular. Since they are rectangular, you can easily use them horizontally to get a comprehensive and better view. They are also framed and look distinct even when they are put on the side view mirrors. The convex nature of the mirrors lets you see a bigger image of objects. The adhesive used to bind them to the door mirrors is also strengthened so that they do not fall or move from their place. Only the most HD, real glass is used in making them so that they are durable than any other Blind Spot Mirror in the market. You would also love that they are waterproof; hence their adhesive won’t be harmed with rain or winter. Even when the mirrors are slightly framed, they look very ultra-thin and also have a swivel bracket for better and enhanced movement. This swivel is tight enough to keep the mirrors in the required position. You cannot use this on motorcycles, but you can surely use it on all types of car side-view mirrors.


  • The swivel back of the mirrors is very tight and never lets the mirror move in the wrong place.
  • You can install them on the door mirrors and test them in just a few minutes.
  • The glass used in making the mirrors always gives an HD view to the drivers.


  • Some people do not prefer Blind Spot Mirrors shaped like this.

8. Maxi View Mirrors Blind Spot Mirror

Maxi View Mirrors Blind Spot Mirror

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Once you buy these Blind Spot Mirrors, you will love every bit of them. They are built to give you the maximum amount of blind spot view and also come at a cost-efficient price. The mirror is shatterproof and also resistant to fog. Therefore, the mirrors won’t get blurred up when the weather is cold, and there is fog outside. You can use them on all types of vehicles. The advanced optics are large enough to always provide a clear cut view of even the smallest objects. There is also an adjustable socket beneath so that moves like a ball for better adjustment and positioning of the mirror at blind spots. The weather bonding strip at the bottom is there so that the mirrors can be placed at the right place with high strength. Since they are made in the USA, they are going to last for a very long time. For glare-proof night vision also these Blind Spot Mirrors are the best of the super best. Once you put them on, you will have three times more insight than you had already. The dreaded blind spots can all be ignored while these Blind Spot Mirrors are used on the door mirrors of cars.


  • These mirrors offer a more advanced optical view than other Blind Spot Mirrors.
  • They can be moved around in 360 degrees very easily.
  • All motorcyclists can also use them in their motorcycles.


  • These mirrors are smaller but not that rectangular.

9. Dometic Blind Spot Mirror

Dometic Blind Spot Mirror

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All mirrors described here were the stick-on type of mirrors. However, these mirrors are supposed to be attached over or under the main door mirror with the use of attachments on them. The design is universal as the mirrors are made using the chrome finish on them. The clamp attachments are so easy to grip that it is always very easy to use them. The entire design is also air balanced sp that they do not destabilize when you are at a very high speed in your car. Due to this reason, many effects of heavy vehicles passing by are also minimized. They are proven to last as they are tested by many expert drivers all across the country. The highly stable design is also the reason for this product being loved by many. Additionally, the screws on the attachments are made using stainless steel; hence they rotate well and do not break or fall at any time. If you wish to know, then the clamps are made using plastic, but they are still strong enough to withstand most of the driving impacts and still not move from their supposed place.


  • These mirrors can be stuck over or under the main door mirror with the use of clamps and screws that come with them.
  • They only weigh 12.8 ounces and hence remain in place when their screws are tightened.
  • They are five-inch high and 6 inches wide.


  • Some drivers liked the stick on design more than the clamp design.

10. Camco Blind Spot Mirror

Camco Blind Spot Mirror

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The regular round design of Blind Spot Mirrors is always searched by many. Hence, an option like that had to be put on here for you to select. The elimination of blind spots with these mirrors is just exceptional. All you got to do is stick them at the right place using your experience with blind spots. The installation is very easy to understand. Hence, when you use them in your car, you can easily move along without any difficulty. If you are still having numerous problems, just follow the instructions and you will be good. The dimensions of each mirror are – 3.75 X 0.5 X 3.75 inches. Hence, the weight is also less, which is – 0.8 ounces only. The back of the mirror is made using metal and not plastic. Hence, it is more durable than other mirrors with a non-sturdy plastic base. But you have to know that the size may feel small to you if you are a beginner. Thus, you must go with these only when you are well aware of the blind spots in the door mirrors of your car. Install them with the utmost care, or they might crack or break in the process.


