Are Microfiber Towels Good for Drying Cars?

You are sitting on the couch watching T.V. then, suddenly you realize it is your turn to get the kids home from school instead of your neighbor. But your car is filthy. What are you going to do? You will clean it using a microfiber because microfiber towels are easy to maintain and re-use, minimize the risk of swirls, and remove the water safely. We all know that it is a bit more challenging to dry a car in sunny weather. That is because if the sun dries the water, soap, or detailing product on your car before you do, it streaks on the surface. So, microfiber towels are the best way to dry a car before the sun does.

Benefits of Microfiber Towels for Cars

Are Microfiber Towels Good for Drying Cars?

  • Pulls on dust and oil

When utilizing microfiber towels, the towel eradicates any surplus water. The towel also cleans any dust or oil that was gone missing even after a wash. Nearly all detailed guidebooks and automated washes leave behind dirt, principally on cars that went without cleaning for weeks. Some towel materials, especially cotton, can cause dust and oil to smear, leaving a car looking soiled and blemished. But the microfiber substance is positively charged, which means it attracts negatively charged specks like dust and oil. With the exact drying item and method, your family will be pleased with the appearance of their vehicle.

  • It Enhances Efficiency

As with any business, time is money, and the same stands true for car washes. By using microfiber towels to dry off cars after they have been cleaned, your workforce will waste less time and attempt drying cars. Dissimilar to cotton towels, a microfiber car drying cloth doesn’t require to be wrung out after each use. This saves time for your employees, as they can put their attention on the vital errands against perturbing about drying the towels. This way the cars can be cleaned and dried far rapidly, giving more time to service other partsThe faster you can detail in a day, the more work you can expect to complete.

  • It Guarantees A Spotless Finish

Cotton towels and other drying alternatives can leave a car full of specks. Air drying a car is mainly and the regular culprit of water spots, while drying with a cotton towel can leave smudges and hardened waste. Only with the help of microfiber towels you can let your car, be it old or new, look brand new, without any blemishes, smudges, or marks. The fact is that we all want to spend our money on appropriate car service. None of us want to spend money on an unnecessary car wash that leaves spots on the car. Microfiber towels are the most excellent drying choice for a car wash for those who want their cars to look impressive.

Types of Microfiber Towels for Cars

  • Suede Texture

Towels with a suede microfiber surface are perfect when you’re polishing your car, truck, or SUV. They have an even and satiny sensation to them and are just the right thing for shining metal and chrome objects on your vehicle. At the end of the day, it is an individual fondness when it comes to waffle or suede-style microfiber towels.

  • Medium and Long Pile

When you feel like getting rid of the wax, search for a medium pile microfiber towel. They can furthermore be made use of to take out water and are paramount for essential clean-up. They’re not intended for subtle shell areas. Long pile towels are the supplest and are perfect for buffing. They are very spongy and will shine up a finish without scraping it.

  • Waffle-Like Texture

Several microfiber towels feature a waffle-like feel with minute depressions on the fabric. They are very permeable because they have higher surface areas and are great to use after you’ve washed your vehicle. Waffle microfiber towels can also be used for cleaning areas such as tires and chrome.

The Types of Drying

There can be more than a few negligible dissimilarities, but in fundamental nature, there are 2 ways of drying your car with a microfiber towel.

  • The Plunge and Drench Method 

This method is not as ordinary but has a well-built group of supporters. The microfiber towel is tenderly laid down on the shell, letting it saturate up the water purely by resting on top of it. When the water is engrossed, the towel is merely pulled out and up and laid down on a different surface. The benefit is that you don’t budge the towel, which reduces the peril of swirls or marring. But it may require more time and perhaps even more different towels.

  • The Lift and Heave Method

This method is the mainly ordinary one. In this method, the microfiber towel is either moved over the surface or swiped. This is a useful way to dry the car rather quickly, but there is very little peril that by dragging the towel above the shell, you make minute swirls. There is a lengthy enduring conversation among the supporters of this technique and the other technique.


This article discusses the use of different types of microfiber towels and if they could clean and help in drying the car. Now it is clear that microfiber towels are great for drying cars. Their unique design and structures make them the ideal choice for drying cars. They also offer many benefits compared to other materials. Therefore, it is worth using microfiber towels for drying cars.

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