  • These mirrors are round and very light when it comes to their weight.
  • Their base is made using high quality and strengthened metal.
  • They give a better view of blind spots even at night.


  • They may feel smaller if you are not well aware of blind spots in your car side-view mirrors.

How To Choose The Best Blind Spot Mirrors

Consider everything below, and you will end up with the best quality Blind Spot Mirrors on your car’s side-view mirrors. I have mentioned them in separate points so that everything is easier to understand. Try to keep each aspect in mind before adding anything to your wish list –

→ 1. Size

If you have never purchased a Blind Spot Mirror before, it would be great if you go with the bigger versions that have longer and wider dimensions. Choosing smaller versions of these mirrors in such cases will not be that beneficial as you might have problems with finding the right spot for them. To check the size, you can simply refer to the dimensions mentioned in the details. You can then use a scale and draw a figure with the same dimensions on a paper. Doing this will allow you to have a better picture of the Blind Spot Mirror. You can also cut and use this paper on the blind spot of your car’s door mirrors to get an even better idea.

→ 2. Frames

With frames, Blind Spot Mirrors look very distinct and can be easily spotted. But due to this same reason, the style and aesthetics of your car can be diminished. People who own sports cars or cars with a high style quotient can be very cautious about this factor. Therefore, look for some frameless Blind Spot Mirrors if you are one of those drivers or car owners. You will have no difficulty finding both the framed and frameless options. It all depends on your preference and the type that you like more.

→ 3. Shape

Generally, Blind Spot Mirrors are available in square, rectangular, or round shapes. Round mirrors are sufficient to avoid small blind spots, but rectangular Blind Spot Mirrors are used when the blind spot is difficult to tackle. They give a broader view to drivers in cases of fog and cold weather. Hence, determine the type of blind spots and then go on buying the shape that would be the most relevant in avoiding them. Once you are done, go through all the options with the other factors in your mind as well.

→ 4. Movement

The movement in Blind Spot Mirror is possible because of their swivel bottom. This bottom moves like a ball so that the mirrors move in all 360 degrees. But that is not always the case. Some Blind Spot Mirrors only move up and down and not sideways. Hence it is better to look for the movement. Some people also like their mirrors fixed and not move at all. These types of permanent Blind Spot Mirrors are also available so you can choose them as well if you wish to.

→ 5. Number and Price

Blind Spot Mirrors are sold in pairs, but there are options where these products are more or less in number. Hence, keep determining that while you add anything to your list. You should also buy the Blind Spot Mirrors that fit your price budget. They must be sturdy enough so that you won’t feel that your money got wasted. Having more than a pair in a package is good because it saves time when the Blind Spot Mirror gets damaged and needs any kind of replacement. Buy the one Blind Spot Mirror pack that fits all of these measures.

How to Use Blind Spot Mirrors Correctly?

Blind Spot Mirrors are an incredible thing to ensure safe driving. But if you don’t know how to use the blind spot mirror, then it is of no use. The following tips will help you use the blind spot mirrors correctly.

  • Choose the Right Blind Spot Mirror:

To ensure better performance and easy usability, you need to choose the right blind spot mirror for your car. It should be of the right size and weight to fit your side view mirror correctly. The blind spot mirror should not bend your side view mirror because of its heavyweight.

  • The Right Shape Is Crucial:

In case you have poor vision, you should select a rectangular blind spot mirror that will provide wider viewing angles. This way, you can experience proper visibility while driving your car without any strain on your eyes.

  • The Back Coating Should Be of High Quality:

If you want to enjoy a better and clearer view, then you need to ensure that the back coating of your blind spot mirror is of high quality. It will provide an enhanced view and ensure that the mirror will last for a longer time. Also, if the coating is good, you will not need to replace the mirror frequently. 

  • Installation Is Important:

In order to use the blind spot mirrors properly, you have to install them correctly. Make sure that you determine the correct spot on your car for blind view mirrors and then attach it there. Blind view mirrors are curved mirrors and are usually attached to the side-view mirror of your vehicle. It should be installed in such a way that it will provide a better view of blind spots on both the right and left to the driver.

In most cases, the right spot to install your blind spot mirror is the upper corner of the outside of the mirror. On the other hand, some other drivers find it easier to use the blind spot mirror on the passenger side-view mirror. However, this is not ideal for all vehicles because everybody has different preferences. If you have installed the blind spot mirror on the wrong spot, then you can’t enjoy appropriate visibility. So, you can check it by placing it in different positions on your car and install it where it fits the most. Once you get the right spot on your car, you can install the blind spot mirror easily and experience proper viewing.

Blind Spot Mirror Frequently Asked Questions

  1. A Blind Spot Mirror is a necessary accessory? Will it do any good if I install one?

Blindspot mirrors are one of the most useful mirrors that you could install in your car. It serves several purposes, it could help you when you are backing out from a parking space or while parallel parking. If installed in the right way, it could help to increase road safety to a great extent. As the name itself suggests, once installed your car will not have a blind spot, which means, you are safer while using a pair.

  1. Where is the right place to mount a blind spot mirror? Is there a right spot to install it?

Yes, to all the customers who ask us if a blind spot mirror is good, we answer that using a blind spot mirror is very good only if you install it in the right way and at the right spot. The right spot could vary with the driver’s preference, however, commonly, it would be best to install it at the upper outer corner and the lower corner of the side mirror. If you are not comfortable placing the blind spot mirror at the above-mentioned spot and if you love adjusting the mirror then, you could place it at the outside upper corner, which ensures all blind spots are covered.

  1. I find it difficult to use the blind spot mirror after installing it recently, my friends mentioned it to be okay, is it okay?

Yes, using the blind spot mirror just a few days after installing might not be a practical solution. The driver needs to get used to the blind spot mirror. For most of the drivers who were dependent on the side mirror, an additional mirror could be hard to use. Most of them take some time to get used to the new accessory. The challenge you are facing is natural, take it slow. Within a few weeks, you would feel like using it just like the side mirror.

  1. Blind-spot monitoring is better than a blind spot mirror?

No, we don’t think a blind spot monitor is as efficient as a blind spot mirror. It is true that blind-spot monitoring is advanced and offer better safety than blind spot mirrors. However, we don’t think that a blind spot mirror could be replaced by such advanced systems. For most of the drivers who have developed their driving skills depending on the side mirrors, it won’t be an easy task to switch to depending on blind-spot monitors. Above all, blind-spot monitors are comparatively expensive than a blind spot mirror, which might not be affordable to most people.

  1. Is there a specific shape of the blind spot mirror that is more efficient than other shapes?

No, all blind spot mirrors are designed to serve the same purpose. However, the different shapes are for the likes of the customers. Different drivers like different shape blind spot mirrors. While some drivers find a specific shape blind spot mirror easy to use, some others might find it annoying. So, if you are planning to purchase a blind spot mirror, first decide the shape you need and then consider purchasing it.


I tried to discuss every little thing about Blind Spot Mirrors here. Hence, this page will be a one-stop solution for every other person. You can also try going through the pros and cons of each product to understand its usability and durability. Once you are done choosing something from the ten different options, you can also try going through the buying guide at the bottom: every tiny detail and feature matters.

But if you still think that you are missing something, my suggestion will be to go through buyer’s reviews on the product’s page. I hope that you are satisfied with whatever Blind Spot Mirror you purchase.

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